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Protect America vs. Guardian Protection

Updated Apr 17, 2020
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Protect America offers professional monitoring with a long-term contract, though you don’t need to pay for your equipment upfront. Guardian Protection wants a long-term commitment as well, but it only services certain states. Here’s a look at how these providers compare side-by-side:

Compare Nest vs. Guardian Protection

  • Price

    Winner: Protect America

    Protect America provides professional monitoring at $19.99/mo. with a Price Match Guarantee to ensure you pay the most competitive rate. Instead of purchasing your equipment, you keep it for the duration of your contract. Guardian Protection requires you to buy your equipment upfront, which will cost you $250 for the basic package. It could cost more if you’d like to upgrade this package for smart home compatibility. And, you'll pay $45.99/mo. for Guardian's monitoring service.

  • Professional Monitoring

    Winner: Protect America

    Protect America has three professional monitoring packages, ranging from $19.99 - $54.99/mo. Because Protect America's plans include equipment at no extra cost, monitoring packages vary based on the equipment included. Whereas Protect America provides coverage nationwide, Guardian Protection only services certain states. Plus, its monitoring packages cost $45.99/mo. and don't include equipment, so your monitoring will be a lot more expensive overall.

  • Home Automation

    Winner: Guardian Protection

    Certain smart home devices connect with Protect America's touchscreen control hub and mobile app, which enable you to control the devices and create automation settings. However, Protect America doesn't make its own smart home devices, so you won't see any. Guardian Protection, on the other hand, makes its own smart lights, smart garage door openers and more. The Guardian Edge app also lets you control your home from anywhere remotely - which makes it easy to control all of your smart home and security equipment at once.

  • Contract

    Winner: Protect America

    Protect America requires getting into a three-year contract. Considering the equipment is easy to reinstall yourself in case you move, and the fact you get all the equipment free for the duration of the contract, it's not a bad deal. Like Protect America, Guardian Protection doesn't have a self-monitoring option either. Its service contract lasts three to five years.

  • Video Surveillance

    Tie: Protect America and Guardian Protection

    Both companies provide equipment that has the latest features in home security technology. Protect America and Guardian Protection both provide night-vision cameras with two-way talk and live surveillance. They also both offer a mobile app and video storage solutions. Guardian Protection also makes a smart doorbell camera with so you can see who's there even when you're away from home.

  • Installation

    Tie: Protect America and Guardian Protection

    Protect America sends you equipment that's easy to install and set up yourself after you receive it in the mail. The company has an online support team for assistance if you have any issues. Protect America's equipment is easy to uninstall and reinstall yourself or with the help technical support. Protect America makes moving less of concern despite being locked into your contract. Guardian Protection offers free professional installation and charges fees depending on the equipment, making it a lot less convenient to setup. Both offer great installation options to make it easy and affordable, so this round is a tie.

Overall Winner: Protect America

Protect America and Guardian Protection both have top-notch intrusion detection, video surveillance and professional monitoring services to keep your family safe. Since Guardian Protection only services certain states, whereas Protect America has nationwide coverage and no equipment costs, it provides the best value and convenience for most consumers.

Protect America

Guardian Protection

Monthly monitoring starts at
$19.99/mo. $45.99/mo.
Minimum contract length
36 month contract3 or 5 years
Extended no-risk return period
15 day return policy for a full refund6-Month Money-Back Guarantee
DIY Professional
Price Match Guarantee $500 Theft Protection Guarantee
Free lifetime warranty on equipment None
BBB Score
Safety Score
Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge. Details accurate as of April 17, 2020.

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