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LifeLock vs. EverSafe

Need help choosing between LifeLock and EverSafe? We have you covered with our head-to-head comparison. Learn about the features each provider offers to help you make a more informed decision.

Best Money-Back Guarantee


Starting at $9.99

Best features

  • 401k and investing alerts
  • Offers family plan
  • Easy to navigate portal

Best Monitoring for Seniors


Starting at $7.49

Best features

  • 30-day free trial
  • Spousal coverage
  • Special protection for the elderly
LifeLock vs. EverSafe

LifeLock vs. EverSafe

Recognized for their identity theft protection services and cybersecurity tools, LifeLock by Norton Security gives customers access to the essentials and more for protecting their confidential information. EverSafe helps elderly Americans to protect their financial and confidential information with their services. Learn more about both companies to decide which is right for you.

Compare LifeLock vs. EverSafe

Compare LifeLock vs. EverSafe

(D) LifeLock vs EverSafe


Winner: LifeLock

For a lower-monthly monitoring fee and comprehensive protection services, we’d recommend LifeLock. With their Standard Plan ($9.99/mo.) you’ll have access to ID theft monitoring. In EverSafe’s Plus Plan ($14.99/mo.), you can get access to ID theft monitoring.

Specialized Services

Winner: EverSafe

EverSafe’s unique focus is on providing financial and ID theft protection services for elderly Americans. You’ll find features like erratic activity monitoring, elder fraud detection, and real estate monitoring with EverSafe – each designed to help seniors keep tabs on their accounts and investments. While LifeLock doesn’t specialize in this segment, you can still get ID theft protection for additional family members.


Winner: EverSafe

EverSafe looks out for its customers with a 10% senior discount and 30% discount on additional family members. If you are a senior, you can access their services for a lower price. If you want to add on a spouse, you can do so at a lower price. You can currently get a 25% discount on LifeLock’s plans through an affiliate partner, but the discount only lasts for your first year of membership.

Trial Period

Tie: LifeLock and EverSafe

Both LifeLock and EverSafe have comparable benefits concerning their trial periods. LifeLock has a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their services. EverSafe has a 30-day free trial, but you won’t be charged your monthly fee until after your first 30 days. We believe that both companies look out for their customers with their trial period policies.

Tri-Bureau Credit Scores

Tie: LifeLock and EverSafe

You get tri-bureau credit monitoring and reporting from both LifeLock and EverSafe.Your credit score will be monitored for changes, and you’ll be able to get alerts. Having access to your credit reports from all three major bureaus also gives you a more comprehensive view of your score and history.

ID Theft Insurance

Tie: LifeLock and EverSafe

With both LifeLock and EverSafe, you can access up to $1 million in ID theft insurance. LifeLock provides $1 million in coverage for expenses related to attorney assistance. EverSafe doesn’t provide specifics on their insurance policy online, but you can reach out to a specialist for assistance. Certain terms and conditions may apply.

Winner: EverSafe

Winner: EverSafe

We believe that EverSafe takes the win for this comparison. Their service is more affordable, and they offer discounts for customers. Another factor worth highlighting is their “A+” BBB rating versus LifeLock’s “F” BBB rating. Both LifeLock and EverSafe, however, provide a range of identity monitoring services. While EverSafe’s services are geared more towards serving the elderly, their services can still be used by adults and their family members.
Starting monthly fee $9.99/mo.
Internet/Dark web monitoring Yes
Credit monitoring Yes
SSN monitoring Yes
Tri-bureau credit monitoring Yes
Bank account monitoring Yes
ID theft insurance Yes
Medical fraud monitoring No
Trial period 60 days (Annual Membership)
BBB rating F
Unique feature Digital and online privacy protection
*Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge.
FAQs About LifeLock & EverSafe

Frequently Asked Questions about LifeLock and EverSafe

Is identity protection necessary?

Having an identity theft protection company monitor your confidential information around-the-clock is helpful. While you can certainly keep a close eye on your bank account, credit reports, and digital information, there are some parts of the web that you might not be familiar with, such as hidden websites where information can be traded. We believe that using an identity theft protection service can provide you with an additional set of eyes in monitoring and safeguarding your information.

What plans does LifeLock offer?

LifeLock gives you three plans to choose from: Standard ($9.99/mo.), Advantage ($19.99/mo.), and Ultimate Plus ($29.99/mo.). The Standard Plan gives you access to up to $25,000 in stolen funds reimbursement, identity monitoring alerts, credit monitoring for a single bureau, and more. The Advantage and Ultimate Plus plans offer more

What plans does EverSafe offer?

EverSafe has three plans: Essentials ($7.49/mo.), Plus ($14.99/mo.), and Gold ($24.99/mo.). Identity theft monitoring features are only available in the Plus and Gold plans, including SSN number monitoring and credit monitoring. The Essentials Plan only offers bank account monitoring, dark web monitoring, and access to real estate monitoring for an additional $4.99/mo

Does LifeLock have a trial period?

Yes, LifeLock has a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee available for annual memberships only. If you choose a month-to-month LifeLock plan, you will not have access to this guarantee.

Does EverSafe have a trial period?

Yes, EverSafe has a 30-day trial period. You will not be charged your monthly fee until after your first 30 days of their service, giving you time to try EverSafe’s services risk-free.


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