How to Install a Cove Security System

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Updated Jun 1, 2021
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We provide some basic steps on setting up Cove’s security system and protecting your home.

Cove Security Installation

Cove security equipment

Cove is a great home security option for renters or those looking for a budget-buy. One of the best perks about Cove is the low-cost professional monitoring cost of $14.99. Additionally, you won’t have to sign any contracts for their service and can choose between two options on how you want to pay for your security system. And with Cove, you’ll avoid any installation fees since their system can be self-installed.

Cove Security installation is fairly easy – here are some basic steps for setting up your system, sensors, and the Yi Indoor Camera.

How to Install Cove Security System

Setting up Cove’s control panel is easy – here’s how to get started:

  • Unbox your Cove control panel
  • Choose a level surface for setting your panel
  • Plug in the panel and secure it’s base in place with the socket’s screw
  • Once the panel powers on, select “Get started” and punch in your master code (this is your arming and disarming PIN code)
  • And you’re all set with the control panel

When setting up your Cove control panel, keep in mind where you’re installing it. Cove recommends keeping it in a place where you can access it — somewhere that you will be able to hear the alarm if it goes off. You also want to make sure it remains out of view of any potential burglar who may peer into your window. You’ll also want to make sure that the panel stays plugged in, so avoid installing it in a place where someone may unplug it accidentally.

How to Install Cove Motion Sensors

Cove’s motion sensors are wireless and can detect movement up to 45 ft. with a 90-degree range. They are also pet friendly for your furry friends up to 45 lbs, and can also be adjusted accordingly.

Where to install Cove Motion Sensors:

  • Hallway
  • Living-room
  • Basement
  • Stairway entrance

Cove recommends avoiding areas that are not climate controlled, spots that are near vents, places where pets are most active, and areas pointing directly at windows.

How to set up your Cove Motion Sensor

  • Holding your motion sensor, press the button on the side and wait until your control panel states the motion sensor’s name
  • On the control panel, select “Next” to continue
  • *If you need to adjust your motion sensor for pet sensitivity, now’s the time.

How to Adjust your Cove Motion Sensor for Pet Sensitivity

  • Remove the cover on the back of your motion sensor
  • Adjust the SENS pen from High to Low sensitivity

Once you’ve adjusted your motion sensor’s sensitivity level, follow these steps to finish installation:

  • Place the sensor about 6 to 7 feet above the floor in a high traffic area – this can be in a corner or on a wall (Do not face your motion sensor towards a window to prevent false alarms and do not place in an area where the climate is not controlled)
  • Press firmly in place, and you’re done

How to Install Cove Door/Window Sensors

Cove door/window sensors are composed of two parts: a magnet and a contact sensor. Install your sensors on standard doors, sliding doors, sliding windows, and others just as long as the magnet and contact sensor are within an inch apart.

For Doors

  • Make sure to add your door sensor to your system before installing by following the instructions on Cove’s website
  • Clean the area of the door you want to add the sensor to
  • Remove the sensor’s adhesive backing
  • Place the magnet on the door
  • Place the contact sensor on the molding
  • Hold both in place for 30 seconds
  • And you’re all set

For Windows

  • Make sure to add your window sensor to your system before installing by following the instructions on Cove’s website
  • Set the magnet on the window pane that slides or opens
  • Set the contact sensor on the window frame
  • Be sure that the semicircles on the magnet and contact sensor are aligned and that they’re both less than an inch apart
  • And you’re all set

If you’d like to see a video detailing steps for installation, Cove has a step-by-step video showing how to set up their security system:

*Video by Cove

How to Install the YI Indoor Camera

Keep an eye on your home with the YI Indoor Camera and get notifications. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Download the YI app and log in
  • Plug in your camera’s power cable
  • Wait for the camera to turn on and select the plus sign on your phone’s screen
  • Type in your home Wi-Fi’s password
  • Select “Next” and you’ll see a QR code – hold this code in front of the camera and wait for the camera to activate
  • Once activated, insert a micro SD card for local storage, and you’re ready to go

If you’d like to see a video detailing steps for setting up the YI Indoor Camera, YI has a step-by-step video you can follow:

*Video by YI Technology

Once you have your Cove security system all set, you’re ready to start securing your home.

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