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Compare the services of home security providers Ring and Alder to discover which has the best offering for your home security needs.
Updated Jan 26, 2021
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Ring and Alder both offer solid solutions for people looking for inexpensive home security systems. Ring has suffered with privacy concerns recently, and we are aware of the effects that this could have had on some consumers. However, the company has worked hard to address these concerns, and we still believe that the company has worked to address these concerns. Alder is also a great option, but its service is only available in certain areas, so this may be no contest depending on where you live.

Compare Ring vs. Alder

Since 2013, Ring has grown to provide home security solutions such as security cameras and video doorbells, as well as an alarm system, neighborhood monitoring mobile app and smart devices. Alder has more than 10 years of experience in the home security space and currently serves homeowners across 18 states nationwide. The company doesn’t provide pre-built packages and customers must call to inquire about pricing and professional installation options. Both companies offer DIY installation and provide equipment that is simple to set up.

  • Price

    Winner: Ring

    Ring’s monitoring services are available from $10/mo. and it offers equipment packages that start at $199. Alder, on the other hand, does not provide any pricing for its equipment or monitoring services online. Instead, prospective customers must call the business to receive a quote. Based on this information, Ring wins this round.

  • Security Cameras

    Winner: Ring

    Ring’s equipment offering includes a wide range of security cameras, from video doorbells to indoor and outdoor cameras with HD video, night vision, two-way talk options, and wide-angle viewing. Alder customers have fewer security camera choices but are able to select from a range of Arlo options, which includes the wireless Arlo Pro Indoor and Outdoor camera, and the YI Indoor Camera. Ring’s selection and features make them a winner in this round.

  • Equipment

    Winner: Ring

    Ring provides a wide range of security equipment for customers to choose from, from a touchscreen panel and security cameras to motion detectors, smart lighting, solar panels, and video doorbells with smart features for a full smart security system. Alder only offers basic equipment, such as a touchscreen panel, a smaller range of cameras, as well as smoke detectors and door and water leak sensors. Ring’s variety and features make them the winner of this round.

  • Home Automation

    Winner: Ring

    Ring offers a competitive variety of smart home equipment, which includes smart lights, smart plugs and security cameras with unique features. The company is owned by Amazon, so its devices work seamlessly with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. While Alder enables customers to control their security system via its mobile app, the company doesn’t offer smart home integration or devices.

  • Installation

    Tie: Ring & Alder

    Ring customers must install their security equipment themselves as the company does not provide the option of professional installation. Alder also provides DIY installation that only takes 10 minutes to set up its equipment. However, while its website support is always free, the company doesn’t mention professional installation availability so prospective customers must call the business to ask about it. Since both seem to offer only DIY installation this round is a tie. 

  • Contract

    Tie: Ring & Alder

    Both Ring and Alder offer month-to-month pricing that ensures customers don’t get tied into a lengthy contract. Both also offer 30-day free trials for people to test out their equipment and services, making either system a good choice for renters or others who want to test the waters, so this round is a tie.

Final Call: Ring vs. Alder

Winner: Ring

Ring and Alder are good options for people looking for an inexpensive, simple-to-install home security setup. Both companies offer customers month-to-month pricing and 30-day free trials. However, Ring offers a wider range of security equipment, from security cameras to home automation options, and a strong selection of pre-built packages from which customers can pick and choose. Alder, on the other hand, has a limited service area and offers a smaller selection of cameras and no smart-home integration. Customers must build a solution that works best for their needs, and this may not appeal to everyone.

Ring Home Security

Monthly monitoring starting price
$10/mo.Call for pricing
Minimum contract length
None None
Extended No-Risk Return
30 days30 days
1 yearLimited Lifetiime Warranty
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