Cove Home Security Review

Cove is known for DIY solutions, fast response times and easy setup for better home security.
Updated Jan 27, 2021

An Overview of Cove’s Home Security Services

Cove is a new player in the DIY home security space. They launched in 2018 with affordable DIY security systems and 24/7 professional monitoring. Cove’s security solutions are completely customizable so you can build a system that’s the perfect fit for your family. The DIY provider is well-known for response times that are ten times faster than the industry average.

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Cove: Our Recommended Pick for DIY Security Installation

Cove’s easy-to-install systems make them our pick for a hassle-free installation without needing a technician. All systems come pre-configured and step-by-step instructions for installation that takes an average of 27 minutes – much faster than other DIY set-ups.  


10 out of 10


  • Systems are completely customizable so cost varies.
  • Equipment cost ranges from $15 - $50
  • Professional monitoring ranges from $14.99 - $35/mo.

Your cost for Cove security depends on your equipment and service choices. All systems are completely customizable so system price varies. Sensors cost an average of $15 and other basic security equipment ranges from $30 – $50 each for detectors, key fob remotes and the indoor camera.


Cove security has a big benefit that we like – flexible payment options. Cove offers two ways to pay for equipment. They have a Value plan for a no-contract option, but all equipment must be paid for upfront. The plan includes 24/7 professional monitoring that starts at $14.99/mo. without requiring a contract. Cove also offers an Economy plan with monitoring costs that range from $25 – $35/mo. With the Economy plan, you’re not required to pay for equipment upfront, but it comes with a 36-month contract and a cancellation fee. We like that Cove offers truly customizable home security to fit your wallet and home security needs.

Standout Features

6 out of 10


  • Cove’s Triple Touch™ includes three contact methods before calling the police
  • Smart home connectivity is not available

Cove’s Triple Touch™ monitoring makes it easier to call for help. Triple Touch™ includes InstaText and LiveAssist for Cove monitoring specialists to call, text and email you before calling the police if your system’s sensors are triggered. The text message gives you the option to dismiss the alarm or dispatch help immediately. Monitoring specialists also notify your emergency contacts. All of these steps are taken before alerting the cops if you cannot be reached. We like this because it lessens false alarms and keeps you alert of your home security in multiple ways.


Cove’s LiveAssist gives you real-time contact with Cove monitoring specialists and the power to call Cove 24/7 if you need help or here’s an emergency.


Cove also works with popular voice assistants including the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. However, they don’t offer any other smart home connectivity for your system. 


4 out of 10


  • Cove offers basic home security equipment
  • The equipment doesn’t connect to other smart home devices

Cove’s equipment is easy to install, but their selection is limited\. They offer the security basics like sensors, smoke, carbon monoxide and glass break detectors. Cove also offers a YI indoor camera. However, they don’t offer newer smart home security products such as video doorbells or smart locks. The Cove system and equipment works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant but don’t connect to other smart home products like smart thermostats or smart lights for whole-home automation.


You can also control your equipment using Cove’s mobile app, but smartphone control is only available with the Cove Plus Monitoring Package.


9 out of 10


  • Cove DIY installation can be done in 27 minutes
  • Professional installation is not available

We like that Cove has a quick and easy installation that takes 27 minutes compared to other DIY systems that take nearly three hours to set-up your system. All equipment comes pre-configured to simply place where you want it and finish installation using Cove’s step-by-step instructions on your smartphone. However, if you’re looking for a hands-off approach to your set up, you won’t find that with Cove because they don’t offer professional installation.

Trial Period

8 out of 10


  • Cove offers a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • A one-year warranty or lifetime warranty is available depending on your monitoring plan

Cove offers a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee to try their equipment and services risk-free. It’s one way that we see Cove putting customer satisfaction first. We like that customers can get a full refund if the equipment is returned in good condition.


Cove also offers a one year warranty on equipment with their Cove Basic Monitoring plan. You can get a lifetime warranty with the Cove Plus plan that’s $25-35/mo.

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