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Compare Nest and Protection 1 to determine which approach to home security suits your needs.
Updated Jun 1, 2020
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Nest and Protection 1 are each uniquely qualified as home security providers. Nest, a Google company, takes an innovative, DIY approach to home security with cutting-edge smart home technology. Protection 1 has been around for more than three decades and was acquired in a 2016 ADT merger. Professional monitoring is its focus and expertise, but the high-end plans Protection 1 offers enable smart home automation.

Compare: Nest & Protection 1

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, there are multiple approaches to home security beyond the traditional setup with an alarm company. Nest is a new and innovative company making smart home devices with intelligent responses to what they detect in your home. Protection 1 offers affordable professional home monitoring with no upfront cost for security equipment included. Here’s a look at how these two compare:

  • Price

    Winner: Protection 1

    With Nest, you have to buy your security equipment upfront or pay for it in monthly installments, regardless of whether you want professional monitoring or not. Monthly professional monitoring plans start at $19.99/mo. with a three-year contract with Brinks, or month-to-month for $29.99/mo.. Protection 1 provides all your equipment free when you enter a contract for three years of professional monitoring service. At $34.99 per month, you get the Secure Package for a basic alarm system, and for $54.99 you get the Video Package video surveillance included. Protection 1 offers more flexibility and equipment included in the cost so they win this category.

  • Home Automation

    Tie: Nest and Protection 1

    Both providers offer home automation and can integrate with smart home devices. Both are compatible with Amazon Alexa and offer a geo-fencing feature. This technology places an invisible radius around your home so that when your phone passes it, your home knows that you’ve come or gone, and it can perform certain tasks in your home according to your automation settings. Since both offer equal home automation features and compatibility this category is a tie.

  • Equipment

    Winner: Protection 1

    Both security providers offer high-quality cameras, sensors, smart locks and motion detection for your home. However, Protection 1 offers more security devices for keeping your home safe, including pan and tilt cameras, glass break detectors, geo-fencing technology, and flood detectors. Since Protection 1 focuses on whole-home security and safety with more equipment they win this round.

  • Warranty & Guarantees

    Winner: Nest

    You get a $1,000 Theft Protection guarantee from Protection 1, which insures you in the event of a robbery. However, the equipment is only protected under warranty for the first 90 days after installation. If equipment becomes damaged during the term of your contract, you have to pay for it. Most Nest devices, on the other hand, come with a two-year warranty, making Nest the winner of this round.

  • Video Surveillance

    Tie: Nest and Protection 1

    Both Nest and Protection 1 provide video surveillance for their cameras. Protection 1 can equip you with up to six cameras as part of its video monitoring plan, provide live video feeds, and store up to 100 MB of footage for you to access on your computer or mobile device. Nest provides you with a select of cameras and subscription plans to choose from with those plans starting as low as $5/mo. for cloud storage. Additionally, you'll get access to intelligent alerts, custom motion zones, and more.

  • Installation

    Tie: Nest and Protection 1

    Both Nest and Protection 1 have security equipment designed for DIY installation, so you should be able to set up either one yourself by following the prompts. Nest professional installation costs vary depending on the equipment but starts at $99. Protection 1 installation also costs $99 on average - which makes this category a tie.

Verdict: Nest vs. Protection 1

It's a close call between these two companies, but we recommend Protection 1 for more equipment options, affordable pricing and video surveillance. They also have smart home compatibility and flexible installation options. If you want to get started with professional home monitoring for cheap, Protection 1 is your best bet, as long as you can commit to a 36-month contract. If you don't want a contract or professional monitoring service at all, Nest is your best home security option.


Monthly monitoring starting price
Minimum contract length
No contract36 months
Extended No-Risk Return
15 days3 days
DIY & Professional DIY & Professional
None$1,000 Guarantee
2 years on most productsNone
BBB Rating

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