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Ring vs. Protect America

Decide if Ring or Protect America is a better fit for your home security needs.

Both Ring and Protect America offer DIY home security, but they part ways when it comes to upfront costs, contracts, and monthly fees. While Ring has been the subject of some security concerns, we think it’s made enough security updates to be worthy of consideration for your home security needs. Read on to learn more about each company’s approach to home security.

Compare Ring vs. Protect America

Compare Ring vs. Protect America

Ring and Protect America offer similar equipment, including door and window sensors, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and indoor and outdoor security cameras. Both companies have Z-wave technology built into their equipment so they’re compatible with Amazon Alexa and other smart home devices. Protect America offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all its equipment, while Ring has a standard one-year warranty for all of its devices, with an optional extended warranty under the Ring Protect Plus Plan.



Winner: Ring

You’ll have to shell out more cash upfront for your Ring security system, but Ring’s monthly $10 professional monitoring fees are some of the lowest in the industry. Protect America will save you some money on installation, but its monthly monitoring fees start at $19.99/mo., so you’ll be paying a lot more in the long run, which makes Ring the winner of this round.


Winner: Ring

Protect America requires you to sign a contract for equipment and monitoring for a minimum length of three years. Ring is contract-free, and its professional monitoring services are all month-to-month, so you can stop or restart them at any time without being locked into a binding long-term contract. Ring’s flexibility makes them the winner of this category, too.

Mobile App

Winner: Ring

Both Ring and Protect America offer free mobile apps that let you see what’s going on at home and allow you to control your security system, lights, locks, and more from your phone. But Ring’s mobile app offers more for $3/mo.. With Ring you’ll be able to use two-way talk, see live video and share footage. On the other hand, you must upgrade your Protect America plan to get video service, control smart lights and smart locks with your smartphone. These features can cost over $40/mo.. Ring’s affordable service and mobile app features make them the winner of this round.


Winner: Protect America

Ring’s DIY setup includes a guide and other online material to help you install your system. But, if you’re not comfortable with Ring’s fully DIY installation, Protect America might be a better option for you. Protect America helps you customize your system before you purchase,  then preprograms everything for you. Once you receive your equipment, an agent will walk you through the installation process over the phone and answer any questions you might have. Protect America’s additional DIY installation help makes them the winner of this round.

Professional Monitoring

Tie: Ring & Protect America

Protect America uses award-winning COPS Monitoring for its professional alarm monitoring services, while Ring’s monitoring center is unknown. The average response time for COPS is 17.1 seconds — much faster than Ring’s 30 seconds. Still, we’re calling this a tie because all of Ring’s systems have cellular backup, while Protect America only offers cell backup with its higher-tier plans – starting at $41.99/mo.

Security Cameras

Tie: Ring & Protect America

Ring might be more well known for its security cameras, but Protect America’s video surveillance equipment is on par with Ring’s. Both companies offer indoor and outdoor cameras and video doorbells with motion sensors and HD video. Ring and Protect America’s cameras are easy to self-install. They’re both equipped with similar features live video, two-way audio and mobile notifications which makes this round a tie. 

Final Call: Ring vs. Protect America

Final Call: Ring vs. Protect America

Winner: Ring

If you enjoy flying solo when it comes to installation, you want to be contract-free, and you don’t mind paying more upfront, Ring is the right system for you. Based on price, contract and mobile app features, we recommend Ring for affordability and flexibility. If you prefer a little more guidance with installation and you’re okay with trading upfront costs for a long-term contract and monthly fees, then Protect America might be a better choice.

Ring Home Security

Learn more about
Monthly monitoring starting price $10/mo. $19.99/mo.*
Minimum contract length None 36-month contract
Extended No-Risk Return 30 days 15-day return policy for a full refund
Installation DIY DIY
Guarantees None Price Match Guarantee
Warranty 1 year Liimited Lifetime Warranty on equipment
BBB Rating C- A+
Safety Score 8.4 7.4
*Price shown is monthly price for landline monitoring service.
Frequently Asked Questions About Ring and Protect America

Frequently Asked Questions About Ring and Protect America

What kind of equipment packages do Protect America and Ring offer?

Protect America offers three equipment packages with no upfront costs. The Copper package comes with a control panel, three door and window sensors, and one motion sensor. Ring’s basic package costs $199 and includes a base station, keypad, a contact sensor, a motion detector and a range extender. Both providers offer upgrades with more equipment and features.

What kind of monitoring plans do Ring and Protect America offer?

Ring’s only professional monitoring plan is the Ring Protect Plus for $10/mo.. The plan also includes mobile app access, video storage, and an extended warranty on all Ring devices. Protect America offers three different monitoring plans that start at $19.99/mo. with fees that increase based on the number of devices being monitored. Video access is included for an extra fee in Protect America’s upper-tier plans. 

Do either Ring or Protect America offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system or is professional monitoring required?

Protect America requires professional monitoring starting at $19.99/mo., but Ring offers self-monitoring. Ring’s professional monitoring is entirely optional and costs $10/mo.

Are either Protect America or Ring a good choice for renters?

Because both systems have DIY installation, both are suitable for renters. When it’s time to move, just uninstall your system and take it with you. Just be sure to let the security company know about the move if your system is professionally monitored. Keep in mind, Protect America requires a contract, which is something to consider if you’re moving.

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