In today’s world of increasing crime, securing your home and family is important. The world is full of thieves, terrorists, and gangs who won’t think twice about invading your home and property for their own gain. Your family is the most important thing in the world and the valuables and things inside the home along with family are well worth protecting. Security is a tough thing to keep these days and tougher efforts must be made to divert a thief. Because the home is often left unprotected so that we can go to work, socialize, and be away for several occasions, we need to take extra safety precautions to protect our home and its valuables. Using some of today’s new technology such as dummy security cameras you can do this at an affordable price.

Because the dummy security cameras divert a thief from breaking into your home, your valuables, family, and personal belongings will never be taken from anyone. You can use a dummy security camera inside your home or you can place security cameras outside your home for protection. The camera unit has a red light that indicates with a flashing motion when someone is around creeping or walking suspiciously and the cameras are going to let the intruder know that he is being watched via camera. The unit also has a specific enhancement that allows the homeowner to turn the red light on and off by themselves. Sometimes it can be advantageous if there is a person lurking around the home to turn the red light off so that he is not able to know he is being watched giving you enough time to alert police and law enforcement that someone is at your home or property without him getting away. By the time he advances to break in, the police can be there to make the arrest. The unit also has some focal markings and stickers that are big enough to see and read. It works by inserting triple A batteries to operate it and they last about two years. Changing the battery is a simple process.

Because the camera unit is designed to withstand rain by being made with anodized aluminum, it will never get rusty or rot from being wet outside. Sunny or rain weather is not going to hurt the camera system at all. Its viewing distance allows for adjustments so it can pan in any direction and tilt up and down to get just the right picture.

This system is not the same as a monitored alarm system at all, and does not take its place. It can be used as a deterrent from thieves and protect you more than you are currently being protected versus having nothing. It also gives you and your loved ones a sense of peace and security that they are protected. Try one today!