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Nest vs. Guardian Protection

Nest and Guardian Protection are two home security service providers with cutting-edge equipment and very different approaches to home monitoring. Learn the similarities and differences between these two popular home security providers and decide which is right for you.

Compare Nest vs. Guardian Protection

Compare Nest vs. Guardian Protection


Equipment Cost

Winner: Guardian Protection

Nest’s security equipment packages start at $399, with the option to pay in monthly installments [source]. Guardian Protection offers one starting at $250. The basic package gives all the intrusion detection equipment you need. You can update this package to include all your smart home needs including a smart thermostat, smart lock and garage door opener making Guardian Protection the cheaper company to go with.

Professional Monitoring

Winner: Nest

Nest gives you the option to self-monitor and outsources its professional monitoring option to Brinks, starting at $19.99/mo. Guardian Protection is much more expensive, starting at $45.99/mo. Still, Guardian has held the Monitoring Center of the Year Award, awarded by The Monitoring Association, from 2015 up to the present day. However, service is only available in some states, making Nest the winner.


Winner: Nest

Nest takes this round, too, because it grants you the option to buy its equipment and self-monitor your home. This lets you avoid any contract altogether if you want. For professional monitoring service, Nest is partnered with Brinks, which places you in a three-year contract. On the other hand, Guardian Protection only gives you the option of entering a three to five-year contract. Since a contract for Nest is optional, they win this round.


Winner: Nest

Nest’s equipment is easy to install yourself, as it’s designed for DIY setup. However, it gives you the option to have a professional come in, which makes the process convenient either way. Guardian Protection requires professional installation and setup with fees charged depending on your equipment.

Home Automation

Tie: Nest and Guardian Protection

Nest makes a video doorbell with facial recognition so you don’t have to check who’s at the door. You can get Nest smart home devices like its smart lock and smart thermostat, and automate your home from the touchscreen Nest Hub as your control panel. Home automation is also where Guardian Protection shines, offering everything from smart lights to smart garage door openers. Guardian Edge, its mobile app, and a touchscreen control panel with home automation settings.

Video Surveillance

Tie: Nest and Guardian Protection

Both companies provide security cameras with cutting-edge features, including night vision. The Nest Cam uses both thermal and motion sensors combined to reduce false alarms. With a Nest Aware subscription, you can view your HD Nest Cam live video stream from any device. Guardian Protection offers a smart doorbell camera, as well as smart indoor and outdoor cameras that record around the clock with Streaming Video Recorder (SVR) technology.

Summary: Nest vs. Guardian Protection

Overall Winner: Nest

When it comes to equipment and professional monitoring, both Nest and Guardian Protection have what it takes to keep your family and home safe. Guardian Protection is only available in certain areas, and it locks you into a long-term contract. Since Nest gives you the freedom to self-monitor plus the option for nationwide coverage, it’s the smarter choice for most consumers.
Monthly monitoring starts at $45.99/mo.
Minimum contract length 3 or 5 years
Extended no-risk return period 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee
Installation Professional
Guarantees $500 Theft Protection Guarantee
Warranty None
BBB Score A+
Safety Score 7.6
Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge. Details accurate as of April 16, 2020.
Frequently Asked Questions about Nest and Guardian Protection

Frequently Asked Questions about Nest and Guardian Protection

What kind of equipment packages do Nest and Guardian Protection offer?

Nest’s starter equipment package costs $399. Guardian Protection offers one basic package, starting at $250, which include different combinations of motion detectors, door and window sensors. You can upgrade this package to meet all of your smart home needs. 

What kind of monitoring plans do Nest and Guardian Protection offer?

Nest doesn’t offer professional monitoring directly, but you can get Brinks monitoring with your Nest equipment with a three-year contract. Guardian Protection’s award-winning monitoring service starts at $45.99/mo. and requires a three to five-year contract.

Do either Nest or Guardian Protection offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Nest does let you self-monitor. Guardian Protection, on the other hand, requires professional monitoring.

Are either Nest or Guardian Protection a good choice for renters?

Nest is good for renters, especially those who want to self-monitor. For professional monitoring, you need to enter a long-term contract with either company. However, both offer cutting-edge equipment that’s easy to re-install if you change homes.

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