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Updated Jul 28, 2020
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We compare two top home security companies to see how they stack up when it comes to installation, pricing, equipment, and more.

Cove vs. Brinks Home Security

Brinks has been in the home security systems game for quite a while, offering a wide range of security equipment including smart home devices and security cameras. The company has been able to keep up with newer companies such as Cove by adjusting its strategy to allow for month-to-month options and DIY installation. Founded in the spring of 2018, Cove might be the new kid on the block, but its a la carte systems and low prices are appealing to those who want no-frills security and don't mind limited options for cameras and home automation. Read on to learn more about which of these providers is the right fit for you.
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    Cove Security

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    Starting at

    Our take on Cove Security:

    Although Cove Security launched just a couple of years ago, it offers some unique perks, such as the ability to avoid a contract by paying for equipment upfront. Another major selling point is Cove’s ease of installation.


    • Affordable monitoring and equipment
    • Installation takes about half an hour
    • 60-day money-back guarantee


    • Limited equipment selection
    • Doesn't connect toZ-Wave equipment

    • Smartphone app only available with the most expensive monitoring package

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    Brinks Home Security

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    Our Take on Brinks Home Security

    Brinks has a lot of similarities with ADT: required professional monitoring, smart home equipment, and required contracts. The big difference is that you can cut costs with DIY installation, or you can leave it to the pros. If you want traditional home security, but can set it up yourself, Brinks is the best choice.


    • 2-year equipment warranty
    • Impressive industry experience and reputation
    • Flexible installation options


    • No equipment for environmental monitoring
    • Touchscreen control panel not available in all packages
    • Lengthy contracts for some equipment packages

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Compare Cove Vs. Brinks Home Security

Home security newcomer Cove offers a 60-day money-back trial period with a one-year equipment warranty. Its equipment includes door and window sensors, motion sensors and a touchscreen panel with two-way talk. The Cove Plus plan gives you mobile app access so you can control your home security system from anywhere. At just 30 days, Brinks’ trial period is half of Cove’s, but its two-year warranty is twice as long as its competitor’s. Brinks includes mobile app access with all its plans, and it also offers a touchscreen control panel, but it’s only available with higher-priced packages.

  • Price

    Winner: Cove

    If you put together a Cove home security package comparable to Brinks’ most basic package, the Smart Security Essential, you’d pay about the same for your equipment with both companies. But even with the upper-tier Cove monitoring plan that includes mobile app access like Brinks plans do, Cove will save you about $15 a month on monitoring fees. Cove’s optional professional monitoring starts at $14.99/mo., while Brinks costs $29/mo. Brinks’ packages start at $499 for the essentials. Cove’s plans are completely customizable to fit your budget and home security needs, making them the clear winner of this round.

  • Installation

    Winner: Brinks

    Cove is a strictly DIY system, but Brinks has both DIY and professional installation options. If you’re not ready to self install your system Brinks offers free installation with the purchase of any Smart Security Ultimate Plan. You can also opt to pay extra to add on professional installation to one of Brinks’ lower-tier plans. Since Brinks offers both DIY and professional options they win this round.

  • Contract

    Tie: Brinks and Cove

    Cove doesn’t require a contract if you pay for your equipment upfront. However, if you choose to spread out your payments Brinks and Cove both will require a 36-month contract. However, Cove doesn’t require a contract if you purchase your equipment upfront with their Economy plan.
    Cove's basic plan and Brinks' Nest Secure plan operate on the same principle: pay for equipment upfront and you don’t have to sign a contract. Spread out your payments as you go (standard with Brinks' other plans and Cove's Plus plan), and you’re looking at a minimum agreement of 36 months with both companies. They have similar cancellation policies as well — if you cancel, you’ll be responsible for any remaining balance on your equipment purchase.

  • Security Cameras

    Winner: Brinks

    Cove Security only offers the inexpensive Yi Indoor Camera for video surveillance. Brinks, on the other hand, offers indoor cameras, outdoor cameras and doorbell cameras. While the $29.50 price tag on the Yi might be tempting, The Brinks’ cameras range from $199 to $249 options, but give you greater security coverage than Cove and let you monitor what’s happening both inside and outside your home.

  • Home Automation

    Winner: Brinks

    Brinks is compatible with Google and Amazon devices, and your Brinks system can serve as a smart home hub for up to 119 different devices, including light switches and smart locks. Cove doesn't offer any smart home devices, and its home security systems will only work with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant if you sign up for the Cove Plus plan.

  • Professional Monitoring

    Winner: Cove

    Cove’s professional monitoring ranges from $14.99/mo. - $35/mo. On the other hand, Brinks’ monitoring costs from $29-$39/mo. Cove’s most expensive and inclusive professional monitoring plan is still less costly than the average Brinks plan, and we appreciate Cove’s innovative “Triple Touch Communication.” Whenever you have an alarm event, Cove will call, text and email you to ensure you get the alert. If you don’t respond to any of the alerts, Cove will dispatch emergency responders to your home.

Winner: Brinks

While Cove takes an inexpensive, no-frills approach to home security systems, Brinks takes the win for its long standing reputation in the home security field and its proven ability to keep pace with changing technologies such as home automation. Brinks offers more in the way of cameras and smart devices, and its optional DIY installation and month-to-month plans put it on more even footing with providers like Cove. You’ll pay a little bit more with Brinks than you might with Cove, but the price gap isn’t big enough to pull it from the winner’s circle.
Winner: Brinks

Brinks Home Security

Cove Security

Monthly monitoring starting price
Minimum contract length
36 monthsNone
Extended no-risk return period
30 days60 days
Installation (DIY or Pro)
DIY with a professional optionDIY
2-year equipment warranty1 year (lifetime with Plus monitoring)
BBB Rating
Safety Score
Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge. Details accurate as of June 23, 2020.

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