Ring vs. Cove

Compare the solutions of Ring and Cove to find out which is best suited to your specific home security needs.
Updated May 4, 2021
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Ring and Cove both offer great options for consumers interested in DIY security options. Despite some privacy concerns with Ring, the company is addressing these issues and working hard to establish itself as a competitor in the market. Cove is also carving out a niche with its customizable systems. Learn more about both of these providers to pick the right security solution for your home.

Compare Ring vs. Cove

Ring and Cove are both relatively new and affordable entrants to the DIY home security market. Ring launched in 2013 as a video doorbell provider and was subsequently purchased by Amazon, while Cove was founded in 2018 and provides a range of self-installed, customizable security offerings. Both companies now provide wireless security equipment that enables customers to keep their homes secure, with month-to-month service plans and no contracts.

  • Price

    Winner: Ring

    Ring provides monitoring services for as little as $10/mo., compared to Cove’s solution starting at $14.99/mo.. Ring's equipment packages begin at $199, while Cove's will be determined by the customer’s custom security solution that customers build - they don’t offer ready-built packages. Because of Ring’s low cost, they win this round.

  • Security Cameras

    Winner: Ring

    Ring provides customers with a wide range of security cameras, from video doorbells to indoor and outdoor cameras that are equipped with HD video, night vision, two-way talk options, and wide-angle viewing. In comparison, Cove only provides one security camera, the YI Indoor Camera, which is a good option for users that only want to monitor inside their home. Since Ring offers a wide selection for customers to choose from they win this round.

  • Equipment

    Winner: Ring

    Ring provides a large selection of security equipment for customers to choose from, including a touchscreen panel and motion detectors, smart lighting, solar panels, and video doorbells. Packages are pre-built to help customers get the best all-around security for their home. Cove offers a smaller range of equipment and no pre-built packages. Instead, customers choose their own equipment setup by selecting from several burglary detection options, from door, motion and window sensors to smoke, carbon dioxide and window break detectors. Since Ring offers a variety of security devices and pre-built packages to customize they win this round.

  • Trial Period

    Winner: Cove

    In addition to not requiring customers to enter into a contract, both Ring and Cove also offer excellent free trial periods in which to test out their equipment. Ring provides a 30-day free trial, but Cove takes this category as it allows new customers to try its services for up to 60 days. Because Cove has a longer trial period they win this round. 

  • Professional Monitoring

    Winner: Cove

    While Ring makes professional monitoring an option, Cove requires professional monitoring for its security system., Cove’s InstaText service claims to enable its customers to notify and respond to issues 10 times faster than other providers, so it takes this category.

  • Installation

    Winner: Cove

    Both of these providers require customers to install their own equipment. However, Cove takes the edge here as its equipment is pre-configured and comes with setup instructions that it helps customers complete installation in as little as 30 minutes and makes it easier for the customer.

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Final Call: Ring vs. Cove

Tie: Ring and Cove

It’s a tough call between the two providers and their security solutions. Ring and Cove are both appealing options for people that want an inexpensive route into the home security market. Neither offers professional installation, which means customers will have to install the equipment themselves. But Cove, in particular, makes this simple with pre-configured equipment that it claims can be up and running in just 30 minutes. Ring offers an extensive range of security cameras, from video doorbells to surveillance technology both inside and outside the home. If you’re looking for more customization, Cove may be a good choice, but they don’t offer a wide variety of equipment. On the other hand, Ring equipment is not pre-configured and comes with a shorter trial period. No matter which you choose, both are great options depending on your home security needs.

Ring Home Security

Cove Security

Monthly monitoring starting price
Minimum contract length
Extended No-Risk Return
30 days60 days
1 year1 year with Basic Plan, Lifetime with Cove Plus Plan
BBB Rating
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