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Cove Security launched in 2018. The relatively new company promises self-installed, professionally monitored home security that’s both effective and affordable.
Updated Jun 8, 2021

What Sets Cove Security Apart?

Cove Security is a new, upstart company in a field of known brands that is muscling its way into the increasingly popular do-it-yourself home security space

Cove Security offers modern wireless security equipment, custom packages, cellular connectivity, professional monitoring, no long-term contracts, and competitively low prices. The company flaunts an a la carte approach to home security. While you won’t find preset package deals or smart home devices, Cove is a great option if you’re looking for effective no-frills security.


  • Custom packages with low-pressure sales
  • Easy cancellation
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Premium app subscription required for many features
  • Relatively new company
  • Lack of camera options

Cove Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Cove Security Equipment Packages

Cove Security does not offer predetermined packages. Instead, it has a unique personalized approach where each customer configures their system by answering a few easy questions on Cove’s website. If you need help, you can chat with customer service.

While some companies won’t give you a quote without entering a high-pressure sales conversation, the Cove shopping experience is refreshingly low-pressure and transparent. All configurations can be customized beyond the website recommendations. You can add a camera or any other device (or remove some of the recommended products) with Cove’s system builder. Pricing is transparent and easy to understand, so you won’t get caught off guard when you check out.

  • Cove Security Build-Your-Own Package

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Cove Security lets you custom-build your home security system from scratch. The only non-negotiable device is the Cove Touch Alarm Panel, which acts as the system’s hub. From there, you can add as many devices as you’d like. If you’re unsure what you need, use Cove’s online recommendation tool or speak with its customer support team. 

    Once you’ve selected your equipment, you can pick from two monitoring plans. The Basic plan offers 24/7 professional monitoring starting at $15 per month. With added features, such as mobile app access and Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant support, the Cove Plus plan starts at $25 per month.

    Package Features

    • Touch Alarm Panel (required)
    • Intrusion detection options: Door sensor, window sensor, motion detector, glass break detector
    • Environmental monitoring options: smoke/heat/freeze detector, carbon monoxide detector, flood sensor
    • Remote and medical alert options: key fob, panic button
    • Yard sign and window stickers included with every order

Cove Security Equipment and Features

  • Cove Touch Panel

    The Cove Touch Panel is the control panel of your home security system. Its 7-inch touchscreen looks and acts like the alarm panels seen in many high-end systems, and provides robust, lockdown style security. The touch panel includes on-screen instructions with animations to make the system easier to use. You can use the two-way talk feature to communicate with the monitoring center directly through the panel, providing real-time connections with live help in times you need it most. Smash and Grab Protection notifies the monitoring center even if intruders attack the panel. And don’t worry about what might happen if the power goes out. The Cove Touch Panel comes with 24 hours of backup battery protection to keep your system up and running. The retail price is $184.

  • Cove Door Sensor

    Cove recommends one door sensor for every exterior door. You can add more door sensors at any time for $15 each, though you can get a discount on each sensor during your initial purchase. These are easy to install, work with any door type, and come with five-year battery life. They are programmed to self-test every 60 minutes to regularly ensure they are working properly, so you never have to go long without the peace of mind that you’re protected.

  • Cove Motion Detector

    For average-sized homes, Cove recommends one motion detector that covers a central location or high-traffic area of your home. These can be added for $30 each. The motion detectors are pet-friendly, recognizing pets up to 40 lbs. This detector has a five-year battery life, is easy to install, and like Cove’s other equipment, is programmed to self-test every 60 minutes.

  • Cove Window Sensor

    Cove recommends installing a window sensor on any windows that will be susceptible to intruder entry, especially those that may be out of sight to neighbors or passersby. These sensors can be used on any windows, have five-year battery life, are easy to install, and self-test every 60 minutes. Window sensors can be added for $15 each.

  • Glass Break Detector

    Designed to be installed near windows, these devices detect the sound of breaking glass and retail for $35 each. Place one wherever you have doors, windows or other glass exteriors that need more protection. If someone tries to break in by smashing a window, you’ll be alerted immediately.

  • YI Indoor Camera

    Cove recommends at least one YI Indoor Camera, depending on the size of your home. These are ultra-wide angle HD video cameras that detect things like motion and even babies crying. For optimal use, place your YI Indoor Camera in a central location of the home. You can purchase the camera for $59, but you may be able to get it free or at a discount if Cove is offering a promotion. At the time of writing, Cove is including one free YI Indoor Camera with all packages, but additional cameras can be added for $29.50 each.

  • Smoke/Heat/Freeze Detector

    For $30 each, this one sensor sounds an alarm in the event of smoke, fire or freezing temperatures. Alerts are customizable. Start with one in a central location on the main floor, and add another in each sleeping area if desired.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector

    Carbon monoxide is potentially deadly. This alarm, which you can add to your package for $50 each, detects carbon monoxide and issues an alarm before the levels become dangerous.

  • Flood Sensor

    Leaks often build up slowly and remain unnoticed until there’s a full-fledged flood or expensive water damage. Install a flood sensor in areas that are vulnerable to leaks, and you’ll be alerted before the damage becomes extensive. Each sensor costs $20.

  • Security Key Remote

    Attach one of these to your key ring, and you can arm or disarm the system at the touch of a button. The security key remotes retail for $25 each. Unless you live alone, you’ll probably want more than one.

  • Panic Button/Medical Alert

    This wearable help button is designed to be worn around the house. It’s even waterproof, so you can wear it in the shower. Just press the button to alert the monitoring center, who can send medical, fire or police services as needed. The panic button costs $20.

Compare Cove Security Payment Plans

Once you’ve selected the equipment you need, the next step is to choose your Cove payment plan. The Value plan is contract-free but requires you to pay for your equipment upfront. The Economy plan eliminates your equipment fees but requires you to remain a paying subscriber for the monitoring service for a minimum of 36 months. After those three years, any remaining equipment cost is forgiven.

Value PlanEconomy Plan
Equipment cost
Paid upfront, depends on configurationNo upfront equipment cost
Monthly monitoring cost
Contract length
No contract required36 months
Cancellation policy
Cancel at any timeEarly termination fee equal to equipment cost

Compare Cove Security Monitoring Plans

Once you’ve decided what equipment you need and how you will pay for it, the final step is to choose the Cove monitoring plan you’d prefer: Cove Basic or Cove Plus.

Cove Basic MonitoringCove Plus Monitoring
24/7 Professional Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
TripleTouch Communications
Smash and Grab Protection
100% Cellular Connection
Hourly Automated System Check
24-Hour Battery Backup
Equipment Warranty
One yearLifetime
Mobile App Access
Alexa and Google Home Support
Equipment Reward
NoAccumulate $5/mo. credit toward future new equipment
Locked Monitoring Rate

Frequently Asked Questions About Cove Security

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