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FireEye, A Cybersecurity Firm Says It’s Been Hacked

Jalesa Campbell
Updated Dec 14, 2020

FireEye, a U.S. cybersecurity giant, has reported that it’s been hacked and is believed to be by a nation-state. The hackers accessed FireEye’s “Red Team” tools that are designed for testing customer vulnerabilities. According to CNET, CEO Kevin Mandia, believes that the attack came from a nation-state with “top-tier offensive capabilities.”

The attack is also believed to have specifically targeted FireEye with advanced techniques designed to make investigation difficult and hard to track. FireEye has never witnessed an attack like this one before. According to FireEye, the primary focus appears to have been on government-related information. However, the company says so far, no evidence has been seen of a customer data breach. 

FireEye has also released 300 countermeasures against its software to protect its customers, The Verge shares. They also plan to release any new countermeasures as developed. The company is working with the FBI and partners to determine how they were hacked.

FireEye’s work is highly regarded as they investigated the 2017 Equifax Breach and the Russian’s 2016 hack of the Democratic National Committee. This information comes on the heels of additional holiday threats and scams, including an FBI warning about false emergency calls and Amazon and Apple scams.

Consumers need to be critically careful of their personal information at home and while in public, making sure they’re using best practices to guard against cyber attacks and scams. 

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