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SimpliSafe vs LifeShield

Compare SimpliSafe and LifeShield to see which security system is right for you.

SimpliSafe and LifeShield are home security providers that offer a month-to-month contract, self-monitoring, and professional monitoring options, all at competitive prices. SimpliSafe’s security system takes less than 30 minutes to install and provides a wide range of home security equipment from sensors to indoor cameras. LifeShield offers customers a professional or DIY installation service and a video doorbell for extra security. We’ll explore the key differences here.

Compare SimpliSafe vs. LifeShield

Compare SimpliSafe vs. LifeShield

SimpliSafe and LifeShield offer their customers month-to-month contracts, comprehensive security options and a wide range of home security equipment. SimpliSafe offers home security and environmental monitoring services, plus a generous 60-day Money-Back Guarantee. LifeShield offers both professional and self-installation options to customers at a low monthly monitoring price. See what these providers have to offer to help you keep your home safe and secure.



Tie: Simplisafe and LifeShield

It’s a draw on price for these two companies. Both LifeShield and SimpliSafe offer low-cost basic monitoring services. Simplisafe’s basic monitoring service is $14.99/mo. and LifeShield’s is $19.99/mo., putting both on the cheap end of security monitoring services. With LifeShield’s basic package, equipment starts at $109.19 while SimpliSafe’s starts at $183. It is worth noting that SimpliSafe provides entry sensors and motion sensors as part of its basic package, and offers an upgraded monitoring plan at $24.99/mo.


Tie: SimpliSafe and LifeShield

This category is another tie. SimpliSafe and LifeShield both offer month-to-month contracts that can be canceled at any time.


Winner: SimpliSafe

DIY installation is available from each company. According to SimpliSafe, its security system takes less than 30 minutes to set up, but it does offer professional installation for $79. While LifeShield favors a self-installation option, it does provide professional installation in select areas. This category goes to SimpliSafe.


Winner: LifeShield

Both systems offer equipment that’s compatible with a variety of smart apps such as Amazon Alexa or Apple Watch. SimpliSafe offers a range of security equipment including keypads, indoor cameras and motion sensors. Its mobile app is available with each package and can arm and disarm your system, motion-detect alerts, and show you real-time footage. LifeShield is the winner of this category, though, as it offers highly customizable packages and a video doorbell with 1080 HD video resolution.

Professional Monitoring

Winner: SimpliSafe

There is some flexibility when it comes to monitoring with these two companies. LifeShield offers self-monitoring or 24/7 monitoring services on all packages. SimpliSafe offers 24/7 monitoring and self-monitoring, both of which are available across all their packages. They also provide home environmental monitoring, making SimpliSafe the winner of this round.

Trial Period

Winner: SimpliSafe

With its 60-day no-risk trial, SimpliSafe offers the best trial period for clients to test the system worry-free. LifeShield also offers a trial, but its 30-day trial on services doesn’t go as far as SimpliSafe’s.

Our Call: SimpliSafe vs. LifeShield

Our Call: SimpliSafe vs. LifeShield

SimpliSafe and LifeShield are close in a lot of categories. Both are affordable, flexible options for homeowners or renters. LifeShield’s security equipment range gives you more control over your home’s security system, so it may be right for you if you prefer customization. SimpiSafe’s longer trial period, home environmental monitoring, and slightly lower monthly price point gives it a slight edge in this contest.

SimpliSafe Security

Learn more about
Monitoring costs starting at $19.99/mo.
Contract length No contract
Trial period/refunds 30-day trial
Installation DIY
Guarantees and Refunds No
BBB rating A
Frequently Asked Questions about LifeShield and SimpliSafe

Frequently Asked Questions about LifeShield and SimpliSafe

What kind of equipment packages do SimpliSafe and LifeShield offer?

LifeShield’s basic package comes with a LifeShield base and entry keypad, mobile app, yard signage, and window stickers. Indoor cameras and sensors are available with its more expensive packages, which are customizable.
SimpliSafe’s Essentials package comes with a base station, motion sensor, keypad, and four entry sensors.

What kind of monitoring plans do SimpliSafe and LifeShield offer?

SimpliSafe offers a professional monitoring plan starting at $14.99/mo. It also provides a self-monitoring option. LifeShield also offers self-monitoring as an option, and its professional monitoring plan is $19.99/mo.

Do either SimpliSafe or LifeShield offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Both SimpliSafe and LifeShield offer 24/7 professional monitoring packages and self-monitoring packages, allowing you full control over your home’s security system.

Are either SimpliSafe or Lifeshield a good choice for renters?

Both SimpliSafe and Lifeshield are an excellent choice for renters. They both offer DIY installation making it easy to move your security system to a new home. Their month-to-month service plans also allow for some flexibility.

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