Ring Video Doorbell 2 vs. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Updated Jan 26, 2021
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Compare Ring Video Doorbell 2 vs. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring is a well-known Amazon DIY home security provider that offers smart security at an affordable cost. They offer security cameras, smart lights and whole-home systems to help keep your home safe. But their wide-variety of video doorbells may make you wonder which one is best. We compared two of the most popular to help you make your decision. 

Ring Video Doorbell 2 vs. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Both SimpliSafe and Blue by ADT indoor cameras come with easy DIY installation, motion detection, battery backup, live video remote control and monitoring options. Here are a few differences to compare and choose the best indoor camera for your family:

Here are a few differences to compare and pick the perfect doorbell camera for your front door.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro

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Home Automation
Field of View
Alerts with Live Preview
Two-Way Audio
Yes Yes
Digital Zoom
No Yes
Motion Zones
Adjustable Customizable
5.05 inches (height)4.5 inches (height)
Hardwired or battery-powered Hardwired
  • Price

    Winner: Ring Video Doorbell 2

    The average DIY doorbell camera can cost as low as $150. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 costs $169, while Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro costs slightly more at $249 at retail price. Both cameras offer cloud storage plans that start at $3/mo. Ring often has deals on cameras and equipment to lower the cost. But, since the Video Doorbell 2 costs less and still has smart security features it wins this round for affordability.

  • Special Features

    Winner: Ring Video Doorbell Pro

    Both video doorbell cameras come packed with special features for your home. Both include two-way audio with noise cancellation, live video and HD video quality. But, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro takes the cake in this round - which is why it’s slightly more expensive. It has customizable motion detection zones so you can choose exactly where you’d like to detect motion. It also has video zoom to get a closer look at what’s happening at your door. On the other hand, the Video Doorbell 2 doesn’t and its motion zones are only adjustable.

  • Power Source

    Winner: Ring Video Doorbell 2

    Both the Video Doorbell 2 and the Video Doorbell Pro can be hardwired using your traditional doorbell wiring for power. But, for your video doorbell to keep power during an outage you’ll likely need a rechargeable battery. Between the two, only the Video Doorbell 2 comes with a rechargeable battery pack. The Video Doorbell 2 is also designed to work using the battery pack alone, so it wins this round.

  • Installation

    Ring Video Doorbell 2 & Ring Video Doorbell Pro

    Ring doorbells are easy to self-install without the help of a technician. Ring says its Video Doorbell 2 takes less than five minutes to install. Both use your traditional doorbell’s wiring for setup. You’ll get Ring’s installation tools, screws and mounting kits for a sturdy setup. Regardless of the Ring doorbell you choose, you can have a professional technician install video doorbell using Amazon or OnTech. These third-party installation costs may vary.

Other Factors to Consider

  • Video Storage

    No matter which video doorbell you choose, Ring offers a Protect Plan that stores your camera’s clips for up to 60 days and Ring’s Snapshot Capture to take motion-activated photos starting at $3/mo. With Ring’s Protect Plan you save and share your videos to Ring’s cloud storage service. The Plus Protect Plan costs $10/mo. and comes with all of the features included in the Protect Plan. It also comes with professional monitoring, an extended warranty for your video doorbell and 10% of future Ring equipment purchases.  

  • Professional Monitoring

    Ring’s Plus Protect Plan offers professional monitoring with Ring Alarm. You’ll be able to get 24/7 help from emergency responders if your camera detects a threat. Keep in mind that the Basic Protect Plan does not offer professional monitoring. 

  • Home Automation

    Ring works with popular smart home brands including GE, Yale, Schlage and more. You’ll be able to connect and control your Ring Video Doorbell 2 or Video Doorbell Pro to smart lights, smart locks and other home security equipment using your Ring mobile app.

Our Winner: Ring Video Doorbell 2

Both video doorbells are great additions to your home. But these are the clear differences between the two to help you decide. 

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro offers customizable motion detection and digital zoom. On the other hand, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 has two sources of power – hardwired and battery-powered, so you can choose your power source. It also has a quicker installation. If you’re looking for more a great affordable video doorbell, Ring’s Video Doorbell 2 is cheaper – only costing $169. If you’re looking for a great, affordable video doorbell we recommend the Ring Video Doorbell 2 for the best video doorbell offered by Ring. 

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