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Vivint vs. Smith Thompson

Compare Vivint and Smith Thompson to find the absolute best security solution for your home.

Both Vivint and Smith Thompson are home security providers offering a variety of home security options. Vivint is known in the industry for its innovative, in-demand equipment and custom packages. Smith Thompson is a much smaller company that serves the Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, Texas, areas. Compare the features of these two providers to find the best solution for your home.

Vivint vs. Smith Thompson

Vivint vs. Smith Thompson

(D) Vivint vs Smith Thompson


Winner: Smith Thompson

Smith Thompson carries a lower price point than Vivint. You can get a home security system for as low as $299 with Smith Thompson, while with Vivint, you’ll have to purchase at least $599.99 worth of equipment just to have their service. Also, with Vivint, you’ll have to enter into a contract, so you’ll be locked into payments for a period of time.

Professional Monitoring

Winner: Smith Thompson

Both Vivint and Smith Thompson offer 24-hour professional monitoring for added peace of mind. The cost of professional monitoring varies depending on the chosen plan, but Vivint’s price for monitoring starts at $29.99/mo. while Smith Thompson’s monitoring is lower and starts at $16.95/mo.


Winner: Vivint

Vivint is the hands-down winner in this category for its proprietary equipment. Vivint’s control panel and outdoor camera are both pieces of equipment that you won’t find with other home security providers. Smith Thompson’s equipment appears to be sourced by, a company that allows other providers to sell their equipment.

Home Automation

Tie: Vivint and Smith Thompson

Both Vivint and Smith Thompson offer home automation options with their higher-tier plans. For a more comprehensive home automation solution, both offer advanced equipment, including HD cameras (both indoor and outdoor), HD doorbells, and smart thermostats.

Trial Period

Tie: Vivint and Smith Thompson

Both Vivint and Smith Thompson offer a relatively short 3-day trial period. Because of this, those considering either should do their homework first and decide which service and in particular, which package or subscription, is the better fit. Additionally, it would be helpful to determine how complicated the installation might be, to avoid further costs (and potential disappointment).

Professional Installation

Tie: Vivint and Smith Thompson

Both Vivint and Smith Thompson require professional installation for their home security systems. Vivint installation starts at $49.99, while Smith Thompson’s installation costs $89. With both providers you’ll be able to reap the benefit of having a professionally installed system, and you can ask your technician questions at the time of installation.

Tie: Vivint vs. Smith Thompson

Tie: Vivint vs. Smith Thompson

Both Vivint and Smith Thompson provide the basics you need for protecting your home and additional devices like home environmental monitoring equipment, smart home devices, and security cameras. We’d recommend Vivint if you want unique home security equipment and don’t mind the higher price tag. We’d recommend Smith Thompson specifically for those who live in the Texas areas the provider serves.
Monthly monitoring starting price $29.99/mo. $16.95/mo.
Minimum contract length 42 – 60 months No contract
Extended No-Risk Return 3 days 3 days
Installation Professional Professional
Guarantees None $500 Theft Protection
Warranty 120-day warranty option 1-year for parts and labor
BBB Rating C- A+
*Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge.
Frequently Asked Questions About Vivint and Smith Thompson

Frequently Asked Questions About Vivint and Smith Thompson

Does Vivint or Smith Thompson provide professional installation?

Both Vivint and Smith Thompson provide professional installation for their customers. The base price of installation for Vivint is $49.99 while Smith Thompson charges $89 for installation.

Do either Vivint or Smith Thompson require a contract?

Vivint requires customers to enter into either a 42- or 60-month contract if you choose to finance your security system. However, if you pay for your equipment upfront, you will not have to enter into a contract with Vivint and you will only be responsible for paying for your monthly monitoring.


Smith Thompson requires no contract—for all of its packages—which is rare among home security providers.

What types of packages do Vivint and Smith Thompson provide?

Vivint doesn’t offer any preset packages you can purchase, but you can select the devices that you want to build your own custom packages. Vivint monitoring starts at $39.99/mo.


Smith Thompson, on the other hand, has preset packages you can choose from. You can choose the base package which features the essentials for intrusion detection or their SmartHome Security + Mobile App package which boasts a lot more features like a Z-wave control panel and more. Smith Thompson’s monitoring starts at $16.95/mo.

Is Vivint or Smith Thompson a good choice for renters?

Out of the two, Vivint is the better choice, offering customers the option to continue their home security service at a new location, including for the short-term. Smith Thompson indicates clearly on its website that it does not service apartments.


However, when changing locations, customers may find themselves paying for both equipment removal from the old home and equipment installation in the new home. Vivint charges $129 for each of these services, though customers are free to remove equipment by themselves, bypassing the removal fee.


Renters should first check with their landlord to determine whether drilling, wiring, or installation is allowed. A building or apartment complex may already be pre-wired for security or smart home service.

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