21 Virtual Date Night Ideas That Are Safe

Jalesa Campbell
Updated Feb 1, 2021
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Looking for safer ways to date during the pandemic?

If you’re not into meeting up with a date right now and want to maintain more than six feet of social distance, there are many ideas you can try for a virtual date. The best factor is that you won’t have to put yourself, your date, or others at risk by opting to stay home and getting to know your date better. And, if the pandemic lifts, hopefully, you’ll have a more solid foundation of getting to know each other before finally meeting up in person.

Whether it’s your first date or 50th date, we’ve put together a list of safe at-home date night ideas to try during the pandemic.

21 Virtual Date Night Ideas That Are Safe

  • 1

    Send Your Date a Sweet Treat

    Want to surprise your date? Send them dinner or a sweet treat by a food delivery service like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, or others. For Valentine’s Day 2021, you can order something from Starbucks for a friend and have it delivered through Uber Eats with no delivery fee, according to Bake Magazine.

  • 2

    Have a Paint Night (or Join a Virtual One)

    Yes, sadly, going to an in-person paint night isn’t the best option right now, but you and your date can still enjoy the aura by setting up canvases, paints, and choosing a work of art for inspiration. Or, join a virtual paint night event like these with Yaymaker to learn from a pro.

  • 3

    Have a Classic, Romantic Candlelight Dinner

    This is a great idea for those who’ve been on a few dates already. Schedule and pre-plan a dinner for you and your date, whether that’s making things fancy or soothing like breakfast for dinner. Take dinner to the next level with table decor and candles for a classic, romantic candlelight dinner.

  • 4

    Talk About a Good Read

    Do you and your date like to read? Create your own “book club” and talk about a good read you’ve both settled into. Decide on a book that you’d both like to read together or read something different and plan to share things you’ve learned.

  • 5

    Have an Old-fashioned “DIY” Date

    Since many of us are spending more time indoors, now’s a great time to DIY something, but why not ask your date to join in too? Consider buying a craft or hobby kit and work on something together as you get to know each other. You might find that it’s easier to strike up a conversation while you both are occupied.

  • 6

    Read a Letter You’ve Sent Via the Mail

    Remember those Pen Pal days and when waiting on a letter from a friend actually felt cool? Bring back that excitement by exchanging letters with your date. If it’s your first date, you both can send a letter with 21 questions (and go through them on FaceTime, Zoom, or whatever virtual platform you use).

  • 7

    Join a Virtual Escape Room

    While escape rooms blew up in popularity in 2014, now you can participate in a virtual escape room or game with a date. There are many escape room games you can find online, including this Midnight Express Escape Game, Harry Potter Hogwarts Escape Game, or one of these remote adventures.

  • 8

    Do a Duet

    Bypass a bad karaoke night (hopefully) by finding a song that you and your date can sing together. You can choose a song on YouTube to sing together and show each other your vocal skills.

  • 9

    Visit a Virtual Museum

    If you and your date appreciate the arts or history, consider taking a virtual museum tour together. With museums closed across the globe, their websites are now posting virtual walk-throughs allowing users to explore galleries and rooms filled with sculptures and antiquities. Admire and question the inspiration behind art, or discuss moments of the years past to build a connection.

  • 10

    Cook Up Something New Together

    Show off your cooking skills by coming up with something you’d both like to cook and share virtually as a meal. Or, make the date more interesting by teaching a dish your date has never cooked before and share tips.

  • 11

    Work Out Together

    Do you both like cardio? Or jumping rope? Set up a virtual exercise date. Find a way to make things competitive and fun, or simply work out and enjoy the quality time 

  • 12

    Have a Movie Date

    Set up a Netflix party that you and your date can join. See if there’s something nostalgic that’ll both keep you laughing or new to spark up a conversation afterward. Send your date a Sugarwish box of popcorn so you both can enjoy snacks.

  • 13

    Share Your Bucket List

    You both only live once! Sit down and come up with a bucket list of things you’d like to do in your lifetime, and share it with your date. To make things a little more fun, consider sharing a slide deck with photos or video instead of reading from a sheet of paper.

  • 14

    Make a Terrarium

    Plants can be calming. Grab a terrarium kit online (there are a host of kits you can find on Etsy) and put your design skills together, so you’ll both have something you can look at and remember (hopefully with good memories). While making terrariums, consider getting to know each other by sharing other activities you like to do or hobbies you want to take up.

  • 15

    Have a Themed Date Night

    Are you both fans of nostalgia, particular movies, or television shows? Host a themed date night on FaceTime, Zoom, or your virtual platform of choice. Be sure to dress the part and consider decorating as well. On the date, you can share particular memories centered around the theme.

  • 16

    Host the “Great Date Bake Off”

    Put aside the heavy dinner and make something light and delicious with a “Great Date Bake Off.” Grab a traditional family favorite recipe and share it with your date, or find something new and give it a go.

  • 17

    Host Your Very Own Podcast

    Who doesn’t like a good podcast? Instead of listening to one together, you both can be the stars by lining up a theme and questions. This is another unique way to get in those 21 questions or ask your date questions on a particular subject to get their point of view (without having to figure out what to ask next).

  • 18

    Play your Own Version of “Pictionary”

    Show off your drawing skills (or non-drawing skills) in an open and light-hearted game of virtual “Pictionary.” You won’t need special software; you can simply grab a pen and paper and keep score. But if you prefer a digital whiteboard, try the same feature on Zoom or Microsoft’s Whiteboard app — which integrates with Teams too. 

  • 19

    Take Turns Reading Together

    Instead of getting together to discuss a book you’re reading, try taking turns and reading aloud to make it more interactive. Remember to add emphasis for fun and to engage your date.

  • 20

    Have a Virtual Vacation

    Traveling right now isn’t the safest idea, but you can still enjoy a virtual vacation. Consider a virtual vacation tour like these with Lonely Planet’s Globe Trekker series, or even go on a virtual safari to witness amazing wonders with each other from the comforts of home.

  • 21

    Share Vision Boards

    Instead of talking about your goals, show your date what you’re interested in and would like to do with a vision board. This is also a great way to hold each other accountable if you’d like to revisit your board in the future.

Bottom Line: Stay Safe While Dating

Ultimately, by choosing to date virtually, you won’t put your date at risk, and neither of you has to spend anything or very much just to have a good time. Dating during the pandemic for couples does have its challenges, but enjoying each other’s company without adding additional risks is something to be cherished.

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