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Vivint vs. Xfinity

Compare Vivint and Xfinity to find the best security solution for your home.

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Heads up!

Professional installation for Xfinity is unavailable at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Both Vivint and Xfinity are home security providers offering a variety of home security options, including smart home and automation. Vivint is known in the industry for its innovative equipment and custom packages. Xfinity Home is a younger company but offers its customers bundled television, internet, home automation, and security into one package. Compare the features of these two providers to find the best solution for your home.

Compare Vivint vs. Xfinity

Compare Vivint vs. Xfinity

(D) Vivint vs Xfinity


Winner: Xfinity

Vivint carries a higher price point than Xfinity in both equipment and monitoring. With Vivint, you have to purchase a minimum of $599.99 worth of equipment and choose a monitoring plan. Vivint’s starter kit alone costs $599.99, and monitoring starts at $29.99/mo. Xfinity equipment starts at $360 if you purchase the entire system upfront, or $15/mo. for 24 months if you finance. Monitoring is extra and starts at $40/mo. Also, because Xfinity also offers internet, TV, and phone service, it is possible that customers who bundle can strike a deal for lower monthly monitoring costs.

Industry Experience

Tie: Vivint and Xfinity

Vivint has over 19 years of experience in the home security and automation market. Originally started in 1999 as APX Alarm Security Solutions in Provo, Utah, the company was renamed as Vivint in 2011. While Xfinity Home is a relative newcomer to the home security market, having only been launched in 2010, its parent company, Comcast, is the largest provider of home internet service in the U.S. and brings experience in offering bundled services and a network of home installation providers.


Winner: Vivint

Vivint is the hands-down winner. While Vivint and Xfinity both offer cameras, smoke detectors, thermostats, and motion sensors, Vivint extends home security by offering more smart home devices and home environmental monitoring devices like carbon monoxide detectors and water sensors for protection against dangerous levels of CO and water-leak damage.

Home Automation

Winner: Vivint

Both Vivint and Xfinity offer home automation options with their higher-tier monitoring plans. However, Vivint offers more equipment for a more comprehensive home automation solution, including such devices as a doorbell camera, Google Home, and Amazon Echo.

Trial Period

Winner: Xfinity

Xfinity has a longer trial period than Vivint. With Xfinity, if you’re not satisfied, you can return your equipment for a refund within 30 days. Vivint’s only allows you 3 days if you decide that their service is not right for you.

Professional Installation

Tie: Vivint and Xfinity

Both Vivint and Xfinity require professional installation for their home security systems. Installation fees are not included in the cost of equipment or monitoring, and the cost varies according to the plan selected. One benefit of professional installation is having a knowledgeable technician ensuring your security system is set up properly and ready to use. The technician can also answer any questions you may have about your security system.

Differences: Vivint vs. Xfinity

Differences: Vivint vs. Xfinity

Vivint has a slight edge over Xfinity with respect to its pricing, experience, and equipment. Xfinity is relatively new to the home security market, though it brings bundling and service experience from Comcast. Customers who are already subscribers to Xfinity’s other services can do well by bundling home security and automation with those other services.

Xfinity Home Security

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Professional monitoring starts at $29.99/mo. $40.00/mo.
Installation Professional Professional
Minimum contract length 42 to 60 months, or pay equipment in full 2 years
Trial period 3 days 30 days
BBB rating C- C
*Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge.
Frequently Asked Questions about Vivint and Xfinity

Frequently Asked Questions about Vivint and Xfinity

Does Vivint or Xfinity provide professional installation?

Both Vivint and Xfinity provide professional installation for their customers. The base price of installation for Vivint is $49.99 and the base price for installation of Xfinity is $60, depending on the number of devices. However, with promotions and bundling of other services (with Xfinity/Comcast), customers can sometimes receive free installation.

Does either Vivint or Xfinity require a contract?

Vivint requires customers to enter into either a 42- or 60-month contract if you choose to finance your security system. However, if you pay for your equipment up front, you will not have to enter into a contract with Vivint and you will only be responsible for paying for your monthly monitoring. Xfinity requires a contract of 24 months.

What types of packages do Vivint and Xfinity provide?

Vivint doesn’t offer any preset packages that you can purchase, but you can choose from the provider’s range of devices. Xfinity’s most basic package is $360 upfront, $15/mo. for 24 months if you choose to finance.

Is Vivint or Xfinity a good choice for renters?

Neither Vivint nor Xfinity are the best choices for renters. These providers would be more suitable for homeowners as they are professionally installed systems, meaning that there may be some wiring and additional work involved in setting up these systems. If you’re looking for the best home security systems for renters, check out a list of our top picks and their features.


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