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Ring vs. Brinks

Compare Brinks and Ring side by side to compare pricing, plans, equipment, and more for your home.

Now that Ring’s past security issues are behind it, it’s starting to give the longstanding security giant Brinks a run for its money. Both Ring and Brinks offer DIY installation and the ability to access your security system remotely, but they take different approaches when it comes to equipment packages and monitoring plans. We’ve broken down the details of each provider’s pricing and features to help you make an informed decision.

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Compare Ring vs. Brinks

Compare Ring vs. Brinks

While Brinks requires contracts for its own systems, it also offers a contract-free Nest Secure system package. You’ll still pay for monitoring, but the no-contract Nest option makes Brinks more competitive with contract-free security providers such as Ring. Ring has a less expensive keypad and free mobile app to control its systems, but Brinks has a touch control panel with optional LiveVoice Assist on its upper-tier plans. Read on to learn more about the differences between these close competitors.



Winner: Ring

Brinks’ most basic security package, the Smart Security Essential, costs twice as much as Ring’s starter kit, and Brinks’ professional monitoring plans start at $29/mo., compared to Ring’s $10/mo.. We like that Brinks offers financing for its packages, but financing locks you into a 36-month service agreement. Ring’s low costs and flexibility make them the winner of this round.

Professional Monitoring

Winner: Ring

If you’re looking for professional monitoring. Brinks and Ring both offer options for you. But, Brinks requires professional monitoring for all its systems, while Ring does not. Ring’s monitoring centers are run by an unknown third party, but Brinks runs its own Alarm Response Center in-house. Ring’s professional monitoring is optional and only costs $10/mo. and you can cancel any time – which makes them the winner in this category.


Winner: Brinks

If you’re a DIYer, both Brinks and Ring offer Do-It-Yourself installation for your security system. But if you’d be more comfortable with some professional help, Brinks’ Smart Security Ultimate plan comes with free professional installation by a Brinks technician. But, you’ll have to pay for professional installation if you choose another Brinks plan. Brinks offers both DIY and professional installation, which makes them the winner of this round.


Winner: Ring

All of Brinks’ system packages and plans require a 36-month contract except for the Nest Secure Plan. Ring is completely contract-free, and you can stop or start monitoring at any time. If you don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract, Ring is the way to go. Because of Ring’s flexibility, they’re the winner of this category.

Security Cameras

Winner: Ring

While both Brinks and Ring have indoor video cameras with 1080p HD and night vision, Ring’s indoor camera also includes motion sensing and two-way audio, and it only costs $59 compared to Brinks’ $199 indoor camera. The Ring 2 video doorbell costs the same as Brinks’, but it has a higher HD resolution. These features and costs make Ring the winner of this category, too.

Home Automation

Winner: Brinks

It was a close call between these two companies, since both are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and both offer a good selection of smart home devices. But the Brinks hub can support up to 119 devices compared to Ring’s 100, and Brinks offers a smart home thermostat. Brinks’ offers better smart home compatibility by a hair, but they’re the winner of this round.

Final Call: Brinks vs. Ring

Final Call: Brinks vs. Ring

Winner: Ring

Ring offers better security cameras and pricing without requiring a contract. Their month-to-month services and features make home security flexible and affordable. If you have a little more money to spend, you don’t mind contracts, and you’d like the peace of mind of working with a home security veteran, Brinks is a good pick. But if you’re on a budget and you don’t mind shouldering a little more responsibility for your home security, Ring can help you secure your home for less.

Ring Home Security

Learn more about
Monthly monitoring starting price $29.99/mo. $10/mo.
Minimum contract length 36 months for Brinks, monthly for Nest None
Extended No-Risk Return 30 days 30 days
Installation DIY & Professional DIY
Guarantees None None
Warranty 2-Year Warranty 1 year
BBB Rating A+ C-
Safety Score 8.2 8.4
Frequently Asked Questions About Ring and Brinks

Frequently Asked Questions About Ring and Brinks

What kind of equipment packages do Brinks and Ring offer?

Brinks offers four different packages, including a basic Nest Secure system. All Brinks packages include smartphone control and home automation capabilities. The most expensive package includes cameras and remote video control. Ring offers four different packages starting at $199. Each package also includes smartphone control and home automation capabilities, but cameras are strictly add-on items. 

What kind of monitoring plans do Ring and Brinks offer?

Brinks’ monitoring plans range from $29-$39/mo. for video monitoring. Ring only has one professional monitoring plan that costs $10/mo. and includes camera access and an extended warranty.

Do either Ring or Brinks offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Ring lets you self-monitor your system if you choose, but Brinks requires professional monitoring for all its alarm systems. 

Are either Brinks or Ring a good choice for renters?

Ring is a better choice for renters because you don’t have to be locked into a long-term contract like you are with Brinks. With Ring, you can cancel your monitoring at any time without having to worry about penalties. 

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