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Nest vs. Cove

As you look at the similarities and contrasts between Nest and Cove, keep in mind the background of the two different brands. Nest is a Google subsidiary, meaning it’s backed by Google’s industry-leading smart technology. Cove is a relatively small security company that launched in 2018, with a brand focus on offering customer-friendly pricing and services. These differences can influence how well either brand meets your unique preferences and priorities.

Compare Nest vs. Cove

Compare Nest vs. Cove



Winner: Cove

The Nest Secure alarm system is priced at $399, with cameras and other equipment available separately. Monitoring plans are relatively affordable, at $19-$29.99/mo.. Yet, Cove’s multitude of package options give far better price flexibility. Its Economy Plan comes at no upfront cost with a 36-month monitoring contract of $25-$35/mo. Other options are available, including equipment-only Value Plan to pay for your equipment upfront, and with monitoring plans as low as $14.99/mo. for a no-contract option.

Professional Monitoring

Winner: Cove

Nest buyers who want professional monitoring can get the service through Brinks. The price is $19/mo. with a three-year contract or $29.99/mo. for a month-to-month plan. Cove, on the other hand, provides its own 24/7 professional monitoring for $14.99-$34.99/mo. According to its website, Cove’s InstaText and Live Assist features allow for emergency response times up to 10 times faster than other providers.

Trial Period

Winner: Cove

Offering 60 days risk-free, Cove has one of the longest trial periods on the market. The company also covers the shipping cost of your return. Nest’s 15-day return period isn’t as generous by comparison, so buyers who are risk-averse may prefer the fact that Cove gives them ample time to test out their new system.

Warranties & Guarantees

Winner: Cove

Nest gives customers a two-year warranty on the equipment. Cove products come with just a one-year warranty by default, but buyers who sign up for the Plus monitoring package get a lifetime warranty. Since Cove gives the option of lifetime coverage for a service that may be purchased anyway, we rule that Cove has the edge here.


Winner: Nest

Nest is the winner here because of its flexibility to meet varying customer needs. It’s possible to do easy DIY installations of Nest products, but it offers professional help if you need it—a service it provides through OnTech, starting at $99. Cove’s products are also quick and easy to install, but you don’t have any other option than to DIY.

Security Cameras

Winner: Nest

With an ever-expanding range of indoor and outdoor cameras, Nest offers versatility for customers who want different camera types for different settings and functions. Its IQ camera series has intense processing power and the ability to recognize individual faces. Cove only offers one type of motion-activated indoor camera, and it doesn’t have any image analysis features.

Summary: ADT vs. SafeTouch

The Winner: Cove

Cove has an edge in warranties, professional monitoring, price and trial period here. But it’s difficult to rule one brand over the other because the choice comes down to your priorities. If you are seeking high-tech security that is supported by advanced cameras and image analytics, then Google’s Nest is the clear winner. But if you are seeking a simple budget option with highly attentive monitoring, then Cove is your best choice.

Cove Security

Learn more about
Monitoring starts at $19/mo. (with 3-year Brinks contract)
Contract length No contract
Trial period & refunds 15 days
Installation DIY with professional option
Guarantees None
Warranty 2 years on most products
BBB Score A-
Safety Score 8.3
Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge. Details accurate as of April 3, 2020.
Frequently Asked Questions about Nest and Cove

Frequently Asked Questions about Nest and Cove

What kind of equipment packages do Nest and Cove offer?

Nest’s Secure alarm system comes with a keypad, two sensors and two unlocking tags. Cove offers multiple equipment packages, as well as custom options.

What monitoring plans are available through Nest and Cove?

Nest has a month-to-month plan through Brinks at $29.99/mo., or $19/mo. with a three-year contract. Cove offers a Basic plan for $14.99-$24.99/mo. or a Plus plan for $24.99-$34.99/mo.

Do either Nest or Cove offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Both Nest and Cove enable self-monitoring.

Are either Nest or Cove a good choice for renters?

Both brands are suitable for renters thanks to damage-free, adhesive-based installation methods for most products and optional contract-free plans.

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