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SimpliSafe vs. CPI

Find the right security system for you when you compare the features offered by SimpliSafe and CPI.

When searching for a home security system, SimpliSafe and CPI are two great choices that offer customers mobile control options, home automation and theft-protection to help you and your family feel safe.

Compare SimpliSafe vs. CPI Security

Compare SimpliSafe vs. CPI Security

SimpliSafe and CPI are popular options for home security systems, offering affordable pricing, additional safety features, and a variety of equipment bundles to fit your exact security needs. Although SimpliSafe is available nationwide, CPI’s services are limited to the southeastern region of the U.S., which may affect your ability to purchase its products and services. If they’re both available in your market, have a look at how they stack up in a few key categories.



Winner: SimpliSafe

When it comes to pricing, SimpliSafe is the superior option because the company offers two pricing options for professional monitoring services: $14.99 per month or $24.99 per month. CPI does offer free installation and has been praised for its helpful customer service, but tends to come with unexpected fees. On the other hand, CPI’s professional monitoring cost starts at $29.99/mo. SimpliSafe offers lower pricing, making them the winner for this category.


Winner: SimpliSafe

If you’re concerned about getting roped into a long contract with a security company, then SimpliSafe is your best bet because of its month-to-month subscription, which allows you to cancel at any time. CPI, on the other hand, requires a 39 or 60-month contract — a relatively long-term commitment compared to other security providers.


Tie: SimpliSafe & CPI

When it comes to installation, it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a self-install option, SimpliSafe offers easy-to-use equipment you can set up on your own. CPI sends trained professionals to your home to install the security equipment. 


Winner: CPI

CPI’s product line includes an extensive variety of inTouch smart home products ranging from outdoor/indoor cameras and keyless door locks to motion detectors and door/window sensors. All of these devices are connected and can be controlled through your inTouch Smart Hub. CPI security systems also use Intelligent Video Activity Notifications (IVAN) to identify and alert you to any potential intruders. SimpliSafe has a range of reliable equipment options designed for DIY customers. This equipment will get the job done but may not have as many additional features as CPI’s systems.

Home Automation

Winner: CPI

If you’re looking for the most complete home automation security system, CPI is the way to go. It offers a comprehensive list of available products that can all be connected through one smart hub. SimpliSafe can connect to smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit, which can then be controlled via voice commands.

Warranties & Guarantees

Winner: SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe will give each new customer a 60-day trial period to determine whether or not they want to keep the system. If not, a full refund is issued. CPI offers a 12-month warranty on any faulty equipment but no trial period. However, they do stand by a No False Alarms guarantee that will credit your account should you be charged by your local authorities for a false alarm.  

Differences: SimpliSafe vs. CPI

Differences: SimpliSafe vs. CPI

Although CPI offers an attractive line of equipment that can make home automation much more convenient, the company only serves a small area, and the fees can start to rack up after the initial installation and equipment charges. CPI’s contracts are too long, ranging from three to five years, while SimpliSafe gives you much more flexibility with an affordable month-to-month subscription — as long as you’re willing to pay the upfront equipment fee, which can range from $229 to $489. SimpliSafe’s security products also offer many useful home automation features including smart device compatibility and mobile device control. Overall, we prefer SimpliSafe because of lower costs, DIY installation and month-to-month services with trial periods for your satisfaction.

SimpliSafe Security

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CPI Security

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Monthly monitoring starting price $14.99/mo. $29.99/mo.
Minimum contract length No contract 39 months
Trial Period 60 days None
Installation DIY & Professional Professional
Guarantees and Refunds None No False Alarms Guarantee
BBB Rating A+ A+
Frequently Asked Questions About SimpliSafe and CPI

Frequently Asked Questions About SimpliSafe and CPI

What kind of equipment packages do SimpliSafe and CPI offer?

      • SimpliSafe offers a number of packages based on your home security needs. The Foundation and Essentials packages are designed to meet basic home security needs with the essentials such as sensors and motion detection. On the other hand, the Knox, Barrington and Haven packages offer more for larger homes and those with environmental needs. You can also customize a package to cover your special home security and safety needs. CPI’s equipment packages can be easily customized to include specific pieces of equipment, but the basic three packages are the inTouch Essentials, and inTouch Essentials Plus, and the inTouch Edge. Depending on which tier you purchase, you can get other features like motion detectors, door/window sensors, outdoor camera, and the SmartHub. 

What kind of monitoring plans do SimpliSafe and CPI offer?

SimpliSafe offers a standard monitoring plan for just $14.99 per month or an interactive plan for $24.99 per month. CPI’s professional monitoring plans start at $29.99 per month.

Do either SimpliSafe or CPI offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring is optional, and the cheaper monthly option. CPI requires professional monitoring.

Are either SimpliSafe or CPI a good choice for renters?

SimpliSafe is the obvious choice for renters because of the month-to-month subscription options. With CPI, you could potentially be stuck in a contract for up to five years. 


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