Top 5 “In Case of Emergency” Apps

Kristin Arnold
Updated Jan 27, 2021
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Smartphone apps designed for emergencies get you help when you need it the most.

Modern apps are more than just useful or fun enhancements for your mobile phone. In fact, some are nothing short of life-saving. Whether you or a loved are experiencing a sudden medical emergency or find yourself in an unsafe situation, these applications have been specially developed to make sure that help will quickly be on its way. Here are our picks for the top 5 In Case of Emergency apps that you should never be without:

ICE Medical Standard app

Self-proclaimed as “The World’s #1 Emergency Medical Contact Information App” with over 100 million users in the US alone, this application allows you to input your vital statistics (such as blood type, allergies, medication and medical conditions) and have it display in your phone’s Lock Screen Image Overlay Display. Even if you’re unconscious, first responders and emergency personnel will be able to access your vital medical data as long as your phone remains operational. With an easy-to-scan 3 color-coded status, they’ll know if you’re a high-risk (red), medium-risk (yellow) or low-risk (green) patient and be empowered to act accordingly.

This app also has clever a “Smart911” feature that automatically sends your digital emergency card to 911 operators the minute you call for help. Get the ICE Medical Standard App at the Apple App Store.

Medical ID app

While it may seem similar to the ICE Medical Standard Application, this app for both Android and iPhone builds on the offerings of the first and expands on them in a rather impressive way. Not only does it display an emergency medical card on a smartphone’s Lock Screen, but it also allows users to make immediate calls from that same lock screen to a list of defined ICE (in Case of Emergency) contacts.

However, the Medical ID app goes further by allowing users to send location-based SMSs and GPS tracking alerts to designated contacts and assists in the localization of nearby hospitals and trauma centers. The multiple profile feature is also a fantastic resource for families since many profiles can be saved on a single device. Learn more about the Medical ID app on Medical ID website.

Siren GPS

It’s scary to think of how vulnerable a poor phone connection can make us, particularly when we’re traveling in new and unknown locations. The Siren GPS app features a red “panic button” that you can press for instant 911 assistance, making sure to send dispatchers your exact coordinates with or without a strong wireless connection.

An important caveat to consider with this app is that it won’t be able to share your location or profile information with first responders if your community is not part of the Siren 911 network, so be sure to check for local availability. Discover the Siren GPS in the Google Play Store.

EMNet findERnow

When you need to get to the closest emergency room (ER) fast, this app connects you with the nation’s most comprehensive national database of medical centers and gives you 1-click directions by using your phone’s GPS, making it an invaluable resource for both locals and travelers alike.

Also, for only 99 additional cents per year, parents and guardians can access the upgraded Pediatric Version which identifies the ERs that are best equipped to provide emergency care to children and infants, including updated information about which hospitals have verified pediatric trauma and burn centers. Check out the EMNet findERnow app in the Apple Play Store.


Not all emergency situations happen in the outside world. For people struggling with their mental health, the crisis can come from within. As its name implies, “My3” allows a user to pick three people from their personal support network to contact if they are experiencing suicidal thoughts. It also provides them with 24/7 access to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and hosts an entire database of resources to help them cope at their time of greatest risk. Learn all about the My3 app directly on the My3 website.

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