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SimpliCam vs. Nest Cam Indoor

Trying to decide between the SimpliCam indoor camera and Nest Cam Indoor? We take a look at the top features to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Compare SimpliCam vs. Nest

Compare SimpliCam vs. Nest

SimpliSafe is a well-know DIY home security provider with a number of package options to choose from. The provider currently only has one indoor camera option, the SimpliCam. While Nest is a widely known company in the smart home space, the company has two indoor camera options: the Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam IQ Indoor. Today we’ll be comparing the SimpliCam to the Nest Cam Indoor.

SimpliCam vs. Nest Cam Indoor Features

When comparing the SimpliCam and Nest Cam Indoor, both share many similarities like DIY or professional installation, HD video , two-way audio, home automation integration, and much more. We’ll explore more similarities and differences in our comparison to help you choose.


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Nest Cam Indoor

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Price $99 $199
Installation DIY or Pro DIY or Pro
Resolution 720p HD 1080p HD
Field of View 120 degrees 130 degrees
Storage Type Cloud storage with subscription Cloud storage with subscription
Equipment Design Requires power cable Requires power cable
Notifications Yes Yes
Night Vision Yes Yes
Two-Way Audio Yes Yes
Home Automation Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Trial Period 60 days 30 days
Warranty 3 years 2-year limited warranty
Mobile App Yes Yes
Unique Features Intelligent motion detection Intelligent motion and sound detection


Winner: SimpliCam

For a budget-buy, we recommend the SimpliCam. Priced at $99, you’ll save an additional hundred dollars on this camera vs. the Nest Cam Indoor, which retails for $199. However, when considering a subscription plan for additional features like cloud storage and playback, both SimpliSafe and Nest offer competitively priced plans around $5/mo. per camera.


Winner: Nest Cam Indoor

For greater video clarity, the Nest Cam Indoor is the way to go. This camera gives you 1080p HD video recording, unlike the SimpliCam which provides 720p HD video recording. The higher the resolution, the greater the details you’ll be able to see, especially in capturing critical moments.

Trial Period

Winner: SimpliCam

With SimpliSafe, you’ll get double the time you need to test out your camera and make sure it fits your needs. Backed by SimpliSafe’s 60-day Money-Back Guarantee, if you’re not satisfied, you can return your camera for a refund. The Nest Cam Indoor only offers a 30-day trial period.

Wider Field of View

Winner: Nest Cam Indoor

Looking for an indoor camera with a wider field of vision? The Nest Cam Indoor provides a 130-degree field of view vs. the SimpliCam’s 120-degree field of view. You’ll be able to see more of your home’s interior at once, as well as take advantage of two-way audio and night vision.

Home Automation

Tie: SimpliCam and Nest Cam Indoor

Own an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant smart device? Both the SimpliCam and Nest Cam Indoor are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant smart devices. With SimpliCam, you can issue a voice command to have the privacy shutter closed. With Nest Cam Indoor, you can ask Alexa to show your video feed.


Tie: SimpliCam and Nest Cam Indoor

Both indoor cameras feature intelligent motion detection, which means that you’ll only receive alerts for important activity such as someone moving around inside your own (or even if your four-legged friend is up and about). Nest Cam, however, does take this feature a step further with smart sound alerts, letting you know if a loud noise or barking can be heard in your home.

Tie: SimpliCam and the Nest Cam Indoor

Tie: SimpliCam and the Nest Cam Indoor

For this comparison, we believe it’s a close call for both indoor cameras. Although the Nest Cam Indoor comes at a higher price-point and has better video quality, we think you’d still find a good experience with the SimpliCam. Both cameras have HD quality video, two-way audio, night vision, and wide fields of vision. With both SimpliSafe and Nest, one of the biggest perks is that you can get a full-home security system, providing you with additional features like intrusion detection, home hazard monitoring, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about SimpliSafe and Nest Indoor Cameras

Frequently Asked Questions about SimpliSafe and Nest Indoor Cameras

Can I buy a SimpliSafe or Nest doorbell camera without a home security system?

Yes, you can purchase the SimpliCam or Nest Cam Indoor without buying a full home security system.

Does the SimpliCam or Nest indoor camera require professional monitoring?

No, you’ll be responsible for monitoring your cameras through SimpliSafe or Nest. Professional monitoring is available for their full security systems.

Can I get cloud storage with the SimpliCam and Nest Cam Indoor?

No, neither Ring or SimpliSafe require a contract. Month-to-month services are available for your flexibility.

Can I get cloud storage with the SimpliCam and Nest Cam Indoor?

Yes, you can get access to cloud storage and additional features by purchasing a subscription plan. SimpliSafe has a camera subscription plan for $4.99/mo. Per camera that gives you access to recording and more. Nest has Nest Aware plans with the cheapest plan costing only $5/mo. per camera for access to 5-day video history, activity zones, and more.

What are the warranties for the SimpliCam and Nest Cam Indoor?

SimpliSafe provides a three-year warranty for its products. Nest provides a two-year warranty for most of its products.


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