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Nest vs. Ring

Compare Nest and Ring's home security services to see what's best for you.

Ring and Nest are DIY home security options for customers who want to self-install their home security systems. While Ring is more affordable and offers a variety of smart lighting and camera equipment, Nest is great if customers are seeking features like optional professional installation, 24/7 continuous video recording, and smart home products like smart thermostats or smart locks. See what these two providers have to offer to help you protect your home.

Compare Nest vs. Ring

Compare Nest vs. Ring

As you get started comparing these two popular options, it’s good to know that Nest is owned by Google and Ring is owned by Amazon. That means both companies are backed by some of the world’s most renowned tech companies (and support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, respectively). Both companies help set the industry standard in terms of device quality and capabilities. Here’s how Nest and Ring stack up from a home security standpoint.



Winner: Ring

Ring’s entry-level systems are more affordable than Nest’s. You can purchase the 5-piece Ring Alarm Security Kit for $199, and that includes the base station, keypad, a motion detector, contact sensor and range extender. The cost of professional monitoring is $10.00/mo. or $100.00/yr. if paid annually. The similar Nest Secure Package costs $399 with an additional $19.00/mo. for monitoring services and a three-year contract. You could also skip the long-term contract and pay $29.00/mo. for professional monitoring on a month-to-month basis.

Installation Options

Winner: Nest

Both Ring and Nest allow you to install your security system on your own, which gives more flexibility with equipment placement and saves you the hassle of scheduling an unnecessary appointment. However, Nest also presents the option of hiring a Nest Pro who will make sure that your equipment is properly installed and ready to use.

Smart Lighting Options

Winner: Ring

If you’re looking for multiple smart lighting solutions for your home, we recommend Ring. With Ring, you can choose from a range of smart lighting solutions to include floodlights, pathlights, step lights and spotlights, all configurable through the Ring app. Nest doesn’t offer a range of smart lighting options, but you can purchase smart lighting that works with Nest, and some of its products have automatic night light settings.

Video Recording

Winner: Nest

With Nest, you’ll be able to get 24/7 continuous video recording for 10 days with the Nest Aware Plus Plan ($12/mo. or $12/yr.). With this plan, you’ll also get access to 60 days of video history. On the other hand, Ring does not use data continuously but only when triggered by an event or when live video is accessed through the Ring app. Ring will save your video recordings for up to 60 days for your reviewing. To view them beyond this time period, you need to download them first.

Indoor/Outdoor Security Cameras

Tie: Ring & Nest

Ring and Nest are neck-and-neck in this category, because they both offer competitive indoor and outdoor security cameras. With Ring, the Stick Up Cam comes wired or battery-powered and features HD video, night vision and two-way talk so that you can see clearly as well as communicate with visitors from your smartphone. With Nest, you can get the Nest Cam IQ for indoor use or outdoor use. The Nest Cam IQ also boasts HD video, two-way talk, and motion-activated alerts.

Home Automation

Tie: Ring & Nest

Both providers win this final round with home automation as each has stand-out features that will enhance your home’s security. Ring offers video doorbells for tighter security at your front door and smart lighting to help light your way. With the Ring Video Doorbell, you can answer your door without having to get up from your smartphone and you can ask Alexa to show you the front door so you can see who’s outside.

Nest offers smart thermostats, a smart lock and video doorbell. With the Nest Learning Thermostat, you can come home to a comfortable environment as it learns your habits and programs itself. It also helps you save on your energy bill.

Overall Winner: Nest

Compared to Nest, Ring is the better option if you’re working from a budget and want additional options with smart lighting. Though Nest is more expensive, it’s a great choice if you want additional smart home features for temperature control, door locks and more. Nest and Ring offer integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa respectively, so can also come down to your preference of smart assistant. Overall, both have standout features as DIY home security providers.

Ring Systems

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Monthly monitoring starting price $10/mo.
Installation DIY
Option to self-monitor Yes
Minimum contract length Month-to-month
BBB rating A+
Frequently Asked Questions about Nest and Ring

Frequently Asked Questions about Nest and Ring

Do either Ring or Nest offer professional installation?

Ring does not offer professional installation as an option – you’ll have to set up your own security system. Nest offers professional installation if you’d prefer it instead of performing the installation yourself. You can search to find a Nest Pro in your area and you’ll receive their estimate within 48 hours.

Do Ring and Nest require a contract?

Neither Ring nor Nest require entering into a contract for their services. Ring does not offer the option to into a contract, but if you would like to get professional monitoring for $19.00/mo. with Nest, you’ll have to enter into a 3-year service agreement.

What types of packages do Ring and Nest offer?

Ring offers three packages that you can choose from: the 5-piece Alarm Security Kit, 10-piece Alarm Security Kit, and the 14-piece Alarm Security Kit. Each kit varies with equipment. If you have a larger home, we would recommend purchasing a kit with additional equipment. Nest offers four packages that you can choose from with the base package being the Nest Secure Alarm System. You can opt for either of the other packages that include either an outdoor camera, doorbell or lock.

What professional monitoring options do Ring and Nest have?

With Ring you can get professional monitoring for $10.00/mo. with the Protect Plus Plan. With Nest, professional monitoring ranges from $19.00/mo. – $29.00/mo. depending upon the plan you choose.


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