Frontpoint vs. Vivint

A category-by-category comparison of Frontpoint and Vivint's home security services.

As two popular providers, Frontpoint and Vivint focus on two different segments of customers: Frontpoint serves customers who want the freedom of a DIY installation while Vivint serves those who prefer professional installation. Both providers offer 24/7 professional monitoring, security cameras and home automation features. Compare them below to find a solution that will work best for your home.

Best for Customer Support

Frontpoint Security

  • Locked monitoring rates
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 4G LTE Monitoring

Best for Smart Homes

Vivint Security

  • Variety of smart home devices and features
  • Wireless system
  • Mobile app access and control available

Compare Frontpoint vs. Vivint

In one corner, we have Vivint: a home security provider that was founded in 1999 and quickly made a name for itself with the cutting-edge way it blends home security with smart home automation. However, Vivint also requires some old-fashioned restrictions like professional installation, reliance on long-term contracts, and a short trial period. In the other corner stands Frontpoint, a security company with do-it-yourself installation that’s been getting high marks in customer service for over a decade.

Professional Installation

Winner: Vivint

Vivint wins this round for installation as the provider offers professional installation for its security systems. Vivint Smart Home Pros assist with your installation to help ensure that your equipment is set up properly. You’ll be able to ask questions about your security system and get answers. The cost of Vivint’s installation service is $199. If you want to install your own security system and want more flexibility with equipment placement, we would recommend Frontpoint instead.

Pricing & Service Agreements

Winner: Frontpoint

Once you combine equipment costs, monitoring fees and one-time activation or installation fees, Frontpoint is the more wallet-friendly option. While their month-to-month monitoring services range between $34.99-$49.99 per month (on the high side of average), the up-front cost of entry-level equipment is about $520, compared to approximately $700 for a similarly equipped Vivint package. Plus, Frontpoint’s DIY installation lets you skip the expense of professional help, and they have a 30-day trial period in which you can return your equipment for a full refund. Vivint has only a 3-day trial without penalty.


Winner: Vivint

Vivint wins the equipment round. With its innovative line-up of everything from smart door locks to garage door controllers and even a Car Guard device with GPS monitoring, it offers many solutions that bring convenience and control to the way you secure and protect your home and family. Of course, these devices increase equipment costs, but altogether, Vivint offers many more choices in this category than Frontpoint.

No Installation Fee

Winner: Frontpoint

With Frontpoint’s DIY security systems, you can set up your own security system and avoid paying any installation fees. With a DIY installation, you’ll just have to make sure you’re comfortable with handling and managing technology. Another perk is that you won’t have to try to find an accommodating date and time to have a service technician come out to your home for the installation.

Mobile Access

Tie: Frontpoint and Vivint

Both Frontpoint and Vivint provide mobile app access to your security system – that’s a huge perk if you’re away from home and forget to arm your security system. Vivint allows you to control both security settings and smart home devices through its Smart Home app. Frontpoint’s app has similar functionality, but note that Frontpoint does require you to get the highest tier monitoring plan in order to do so.

Security Cameras

Tie: Frontpoint and Vivint

Both providers have comparable equipment, so it’s a tie. Frontpoint offers four camera options: the Premium Indoor Camera, an indoor camera, an outdoor camera and a video doorbell camera. These boast competitive features like HD video, echo-cancelling technology and two-way audio. Vivint offers the Ping indoor camera, the Outdoor Camera Pro and a video doorbell camera, all of which have unique automated features.

Summary: Frontpoint vs. Vivint

Both Frontpoint and Vivint have unique features that stand out. Frontpoint provides more affordable home security solutions, while Vivint provides innovative equipment and features that are great for building out a modern, smart home. It’s also worth pointing out that Frontpoint has consistently maintained a reputation for good customer service, while Vivint has occasionally been in the hot seat for service missteps and company policies.

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Frontpoint Security

888-688-5779 Learn more
Monthly monitoring starting price $38.99/mo.
Contract length 42 months*
Trial period 3 days
BBB rating D-

*Vivint has recently started offering month-to-month service plans, but restrictions apply and monthly billing is not available in all areas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Frontpoint and Vivint


Do Frontpoint and Vivint provide professional installation?

Frontpoint allows customers to self-install their security systems. Vivint provides a professional installation for its security systems. Vivint’s installation service is $199.

Do Frontpoint and Vivint require a long-term contract?

Yes, Frontpoint requires customers to enter into a 3-year contract. You pay for your equipment upfront and pay for your professional monitoring on a monthly basis. Vivint typically requires that customers enter into a 5-year contract. You can choose to pay for your equipment upfront or finance it through Vivint Flex Pay. You’ll also pay for professional monitoring on a monthly basis.

What types of packages do Frontpoint and Vivint provide?

Frontpoint offers a number of packages to choose from, including the basic Safe Home Everyday Package, Safe Home Plus Package, Safe Home Select Package and others. With the basic package, you’ll get the hub, keypad, sensors, signage and stickers. Vivint does not offer preselected equipment bundles. Instead, customers can select exactly which devices and functionalities they prefer.

What professional monitoring options do Frontpoint and Vivint have?

Professional monitoring prices vary for each provider. Frontpoint’s professional monitoring costs between $34.99/mo. and $49.99/mo., while Vivint’s monitoring starts at $38.99/mo. You can also add video monitoring to Vivint services for an additional $5 monthly per camera.

Jalesa Campbell

Written by your home security specialist

Jalesa Campbell