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Deep Sentinel Security protects your home with cameras, artificial intelligence and real human guards monitoring your surveillance feed.

Updated Jul 28, 2020

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What Sets Deep Sentinel Apart?

Deep Sentinel brings home security to a new level by combining cameras, artificial intelligence (AI) and human guards to help prevent crime before it starts. It works differently than typical home security systems, so it bears some explanation.

Once your Deep Sentinel cameras are installed, the footage streams to a remote monitoring center where live guards are standing by. When these cameras detect movement, Deep Sentinel’s proprietary AI separates harmless activity from potential threats. The camera starts recording and a Deep Sentinel guard snaps into action. Leveraging the camera’s two-way talk feature, the guard speaks directly to the intruder – hopefully stopping them in their tracks – and will send in law enforcement if necessary.

For reference, conventional security systems rely on various types of activity detectors. When these sensors trigger an alarm, the monitoring center attempts to contact the homeowner to determine if there’s really an emergency before calling in the authorities. This step reduces false alarms, but it delays response times. Similarly, most security cameras are better at recording crimes rather than deterring them. Deep Sentinel takes a more proactive and personal approach.


  • Unlike most home security systems that respond when someone has already set off an alarm and broken in, Deep Sentinel is more proactive and prevents break-ins before they happen.
  • Fast response times – Deep Sentinel promises a human response in under 30 seconds for most security events
  • Cameras only monitor outside your home, so there’s no invasion of privacy inside the house
  • 30-day trial period


  • You must sign a one-year contract to get 24/7 monitoring (which renews automatically)
  • There is no option to add on a full home security system with internal sensors, smoke/carbon monoxide monitoring, etc.

Deep Sentinel Packages

Deep Sentinel launched in January 2019. At this point, it only offers one package bundle, but the company welcomes customization inquiries from homes and businesses. Call 1-(855)-928-0725 to learn more.

  • 3-Cam Kit

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Deep Sentinel’s three-camera kit should fit the needs of most average-sized homes. Position the cameras to focus on your main entryways to keep a comprehensive overview of your perimeter. Beyond cameras, the package includes the smart hub (which houses the brains of the AI features) and everything you need to install the system. Upfront equipment costs $499. After that, monitoring services cost $49 per month or $488 for the entire year if you pay in advance. You’ll also need a smartphone so you can complete the set-up process and set your alert preferences using the Deep Sentinel mobile app.

    Package Features

    • 3 Nextgen wireless cameras
    • One smart hub with AI processor
    • Four rechargeable batteries (one is a backup)
    • Three single screw mounts for installation
    • One yard sign advertising your home’s protection
    • Mobile app access

Deep Sentinel Equipment and Features

  • Nextgen Cameras

    These outdoor cameras are intended to monitor the home’s main entryways. They have night-vision and two-way audio. You set how large of a “protection zone” you want. After all, you want your home protected, not to set off the system by activity on the road or sidewalk. When the AI detects an issue, the camera starts recording and the bright red ring starts spinning, indicating the live feed is being watched by a Deep Sentinel guard, who will decide what action is necessary.

  • Smart Hub

    The smart hub, which you set up inside your home, is where the AI detects the difference between UPS dropping off a package and a thief trying to steal the package. It can separate events which could be a threat from things like cars driving by.

  • Human Guard

    This isn’t a device, but it is what differentiates Deep Sentinel from every other home security system on the market. Human guards are engaged through the live feed and can interact with the person approaching the area of protection. Many times, all that is needed to prevent a crime is having a disembodied voice say “Can I help you?” In addition to two-way voice interaction, guards can also set off a 104-decibel alarm.

Deep Sentinel Package Details

3-Cam Kit

Learn more
Deep Sentinel 3-Camera Kit
Equipment Price
24/7 professional monitoring
Monthly Monitoring Fee
Minimum Contract Length
1 year
Wi-fi (>4.5 Mbps speed)
Rechargeable battery
Motion Detection
Night Vision
Mobile App
Trial Period
30-day money-back guarantee
Package Customization
Call Deep Sentinel at 1 (855) 928-0725

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