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SimpliSafe vs. Link Interactive

Learn the differences between SimpliSafe and Link Interactive to find which best meets your home security needs.

SimpliSafe and Link Interactive are fierce contenders in the DIY home security space, each offering high-end security camera systems with cutting-edge features. The difference is, SimpliSafe requires buying equipment upfront, while Link Interactive provides it with professional monitoring for a fixed monthly premium. SimpliSafe is the best option for self-monitoring, but Link Interactive has the most complete package for smart home automation.

Compare SimpliSafe vs. Link Interactive

Compare SimpliSafe vs. Link Interactive

If you’re wondering what your DIY home security options are, SimpliSafe and Link Interactive are tight competitors. Here’s a look at how these two providers stack up against each other across six different categories.


Professional Monitoring

Winner: Link Interactive

Around-the-clock professional monitoring comes included in all three of Link Interactive’s home security packages. SimpliSafe gives you the option to self-monitor or pay $14.99/mo. for professional monitoring. Included with all of Link Interactive’s home security packages is a touch-screen panel that can facilitate two-way talk between your home and the monitoring center. Link Interactive’s professional monitoring plans start at $30.99/mo.

Security Cameras

Winner: Link Interactive

SimpliSafe’s SimpliCam is an indoor HD security camera with infrared night vision and intelligent thermal and motion sensors. Link Interactive’s V622 indoor camera also records in HD, but its field of view is 60 degrees wider, capturing more in your home. Unlike the SimpliCam, the V622 has a video analytics feature that can categorize specified activity, such as vehicles coming and going or people at your front door.


Tie: SimpliSafe and Link Interactive

SimpliSafe’s equipment is easy to install and set up, but you can get professional installation for $79.00. Link Interactive doesn’t offer this, but its equipment is very simple to install. With peel-and-stick backing, you simply mount the alarm system into your wall, plug it in and follow the setup instructions. Customer support is available by phone and online chat if you encounter a problem.

Trials & Guarantees

Tie: SimpliSafe and Link Interactive

Link Interactive provides a 30-day free trial you can cancel any time. Paid service begins with a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee, so you really have 60 days to try Link Interactive risk-free. SimpliSafe doesn’t offer a free trial but includes a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee and they’ll cover the cost of shipping your return.


Winner: SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe sells you home security equipment with no strings attached, and you can subscribe to its monitoring service on a month-to-month basis. While you’ll never sign a long-term contract with SimpliSafe, Link Interactive requires a one to three-year contract for service. Your rate is locked in for the duration, but you’re also on the hook for 75% of your remaining payments if you cancel early.

Home Automation

Winner: Link Interactive

Both providers offer home automation with remote access through a secure mobile app.SimpliSafe is compatible with Amazon Alexa and with Google Assistant, and you can control the system remotely through SimpliSafe’s mobile app. Link Interactive does all this but additionally provides home automation and remote access for smart home products, such as smart hubs, smart lights, smart thermostats, and smart locks.

Differences: Link Interactive vs. SimpliSafe

Differences: Link Interactive vs. SimpliSafe

If you’re narrowing down your home security options between Alder and SimpliSafe you’ll want to consider a few key differences including home automation, professional installation and price. Even though Alder doesn’t offer their pricing online, it may seem that the price tag for SimpliSafe adds up quickly. Alder offers basic DIY home security to get you started on your home security journey without feeling overwhelmed by equipment and feature options. SimpliSafe has more features, add-ons and flexibility to customize your system with both equipment, services and features.

Link Interactive

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SimpliSafe Security

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Monitoring costs starting at $30.99/mo.
Contract length 1 year
Trial period/refunds 30 days
Installation DIY
Guarantees or Refunds None
BBB rating A+
Frequently Asked Questions about Link Interactive and SimpliSafe

Frequently Asked Questions about Link Interactive and SimpliSafe

What kind of equipment packages do SimpliSafe and Link Interactive offer?

    • SimpliSafe offers a number of packages based on your home security needs. The Foundation and Essentials packages are designed to meet basic home security needs with the essentials such as sensors and motion detection. On the other hand, the Knox, Barrington and Haven packages offer more for larger homes and those with environmental needs. You can also customize a package to cover your special home security and safety needs. Link Interactive offers Standard, Gold and Elite packages, with only the Elite package including video surveillance.

What kind of monitoring plans do SimpliSafe and Link Interactive offer?

SimpliSafe offers optional 24/7 professional monitoring from its six monitoring centers on a monthly basis. Link Interactive provides 24/7 professional home monitoring no matter the package you select.

Do either SimpliSafe or Link Interactive offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

SimpliSafe gives you the option to self-monitor. If self-monitoring is your preference, you’ll save money buying SimpliSafe’s equipment instead of locking into a contract with Link Interactive.

Are either SimpliSafe or Link Interactive a good choice for renters?

Both providers are ideal for renters because the equipment is easy to install, remove and re-install. Link Interactive lets you move homes without it affecting your contract.

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