Cox HomeLife Equipment

With Cox equipment and 24/7 professional monitoring, you can protect your home, automate functions and more.
Updated Feb 17, 2021

Cox Homelife Equipment

Cox is best known for internet and cable TV. But their expansion into home security and automation is a logical next step. Cox Homelife bundles home security with their well-known phone, cable and internet service or offers the service as a stand-alone. A great selection of security equipment and home automation accessories are easy to set up, regardless of whether you own your home or just renting.

Cox Homelife Key Features

To keep things simple, Cox Homelife offers only two packages: Essential and Preferred. The Essential package focuses on basic home security. The Preferred package adds home automation like light and thermostat control. You can expand either of the two packages by adding other accessories.

The Cox Homelife app is simple to use and is your control center to view your personalized Cox Homelife system, remotely lock your front door, view camera live streams or look up past recordings (Preferred Package). Email and/or SMS alerts notify you when the system is triggered or detects unusual activity.

Cox Homelife equipment runs on batteries or has a battery backup so that your system continues to function, even during a power outage.

Cox Homelife Equipment and Benefits

The two packages come with equipment to protect, monitor and control the system. There are accessories available for purchase that expand the system’s capabilities. The Cox HomeLife app allows you and your family to monitor the system, and in the case of the Preferred Package, control your home’s automation and view video. Here are more details of what’s available:

Protect EquipmentA Cox homelife motion sensor

Both packages come with two window/door sensors and one motion sensor to protect your home from intruders, as well as window and yard signage warning intruders that your home is monitored.

You can also add:

  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors that will alert you if they’re triggered.
  • A glass break sensor to detect shattering glass.
  • A water and floor sensor to alert you if there’s a leak.


Monitor Equipment

The Preferred Package comes with an indoor/outdoor HD camera with night vision that when used with the Cox HomeLife app helps you monitor your home remotely by viewing live streams or past recordings.

Control Equipment

You can control your system remotely using the Cox HomeLife app. The included smart door lock lets you program up to 30 codes for anyone who may need access to your house and can remotely open and close your door using the Cox HomeLife app.

The following control equipment can be added to the Preferred Package and runs remotely via the Cox HomeLife app:

  • Smart LED light bulbs to control lighting levels or when you’d like the light to switch on or off to create a “lived-in” look while you’re away.
  • Smart plugs that can turn appliances, lights or other electronics plugged into the device, on and off.
  • Smart thermostat that can be controlled via the thermostat’s touch screen or remotely using the Cox HomeLife app to keep your home comfortable while saving on your utility bills.

Prices and Packages

Packages come in two price ranges: bundled with other Cox services and a two-year contract or stand-alone. For example, the Essential package is $29.99 per month bundled with Cox internet, phone, and/or TV or $39.99 per month alone.

Smart Home Automation

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Smart Home Automation & Monitored Security

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Cox HomeLife app
Professional monitoring
Mobile alerts
Remote door lock/unlock
Custom chimes
Live streaming
Smart plugs
Smart light switches
Smart thermostat
Wireless router
Signage & decals
Door/window sensors
Motion sensor
Indoor/outdoor camera
Installation fee
Activation fee
Cox Homelife Equipment Service Plan
$4.99 per month$4.99 per month
Additional services
Optional carbon monoxide, flood, heat, & smoke monitoring for $3/mo.Optional 24-hour continuous video streaming for $14.99/mo.

Secure your home with Cox HomeLife equipment and professional monitoring.


The Cox HomeLife system keeps things simple when it comes to home security and home automation. If you’re already a Cox customer, adding the Essential or Preferred Plan to your TV/internet/phone bundle is the cheapest way to go. The Cox HomeLife app makes it easy to run your command center straight from your phone to simplify your life and give you peace of mind knowing your house is safe and sound while you’re away.


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