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Find out how Vivint stacks up against Abode so you can select the best home security option for your home.
Updated Oct 8, 2020
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Vivint and Abode are DIY home security companies offering innovative home security and smart home automation technology. Both offer professional monitoring for a monthly rate, but only Abode gives you the option to self-monitor. In terms of cutting-edge equipment and high-tech features, Vivint has a slight advantage over Abode. However, Abode offers more competitive prices.

Compare Vivint vs. Abode

  • Price

    Winner: Abode

    Abode takes the win for price by a long shot when compared to Vivint. To access Vivint's service, you must buy at minimum $599.99 worth of equipment. In comparison, Abode's entry-level security kit retails for $229. When comparing professional monitoring cost, Abode is also less expensive, requiring $20 per month if you want to pay monthly and $100 for your first year if you want to pay annually. Vivint professional monitoring starts at $29.99.

  • Package Variety and Customization

    Tie: Vivint and Abode

    Abode's Starter Kit includes a motion sensor, an entry sensor and a Gateway, which is the system’s hub. The iota All-In-One Kit includes a video surveillance camera that has HD streaming capabilities and a wide field of view. Abode also lets you build your own equipment package based on your needs. Vivint’s equipment packages are custom-built, requiring you to select the equipment you need for your home.

  • Equipment

    Winner: Vivint

    Abode and Vivint both make indoor cameras with HD streaming capabilities, night vision, a wide field of view, and two-way audio. If your alarm system is triggered, with both providers, you’ll receive notifications. Vivint has an outdoor camera that features an LED light and warning tone to scare potential criminals away from your home, giving them a slight edge here.

  • Home Automation

    Tie: Vivint and Abode

    Both Vivint and Abode can integrate with smart home devices made by various partnered brands. Vivint has its touchscreen SkyControl Panel that syncs with the Smart Home mobile app. It alerts you of severe weather and gives you access to your smart home devices and security system. Although Abode doesn’t make a control panel, both providers offer similar home automation capabilities nonetheless. They enable you to set rules such as having a light come on at 6 p.m. or sending a video clip to your phone whenever your front door is unlocked.

  • Professional Monitoring

    Winner: Abode

    Vivint requires you to get its professional monitoring service if you’re going to buy its equipment. Plus, you have to pay Vivint to professionally install it. However, you can opt to pay for the equipment in installments. Abode makes convenient DIY equipment that is easy to install without help. Unlike Vivint, professional monitoring is optional with Abode. You can self-monitor or subscribe to Abode's monitoring service on a month-to-month basis.

  • Warranty & Guarantees

    Winner: Abode

    Abode puts a 30-day money-back guarantee on your home security system, whereas you get just three days to try Vivint’s security system. Abode also has better warranty terms with a one-year limited warranty, while Vivint provides a 120-day equipment warranty.

Differences: Vivint vs. Abode

While Abode is more cost-effective and DIY-friendly, Vivint provides all the bells and whistles of a complete home safety suite. Since both provide excellent professional monitoring, top-notch equipment and home automation, your choice comes down to the price and a few extra features.

Abode Security

Monthly monitoring price
Contract required
42-60 mos. or pay for equipment in fullNone
Trial period
3 days30 days
ProfessionalDIY or Professional
BBB rating
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