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SimpliSafe vs. Protection 1

Compare SimpliSafe and Protection 1 to find the best security solution for your home.

If you’re looking for a good home security solution for your home, both SimpliSafe and Protection 1 offer great options to consider. With 24/7 professional monitoring and various equipment options, these two systems compete well with one another. Read on to learn just how they stack up.

Compare SimpliSafe vs. Protection 1

Compare SimpliSafe vs. Protection 1

Both SimpliSafe and Protection 1 offer powerful home security solutions that can help keep your family safe. ADT acquired Protection 1 in 2016 to create packages and equipment that’s easy to use. Both offer financing and multiple equipment options, but SimpliSafe has a more flexible monthly contract. If you are trying to decide between the two companies, here’s what you need to know.



Winner: SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe manufactures and produces its own equipment, a trait that sets it apart in the home security industry. When a customer purchases their equipment, they own the equipment outright. SimpliSafe provides a wide variety of equipment that includes glass break sensors, video cameras, and many other devices.

Protection 1 offers a variety of equipment, as well as four package options vs. SimpliSafe’s three packages. Protection 1 also has options for geofencing. In the end, though, SimpliSafe’s equipment offerings have the edge.


Winner: SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe has two tiers for monitoring costs: a $14.99 option and a $24.99 option. Both options are less expensive than even Protection 1’s lowest tier, which starts at $34.99 per month. SimpliSafe’s equipment packages are a one-time purchase. The lowest-cost option is the Foundation at just $183, while the most expensive package, The Haven, runs $489.

Protection 1 charges for equipment upfront. These costs are built into the monthly fee, which also means that you don’t own your own equipment. It’s worth noting that Protection 1’s pricing includes a $1,000 Theft Protection guarantee, which would pay out toward your insurance deductible in the event of a robbery. 

Though SimpliSafe’s initial costs are higher, the overall costs are lower in the long run.


Winner: SimpliSafe

Is there a contest when one party doesn’t participate? SimpliSafe offers no-interest financing through PayPal credit for up to six months. With this offer, interested customers can invest in a system even if they do not presently have the funding.

On the other hand, Protection 1 does not offer financing. While it is possible to get a free quote for how much your system might cost, you cannot rely on the company to provide an easy way to cover costs. Because of easy financing, SimpliSafe wins this category.


Winner: SimpliSafe

Continuing the company’s theme of consumer-focused products, SimpliSafe has much simpler installation options than Protection 1. To start with, you can install SimpliSafe’s equipment without professional help. All of the equipment is relatively easy to understand and utilize, although professional installation is available at $79 for customers that would prefer it.

On the other hand, Protection 1 requires professional installation and starts at a base fee of $99. Customers that would rather install their security systems themselves are out of luck due to the fact they do not own their equipment. If you want more agency in the operation and installation of your home security system, SimpliSafe is the better choice.


Winner: SimpliSafe

In the world of home security, month-to-month contracts are a rarity. Most companies require customers to commit to multi-year contracts before their monitoring services will be activated. SimpliSafe is not one of those companies. If you decide at any point that you no longer require professional monitoring and wish to cancel your contract, you can do so without a problem. SimpliSafe also offers a 60-day full refund if you are not satisfied with the equipment or service.

Protection 1 requires customers to commit to a three-year contract in order to activate its service, but the company does not offer a warranty. If you are not certain that Protection 1 is the home security company you want to use, investing in a system is a big risk due to the unfavorable contract terms. 

Home Automation

Winner: Protection 1

SimpliSafe does not offer home automation equipment or options, although tech-savvy users might be able to use their SimpliSafe system with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa. Protection 1 offers smart home equipment options you can include in your contract like smart locks, thermostats and lights.

The Verdict: SimpliSafe vs. Protection 1

The Verdict: SimpliSafe vs. Protection 1

Even though Protection 1 offers competitive options, SimpliSafe is a more flexible overall service for most customers. Protection 1 does include its impressive $1,000 Theft Protection guarantee and some nice options for home automation with its mobile app. In terms of pricing, equipment, and contract lengths, though, SimpliSafe is the clear winner.

SimpliSafe Security

Learn more about
Monthly monitoring starting price $14.99/mo. $34.99/mo.
Minimum contract length No contract 36-month contract
Trial Period No free trial None
Installation DIY & Professional DIY & Professional
Guarantees and Refunds 60 days $1,000 Theft Protection Guarantee
BBB Rating A+ A+
Frequently Asked Questions About SimpliSafe and Protection 1

Frequently Asked Questions About SimpliSafe and Protection 1

What kind of equipment packages do SimpliSafe and Protection 1 offer?

SimpliSafe and Protection 1 offer premade equipment packages, but SimpliSafe users can build a custom system.  

What kind of monitoring plans do SimpliSafe and Protection 1 offer?

Both SimpliSafe and Protection 1 offer 24/7 monitoring. SimpliSafe monitoring starts at $14.99/mo. and Protection 1’s plans start at $34.99/mo.

Do either SimpliSafe or Protection 1 offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Protection 1 requires professional monitoring while SimpliSafe offers optional month-to-month professional monitoring plans. 

Are either SimpliSafe or Protection 1 a good choice for renters?

With no long-term contract or professional installation required, SimpliSafe is the better choice for renters. When you move, just pack up your system and reinstall it yourself at your new home for ease and convenience.

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