The 15 Best Door Security Gadgets

Keeping your home and living space safe and sound starts with adding extra door security to your home. Door locks and jammers are just a few of the common ways to reinforce your doors.
Updated May 4, 2021
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5 Best Door Security Devices

  • Buddybar Door Jammer- Best Pressure Mounted Bar
  • Defender Security Reinforcement Lock- Best Weight Withstanding Lock
  • Ideal Security Patio Door Security Bar- Best Hardware and Sliding Door Lock
  • Prime-Line Lock and Door Reinforcer- Most Design Options
  • Nightlock Security Door Lock Barricade- Best for Easy Installation

Factors to Consider When Securing Your Doors

  • Door dimensions

    The standard front door is between 30 to 36-inches wide and up to 80-inches tall. However, remember each door is different. Before buying door security equipment, start by measuring your door’s thickness, height and width to pick the right option for your home. It’s best to look for a door security bar or jammer that adjusts to make sure it fits your door and other doors around your home.

  • Placement

    Think about where you’ll place your door security bar or door lock. Some door security equipment only works on hinged doors while others help protect both patio sliding doors and hinged doors. Before buying a door security bar, double check where it should be placed. Also, keep your home’s floors in mind because while many door security bars and jammers work on wood or tile floors, others may not work on floor types such as carpet or linoleum.

  • Door design

    Look for durable door security equipment made to withstand force about 350 pounds – the weight of a tiger. Most popular door security bars are made with sturdy steel and metal which is stronger than plastic door security options. You’ll also want to make sure the door lock or jammer doesn’t damage your floors. Look for door security equipment with rubber feet to avoid scratching your floors while withstanding pressure.

  • Installation

    Some door security bars can be pressure-mounted by simply angling the bar less than an inch from the door and connecting it to the doorknob. Pressure-mounted door security equipment is perfect for traveling or rental properties because they require little to no installation. On the other hand, hardware-mounted door security options are known to be more sturdy but may require professional installation or drilling to keep the jammer or lock in place.

Best Door Security Devices: Our Top 15 Picks

  • Best Pressure-Mounted Jammer

    Buddybar Door Jammer

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    The Buddybar Door Jammer is designed for homes, dorms and traveling to help protect your valuables. It’s made only of plastic without any plastic or rubber materials to be sturdy and withstand over 2,500 pounds of force – the weight of a bison. The 8.2 steel door security bar is positioned securely on the floor about 8 inches from the door, then placed on the doorknob for easy installation.

    Stand-out features include

    • Withstands forced weight up to 2.560 pounds – the weight of a bison
    • Works on carpet, tile, wood and concrete floors
    • Designed to fit doors 36 to 51 inches wide
    • Pressure mounted door security bar
  • Best Weight Withstanding Lock

    Defender Security U 11126 Reinforcement Lock

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    The Defender Security door lock is designed to withstand forces up to 800 pounds to help protect your home from burglars. It’s made to be tamper resistant with a spring load design to avoid thieves easily picking the lock. It stays in place using three-inch screws, a drill and a screwdriver. It comes in four color finishes to match your door’s design and be less obvious to burglars.

    Stand-out features include

    • Withstands forced weight up to 800 pounds – half the weight of a cow
    • Made with aluminum
    • Designed with a spring-loaded lock to be child-proof and tamper resistant
    • Hardware-mounted door lock
  • Best Hardware-Mounted Bar

    Ideal Security SK110 Patio Door Security Bar

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    The Ideal Security door bar is designed to screw into your sliding door frame for sturdy installation and better protection against thieves. It’s placed in the middle of your door to easily adjust without reaching high or bending down. This door security bar also includes a childproof lock to prevent kids from tampering with the bar and as an added barrier against burglars.

    Stand-out features include

    • Designed to fit doors 25.5 to 47.5 inches wide with an adjustable bar
    • Made for sliding doors in homes
    • 1-year warranty
    • Hardware mounted door lock
  • Prime-Line U 10539 Lock and Door Reinforcer

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    This Prime-Line U door reinforcer is designed to strengthen weaker areas of the door. Simply slide the reinforcer onto the door and mount it in place with the included screws. It’s made to be sturdy and help protect your home with thick stainless steel. This door reinforcer comes in three finishes to match your door’s design and be less obvious to burglars.

    Stand-out features include

    • Made for wood and metal doors with key-in-knob locks or deadbolts
    • Made of stainless steel
    • 1-year warranty
    • Hardware-mounted door lock reinforcer
  • Nightlock Security Door Lock Barricade

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    The Nightlock door lock is easy to install by screwing the door lock ½ an inch away from the door on the floor and uses a thick aluminum base plate to keep the door lock in place. It can even be installed on your home’s carpet if it has a screwable surface beneath. It’s designed for homes and should only be installed on outward swinging doors.

    Stand-out features include

    • Withstands forced weight up to 1,100 pounds – the weight of a polar bear
    • Made of solid aluminum
    • Made for outward swinging doors in homes
    • Hardware mounted door lock
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Understanding Door Security Options Before Buying

  • Door Lock Reinforcer

    Door lock reinforcers are positioned around your door’s existing lock for added security against picking or breaking the lock to force entry. They’re often portable and easy to install by simply snapping into place around the lock. Before buying a door lock reinforcer, double check if the reinforcer works for your lock because some may not work for smart locks or horizontal locks.

  • Door Jammers

    Door jammers are the most common front door security measure. They’re made of plastic or steel and placed on the floor less than an inch from the door at an angle that latches to the doorknob to stay in place. Door jammers are often pressure-mounted to be portable and easy to remove in the event of an emergency.

  • Door Security Bars

    A door security bar is often placed across the middle of the door to prevent burglars from pushing the door. Some are hardware-mounted, while others are easy to install with pressure-mounting for sliding doors, traveling and apartments. Door security bars are often adjustable to fit the door’s width perfectly.

Door Security Tips

  • Lock your door. Even if you’re using added door security, the first protective measure is to keep your home’s doors locked at all times to prevent lurkers from easily entering your home. If your lock isn’t sturdy enough, consider a smart lock to pair with a monitored security system for extra home security.
  • Go windowless. Door windows allow light to filter into your home and pose a home security risk. If the window is located within arm’s reach of your lock, it may be easier to break in. If you have a door with a window, consider adding a glass break sensor to instantly be alerted if your door’s glass is broken.
  • Protect your sliding doors. Make sure your sliding doors are made from reinforced glass or plastic (like polycarbonate), and not thin, easy-to-break glass. Place a wooden or metal dowel in the track – no more than 1/4″ less than the track length – to prevent forced entry. And consider installing curtains so lurkers cannot see inside easily.
  • Install a deadbolt. Doors are only as strong as their lock. Deadbolt locks add additional security by only opening with a rotating key without the spring most standard locks have. They’re known to resist force better than most, and can often only be opened from inside if you don’t have the key.

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