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SimpliSafe vs. Honeywell

Discover the key differences between SimpliSafe and Honeywell home security systems.

As its name implies, the SimpliSafe brand focuses entirely on home security, whereas Honeywell has several different product lines and a longer company history. But longevity isn’t everything, and sometimes there’s value in having a narrow niche. Regardless, both SimpliSafe and Honeywell’s home security packages and products alert you to intruders and environmental issues in your home, but the equipment they use to get the job done sets each brand apart.

Compare SimpliSafe vs. Honeywell

Compare SimpliSafe vs. Honeywell



Winner: SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe systems represent significant cost savings compared to similar Honeywell security systems. For example, Honeywell’s Super Smart Home Security Bundle retails at $699, and SimpliSafe’s comparable system (The Haven) retails for $489. SimpliSafe also offers a greater variety of packages, the ability to build a custom system for your exact needs and budget, and a chance to buy refurbished equipment at a reduced cost.


Tie: SimpliSafe and Honeywell

Both Honeywell and SimpliSafe’s home security systems are designed for simple DIY installation, but both offer an option for professional installation. SimpliSafe makes it easy to purchase professional installation at checkout for a flat fee of $79 due at the appointment. On the other hand, Honeywell shows a list of providers you’ll need to contact on your own. There are pros and cons to each method of hiring a pro, so we deem this category a tie.


Winner: SimpliSafe

Honeywell and SimpliSafe both provide one security camera, one key fob, optional water leak and freeze detection, and at least two access/entry sensors. In addition, Honeywell provides a smart thermostat and the ability to sync with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant in its Super Smart Home Security Bundle. But SimpliSafe’s Haven package includes a total of four entry sensors plus two additional motion sensors, a siren, a panic button, a keypad, a base monitoring station, and a smoke detector, making it the home-run winner of this category.

Security Cameras

Winner: Honeywell

For those who want video monitoring capabilities above all else, Honeywell wins. Both SimpliSafe and Honeywell include security cameras in their packages that sync to an app, allowing you to use remote video monitoring to protect your home. But while SimpliSafe also offers just one style of camera, Honeywell has five to choose from: its “base station” smart camera, two wifi indoor cameras, a wired or wireless outdoor IP camera, and a Wi-Fi outdoor camera. 

Home Automation

Winner: Honeywell

Both Honeywell and SimpliSafe have mobile apps that allow you to monitor your security cameras and change some settings remotely. However, Honeywell goes a step further by including smart home integration for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT with each of its Smart Home bundles. You can get Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Watch, and August syncing for SimpliSafe only by paying for the $25 per month Interactive professional monitoring package. 

Professional Monitoring

Winner: SimpliSafe

For either $14.99/mo. (Standard) or $24.99/mo. (Interactive) and no contract, you can enjoy professional monitoring services with your SimpliSafe devices. With 24/7/365 monitoring, professionals evaluate and confirm the alarms. If needed, they’ll also alert the authorities, whether the situation requires police or firefighters. The Interactive plan also unlocks additional text message alerts and home automation syncing. Honeywell does not offer professional monitoring services.

Differences: SimpliSafe vs. Honeywell

Differences: SimpliSafe vs. Honeywell

SimpliSafe and Honeywell’s primary differences include equipment and price. Unfortunately for Honeywell, SimpliSafe manages to provide an extensive suite of equipment for a fraction of the cost of Honeywell’s limited bundles. Honeywell’s major selling point is its home automation, which SimpliSafe also offers in its $25/mo. Interactive professional monitoring service. Ultimately, if you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-install “smart” system with a variety of functions, SimpliSafe is a superior choice.

SimpliSafe Security

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Honeywell Home Security

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Monthly monitoring starting price $14.99/mo. N/A
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Trial Period 60 days No trial
Installation DIY & Professional DIY & Professional
BBB Rating A+ D-
Frequently Asked Questions About SimpliSafe & Honeywell

Frequently Asked Questions About SimpliSafe & Honeywell

What kind of equipment packages do SimpliSafe and Honeywell offer?

Honeywell offers a basic and “super” package, whereas SimpliSafe offers a range of different packages and the ability to create a custom package.

What kind of monitoring plans do SimpliSafe and Honeywell offer?

Honeywell only offers self-monitoring. SimpliSafe offers both self-monitoring and professional monitoring as options.

Are either SimpliSafe or Honeywell a good choice for renters?

Yes. The set-up is easy and does not have to be permanent with either brand. 

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