4 Smart Home Security Trends on the Rise for 2020

Dashia Starr
Updated Apr 7, 2021
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Smart home security and automation are a hot topic for all. New technology is putting control in the hands of the consumer to automate and create the lives we want – but privacy issues are a rising concern. So, what’s noise and what’s next in tech? We’re here to share everything in store for home security and automation for 2020 and beyond.

Smart Homes Smarten Up with AI

Houzz’s 2019 Overview of U.S. Renovation shared that homeowners spend nearly $500 on smart home and security equipment, especially in outdoor security, voice assistants, video doorbells and smart lights. This year, you’ll have more smart home security choices for smart locks and security cameras from big-names like ADT, Bosch and Honeywell. 

Market Research Future predicts that the home security market will be valued at more than $44,806.5 million by 2023. Some of the latest gadgets are being designed to learn about your daily habits using artificial intelligence. Forbes shared that smart home devices will use machine learning and advanced technology to handle day-to-day tasks based on your habits including ordering groceries and making to-do lists. The latest Buoy Whole Home Water Controller detects water leaks, turns off water flow and makes suggestions on your family’s water usage.

Wi-Fi 6 Improves Speed & Security

GettyImages-909076466-minIf you plan to buy into the smart home growth this year, you’ll need a faster network to use your devices at max speed. Wi-Fi 6 is this year’s next level Wi-Fi with maximum speed for nine connected devices – instead of the average five that today’s Wi-Fi speeds support. It can also improve your device’s battery life and security with a WAP3 protocol. But, Wi-Fi 6 isn’t for your old laptop and iPhone 6. You’ll need new devices that support the new Wi-Fi. But the Internet as we know it will still be around for some time. We’ll still need to rely on 5G for our smartphones and some mobile devices.

Data Security Is #1 Priority

Unfortunately, hackers will continue to target devices and logins to leak data. They’ll use ransomware and phishing to trick consumers into exposing personally identifiable information. Last year, over 3,000 Ring camera customers’ personal data was leaked. And, some families faced the nightmare of hackers seeing inside their homes and controlling their cameras secretly. 

Customers will continue to expect privacy to be a top priority for home security solutions. New privacy and security features will continue to grow including cloud storage for video cameras and encrypted networks to securely manage your security system’s data to avoid hacking and data leaks.

Robots Become Our Smart Home Sidekicks

It’s very likely that homeowners will begin to replace their voice assistants for robots in the near future. Instead of giving Amazon Alexa commands, today’s robots are designed to work with you and learn your routines using machine learning. 

We’ll rely on robots to do a lot more than vacuum floors. The massive rollout of robots at CES 2020 included smart home connectivity, AI and cameras to capture live in-home activity. Some new robots like Julia, are designed to help you cook by chopping, mixing, weighing and more. Bots will continue to evolve throughout the decade to help mass production in warehouses and act like our favorite furry buddy with much less responsibility, of course.

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