Vivint vs. Link Interactive

Compare the security offerings of Vivint and Link Interactive to find the best solution for your home.

Vivint and Link Interactive both offer comprehensive home security solutions that include different equipment and installation options, as well as around-the-clock monitoring and customer assistance. Vivint is a relative newcomer to the home security market but offers innovative equipment and custom packages. Link Interactive was founded in 2010 as the nationwide DIY branch of Mountain Alarm Fire & Security, a Utah-based commercial and residential protection company founded in 1952. It provides a mix of traditional home security solutions with modern technology and equipment. Compare the two providers’ offerings below to find the best solution for your home.

Compare Vivint vs. Link Interactive

Compare Vivint vs. Link Interactive

(D) Vivint vs Link Interactive

Industry Experience

Winner: Link Interactive

Vivint has operated in the smart home solutions space since 2011, with the original company founded in 1999. While Link Interactive launched its home security solutions in 2010, its parent company has operated in the security space since 1952.

Home Automation

Winner: Vivint

Vivint offers industry-leading smart home capabilities, including a video doorbell, outdoor camera, indoor camera, smart thermostats, garage door controller, a smart lock, and 24/7 video recording. The provider also offers mobile, smart hub and voice control to manage your home security from anywhere. Link Interactive offers home automation through its Gold Monitoring Plan, which costs $39.99/mo. and enables management of smart lights, locks, and thermostats via a mobile app.

Customer Experience

Winner: Link Interactive

Vivint has traditionally suffered issues with customers raising concerns but, in contrast, Link Interactive provides no-pressure sales and pricing transparency. Vivint also currently has a D+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, while Link Interactive receives an A+ rating.


Winner: Vivint

Vivint takes the win for its proprietary equipment. Devices like Vivint’s SkyControl Panel and the Outdoor Camera Pro are prime examples of innovation in the home security space. The only catch is that it necessitates purchasing a starter kit of a touch-screen panel, door and window sensors, a motion sensor and professional installation for $599.99. Link Interactive sources its equipment from a third party, but you can select the devices you want to create your own security kit.

Professional Monitoring

Tie: Vivint and Link Interactive

Vivint and Link Interactive both provide 24/7 cellular monitoring, which means that their systems are connected through cellular signals rather than landlines or broadband, which can be problematic if the phone line is affected. Both also provide mobile apps for remote control, video doorbell cameras, and access to customer support.


Tie: Vivint and Link In

Installation options of these two home security solutions vary, with Vivint requiring professional assistance at a cost of $49.99 and Link Interactive only providing a self-installation option. Vivint’s professional installation includes a technician showing customers where equipment has been installed and how to use it, while Link Interactive provides extensive installation guides for its easy-to-setup system. We’ve tied these two providers, but personal preference of installation will help guide your choice.

Differences: Vivint vs. Link Interactive

While Vivint adds edge with the quality of security equipment provided, Link Interactive exceeds in customer assistance. Which system you choose will depend on your top priorities and potentially whether you prefer professional installation or are happy to set the system up yourself.

Link Interactive

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Professional monitoring starts at $29.99/mo. $30.99/mo.
Installation Professional DIY
Minimum contract length 42 to 60 months, or pay equipment in full 1 year
Trial period 3 days 30 days
BBB rating C- A+
*Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge.
Frequently Asked Questions about Vivint and Link Interactive

Frequently Asked Questions about Vivint and Link Interactive

Does Vivint or Link Interactive provide installation services?

Vivint requires its security system to be professionally installed, which starts at $49.99 but can sometimes be free with special promotions. Link Interactive only allows for DIY installation but provides extensive setup instructions.

What kind of equipment packages do Vivint and Link Interactive offer?

Vivint doesn’t offer equipment packages but rather allows you to select the equipment you want, and based off of your equipment, provides you with the monitoring plan you’ll need for your system. Similarly, Link Interactive allows you to choose the equipment you want as well and select your monitoring plan.

Do either Vivint or Link Interactive require a contract?

Vivint will only require you to sign a contract if you choose to finance your equipment instead of purchasing it all upfront. You must purchase a minimum of $599.99 worth of equipment from Vivint. With Link Interactive, you are required to sign a contract for their home security services, but you can choose the length that best suits you, whether that’s 1, 2, or 3-years.

Do either Vivint or Link Interactive offer the ability to self-monitor your own home security system?

Neither Vivint nor Link Interactive allow self-monitoring. Both providers will require you to purchase a monthly professional monitoring plan.

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