Razer’s New Mask: A Smart Mask Concept to Fight Covid-19

Jalesa Campbell
Updated Feb 25, 2021
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Smart lights and smart locks are one in a million nowadays, but what about a smart mask? Not so common, but they’re already making a presence through the tech industry.

Razer’s Project Hazel Mask was a highlight for CES 2021 among other smart masks, featuring ventilators that provide active filtration and Chroma™ RGB LEDs (yes, you heard that right!) that you can change to suit your style. Here’s more about this unique smart mask concept and prototype.

What is Project Hazel?

Project Hazel is a smart mask prototype by Razer, a gaming company. This mask features removable ventilators that expel hot air and draw in cool air. According to Razer, the mask would be classified as an N95 surgical respirator and could provide 95% bacterial filtration.

If you think that’s impressive, Razer has also unveiled a charging and disinfecting station for the mask. The charging case would use UV lighting to kill off viruses and bacteria while the mask charges.


Once charged and ready to be put on, the mask has a silicon guard for a comfortable fit and an air-tight seal. The exterior is also waterproof and scratch resistant.

Another unique feature of Project Hazel is that it’s clear, allowing others to see you while you talk as well as facial expressions. Voice amplification also helps others to hear you more clearly while you speak. And when evening falls, and you need to run an errand, LED lights inside the mask will light up so that others can potentially still see you as you speak. For those wanting to customize their look, you can change the built-in lighting zones to a color that best suits you.

How Much Does Project Hazel Cost?

Currently, Razer doesn’t have a launch date and retail price on its website for the mask. You can sign up to receive notifications from Razer to find out when the mask launches.

Our Take: Is the Project Hazel Mask Worth It?

We think Project Hazel is certainly a unique and timely concept with advanced features. While we don’t have further details on a purchase price, we’d say that if you’re interested in a technologically advanced mask, then by all means you may want to get on that notification list.

One of the features that stands out the most is the active ventilation, which is definitely a plus, given that hot air is expelled and cool air is brought in. With the mask classified as an N95 surgical respirator, that also provides more assurance for personal protection. And last but not least, the mask is a sustainable alternative that can be sanitized with filters that can be replaced, thus reducing waste for the planet.

About Razer

Razer is a leading brand in the gaming and Esports industry. Founded in 2005, Razer is headquartered in both Singapore and California. The brand is known for its myriad of products and services, including laptops, peripherals, drivers, and more.

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