7 Hurricane Season Safety Resources

Dashia Starr
Updated Jul 23, 2020
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Here are all of your go-to resources to keep you and your family safe this hurricane season.

This hurricane season is predicted to be one of the strongest and most dangerous. An estimated 13 to 19 storms are predicted to make landfall this season and at least 3 to 6 of them will range from a Category 3 to 5. A Google search of hurricane season safety resources can be overwhelming, to say the least. We’ve narrowed down the most informative, credible sites that will help you navigate through this season safely.

Ready.gov Preparedness Resource

Ready.gov has a detailed page about hurricane safety before, during and after the storm passes. You’ll be able to determine your area’s hurricane risk, how to make an emergency plan, know your evacuation zone and how to prepare your home with the right supplies. Ready.gov also has a Kids Resource section to help prepare your kids with games, activities and ways to make an emergency plan with them.

American Red Cross Shelter Finder

You’ll likely want to bookmark this resource just in case you have to evacuate quickly and need somewhere to go. The American Red Cross offers a list of available disaster shelters nationwide that offer meals, snacks and water. The page also has a list of what you should bring and leave behind. You’ll also have a list of health services, emotional support and childcare as needed.

CDC Emergency Supply List

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a number of helpful resources to help you prepare. One helpful section is the list of emergency supplies you should stock up on now. The CDC provides a complete list of personal and safety items that are easy to forget, but often necessary. As a start, plan to pack a flashlight, extra batteries and any important documents now so you know where they are just in case.

FEMA.gov’s Hurricane Guide

The Federal Emergency Management Agency shared a 12-page resource guide to help you prepare for a hurricane. The guide has a few helpful points including the difference between an advisory, watch and warning. It also provides a checklist to help you make a step-by-step evacuation plan for your family.

The National Hurricane Center Forecast

If you’re curious about the storms heading your way, the National Hurricane Center will provide the most up-to-date radar and findings. Their current forecast shows storms across the Atlantic, Central and Eastern Pacific over the next 48 hours. You can also look five days ahead for a view of any storms, hurricanes or cyclones that could be headed near your area.

Insurance Information Institute’s Hurricane Season Insurance Guide

The Insurance Information Institute (III) advises you to review your renters and home insurance policy. Make sure you understand your deductible, how to file a claim and make sure your policy offers enough coverage for any damage or valuables. This step-by-step guide also helps you determine which natural disasters may or may not be covered, so you can make any changes now if needed.

FDA’s Safety Guide for Food and Water

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shared a list of helpful tips to keep in mind as you handle your food, water, medication and care for pets. Before disaster strikes, make sure you know how to care for medicine such as insulin and drugs that could contain contaminated floodwater. The FDA also advises you how to handle food — even if it’s stored in the refrigerator or freezer during power outages and floodwater contamination.

There’s a lot to keep track of during hurricane season. Use these resources as a starting point to help you create a plan for you and your family. Be sure to talk to everyone in your home about that plan, so they know what to do in case a hurricane strikes. 

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