Compare Ring Video Doorbell Pro vs. Nest Hello Video Doorbell 2020 |

Ring Video Doorbell Pro vs. Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Compare Ring Video Doorbell Pro vs. Nest Hello

Compare Ring Video Doorbell Pro vs. Nest Hello

Nest and Ring are popular DIY home security providers geared towards offering affordable equipment with smart features. Many homeowners are choosing between these two providers when shopping for a video doorbell. Before you by yours, here’s what we think:

Ring Video Doorbell Pro vs. Nest Hello Features

Both Ring and Nest’s video doorbells are easy to install. They have HD video, a 160-degree field of view, two-way audio and customizable motion detection zones. You’ll also have an easy DIY installation for a hassle-free setup. Let’s take a look at a few key differences to help you make your decision.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

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Nest Hello Video Doorbell

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Price $249
Power Hardwired
Size 4.5 inches (height)
Warranty 1 year on parts and theft protection
Installation DIY or Professional
Home Automation $3/mo.
Home Automation Yes
Field of View 160-degrees
Custom Motion Zones Yes
Facial Recognition No
Prerecorded Messages No
Two-Way Audio Yes


Winner: Nest

DIY doorbell cameras can cost as low as $150. Both Ring and Nest’s options are slightly more expensive. Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro costs $249, while the Nest Hello costs slightly less at $229 at retail price. Sometimes both providers have cost-saving deals on their doorbell cameras and other home security equipment. But, since Nest’s video doorbell camera costs less they win this round.

Special Features

Winner: Nest

Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro comes with two-way talk and noise cancellation to see and speak to guests using your smartphone. You’ll also get custom motion zone alerts to know when someone’s in a special area outside your home.

On the other hand, Nest offers a number of special features that stand out. The Nest Hello offers prerecorded messages for guests when you’re unavailable and continuous video recording so you’ll never miss anything happening at home. Nest’s doorbell camera also has motion and sound sensors to distinguish packages and people, then alert you. Because Nest has a variety of standout features that give you more control of your doorbell they win this round.


Winner: Nest

Nest offers a two-year warranty in case you have any defects or issues with your video doorbell. On the other hand, Ring offers a one year warranty on parts and lifetime theft protection. If your video doorbell is stolen Ring will replace it for free after you file a police report. Both Ring and Nest also offer a 30-day refund if you’re not satisfied with your video doorbell. Nest’s warranty lasts longer, so they take this round.

Video Storage

Winner: Nest

Since Nest offers more in their video storage plan for just $2 more they win this round. Nest’s Aware Plan offers 24/7 continuous video recording (CVR) to capture every moment happening around your home. The plan also includes custom motion zones, intelligent alerts to spot packages and people. You’ll also get five days of video history. On the other hand, Ring’s Protect Plan stores your camera’s clips for up to 60 days and Ring’s Snapshot Capture to get motion-activated photos starting at $3/mo. You’ll be able to save and share your videos with Ring’s cloud storage service.

Home Automation

Tie: Nest & Ring

Ring works with a variety of popular smart home brands including GE, Yale, Schlage and more. Ring’s video doorbell lets you connect and control compatible smart lights, smart locks and other equipment with the Ring mobile app. Nest works with a number of brands including Yale, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Since both offer wide smart home compatibility this round is a tie.


Tie: Nest & Ring

Ring and Nest offer easy DIY installation to make setup easy when you’re ready. Both providers offer professional installation to handle the setup for you. Neither Ring or Nest’s installation cost is available online. It’s important to note that Ring, an Amazon company, uses Amazon Home Services to have someone install your doorbell. Nest also uses a third-party.

Final Call: Ring Video Doorbell Pro vs. Nest Hello

Final Call: Ring Video Doorbell Pro vs. Nest Hello

Both Ring and Nest video doorbells offer smart home compatibility, HD video quality and other standout features like two-way audio. But if you’re looking for a cutting-edge video doorbell with more smart features, continuous video recording and a longer warranty Nest is the best video doorbell for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ring Video Doorbell Pro vs. Nest…

Frequently Asked Questions about Ring Video Doorbell Pro vs. Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Do either Ring or Nest require professional monitoring?

Yes, both Ring and SimpliSafe offer professional monitoring. Ring’s monitoring is $10/mo. or $100/year for an annual discount. Nest offers professional monitoring through Brinks starting at $19.00/mo. with a three-year contract.

Is the video doorbell included in Ring or Nest packages?

No, both Ring and Nest video doorbells must be purchased separately.

Do Ring or Nest require a long-term contract?

No, neither Ring or Nest requires a contract. Month-to-month services are available for your flexibility, but Brinks professional monitoring may require a contract depending on your plan.

Do either Ring or Nest offer professional installation?

Yes, both Ring and Nest offer professional and DIY installation.


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