SimpliSafe Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock

Trying to decide between the SimpliSafe Smart Lock and August Smart Lock? We’re here to help — here’s a closer look at the features of both smart locks.
Updated Jun 15, 2020
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About SimpliSafe and August Home

SimpliSafe is a prominent brand in the DIY home security space. Well-known for its inexpensive $14.99-per-month professional monitoring and package options, SimpliSafe has also introduced its smart lock for customers looking to tap into home automation. August Home is most known for its smart lock lineup, helping customers to secure their homes with ease. In this comparison, we put the SimpliSafe Smart Lock and August Smart Lock head-to-head to help you choose the best one for your home.

SimpliSafe Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock

Both the SimpliSafe Smart Lock and August Smart Lock are designed for DIY installation. They’re also powered by battery, provide notifications, and remote access control, but which one is better? Here’s a closer look.

Compare SimpliSafe Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock

  • Price

    Winner: SimpliSafe Smart Lock

    If you’re looking for a less expensive option, we’d recommend the SimpliSafe Smart Lock. It currently retails for $99 versus the August Smart Lock which retails for $159. What makes the SimpliSafe Smart Lock an even better buy is that you don’t need an existing lock to install it, unlike the August Smart Lock.

  • Home Automation

    Winner: August Smart Lock

    Get access to integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and much more with the August Smart Lock. You’ll be able to issue voice commands and set up automations. The SimpliSafe Smart Lock currently only integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant, making it more limited for smart home use.

  • Warranty

    Winner: SimpliSafe Smart Lock

    SimpliSafe is generous providing a 3-year limited warranty on its smart lock. This allows you more time to get assistance if anything goes wrong with the device. On the other hand, August Home only provides a 1-year warranty on the August Smart Lock.

  • Design

    Tie: SimpliSafe & August Smart Locks

    Both smart locks have flexible designs, allowing you to install them over a deadbolt and still use a key to get into your home. SimpliSafe and August also have keypads that you can use if you want to give family members and service professionals PIN codes to access your home.

  • Notifications

    Tie: SimpliSafe & August Smart Locks

    With both smart locks, you’ll receive notifications for events such as when your door is unlocked or locked. You can also review event history, allowing you to see when family members or service professionals are coming and going.

  • Remote Access & Control

    Tie: SimpliSafe & August Smart Locks

    You can remotely lock, unlock, and check the status of the SimpliSafe Smart Lock and August Smart Lock. This is especially reassuring in the event you forget and leave your door unlocked, allowing you to quickly and easily secure your home via mobile app.

Tie: The SimpliSafe Smart Lock and August Smart Lock

Both smart locks share many similar features such as remote access, automatic locking, battery power, and flexible designs. Although the August Smart Lock is more expensive, we still find it a great product to consider given its functionality with a number of smart home assistants. The SimpliSafe Smart Lock stands out with an extended warranty, giving you more time to get product assistance if needed.

SimpliSafe Smart Lock

Check Price

August Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

Check price
Equipment price
$99Around $160
Door lock requirement
Single cylinder deadboltSingle cylinder deadbolt
Remote access & control
Smart home functionality
Yes, Alexa and Google AssistantYes, Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and more
Key access
3-year limited1 year warranty
*Please note that prices listed are subject to change without our knowledge.

Getting a smart lock is a great step toward safeguarding your home, but a full home security system can provide the protection your home needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About the SimpliSafe Smart Lock and August Smart Lock

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