Frontpoint vs Vivint Overview

As two popular providers, Frontpoint and Vivint focus on two different segments of customers: Frontpoint serves customers who want the freedom of a DIY installation while Vivint serves those who prefer professional installation. Both providers offer 24/7 professional monitoring, security cameras and home automation features. Compare them below to find a solution that will work best for your home.

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Compare Vivint vs Frontpoint

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Professional Installation

Winner: Vivint

Vivint wins this round for installation as the provider offers professional installation for its security systems. Vivint Smart Home Pros assist with your installation to help ensure that your equipment is set up properly. You’ll be able to ask questions about your security system and get answers. The cost of Vivint’s installation service is $199. Vivint’s professional installation costs $199. The provider has been praised in customer reviews for its service technicians’ knowledge and professionalism. If you’re wanting to install your own security system and want more flexibility with equipment placement, we would recommend Frontpoint instead.

Pricing & Service Agreement

Winner: Frontpoint

Frontpoint wins this round for pricing. Frontpoint’s services are less expensive than Vivint’s. The cost of Frontpoint professional monitoring ranges from $34.99/mo. to $49.99/mo., which is average for most providers. For the provider’s least expensive package, you’ll pay around $520 upfront for equipment. You’ll also have to enter into a 3-year contract, which is typical in the home security industry.

In comparison, Vivint’s professional monitoring ranges from $29.99/mo. – $39.99/mo., which is on the lower to average end compared to other providers. You can get additional video monitoring for $10.00/mo. to sync and operate any security cameras you purchase. For Vivint’s least expensive package, you’ll pay around $700 in upfront equipment costs unless you choose to pay for your equipment on a monthly basis. Frontpoint is better as a more affordable option.

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Winner: Vivint

Vivint wins this round for equipment. Vivint is known for its innovative home security equipment with advanced features like the SkyControl Panel that provides severe weather alerts. Vivint also offers the Card Guard device that allows you to monitor your vehicle from your smartphone. You can get alerts for tampering, keep tabs on your vehicle’s diagnostics and find out where your family members are with location tracking. In addition to these features, Vivint also offers home automation products and integration so you can easily control your lights, locks, thermostat and more.

Frontpoint also offers home automation products like a garage door controller, smart door lock and more. Compared to Frontpoint, Vivint offers a greater selection of home automation products that you could choose from to build out your smart home.

No Installation Fee

Winner: Frontpoint

With Frontpoint’s DIY security systems, you can set up your own security system and avoid paying any installation fees. With a DIY installation, you’ll just have to make sure you’re comfortable with handling and managing technology. Another perk is that you won’t have to try to find an accommodating date and time to have a service technician come out to your home for the installation.

Vivint provides a professional installation for customers. We would recommend a professional installation if you’re not comfortable with navigating technology.

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Mobile Access

Tie: Frontpoint & Vivint

Both Frontpoint and Vivint provide mobile app access to your security system–that’s a huge perk if you’re ever away from home and forget to arm your security system. With Frontpoint, to use the mobile app for managing your security system and home automation features, you’ll need to get the Ultimate Professional Monitoring Plan.

Vivint also provides control of your security system and smart home devices at your fingertips through the Smart Home App. You could easily set the temperature, turn on and off your lights and more through your mobile devices.

Security Cameras

Tie: Frontpoint & Vivint

Both providers have comparable equipment, so it’s a tie.

With Frontpoint, you can get the Premium Indoor Camera, an indoor camera, an outdoor camera and a video doorbell camera. Frontpoint’s Premium Indoor Camera is designed with HD video, echo-cancelling technology and Bluetooth speakers. You can speak with family members at home through two-way audio by using the Frontpoint mobile app. If you want to access features of Frontpoint’s cameras, you’ll need to purchase the Ultimate Monitoring Plan.

With Vivint, you can get the Ping indoor camera, the Outdoor Camera Pro and a video doorbell camera. The Ping indoor camera features two-way talk communication, while the Outdoor Camera Pro can alert you when someone is lurking around your property. Vivint’s Outdoor Camera Pro can also flash a red light and sound a warning tone to let lurkers know they’ve been detected. To access video monitoring with Vivint, you’ll need to purchase the Video Monitoring Plan.

Provider Summary: Frontpoint vs Vivint

Both Frontpoint and Vivint have unique features that stand out. Frontpoint provides more affordable home security solutions and makes package customization easy, while Vivint provides innovative equipment and features that are great for building out a modern, smart home.


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Frontpoint & Vivint FAQs

Does Frontpoint and Vivint provide professional installation?

Frontpoint allows customers to self-install their security systems. Vivint provides a professional installation for its security systems.

Do Frontpoint and Vivint require a contract?

Yes, Frontpoint requires customers to enter into a 3-year contract. You can pay for your equipment upfront and pay for your professional monitoring on a monthly basis. Yes, Vivint requires that customers enter into a 5-year contact. You can choose to pay for your equipment upfront or you can pay for it on a monthly basis. You’ll also pay for professional monitoring on a monthly basis.

What types of packages do Frontpoint and Vivint provide?

Frontpoint offers a number of packages to choose from to include the basic Safe Home Everyday Package, Safe Home Plus Package, Safe Home Select Package and others. With the basic package, you’ll get the hub, keypad, sensors, signage and stickers. Vivint has 4 packages that you could choose from: the Home Security System Package, Smart Home Control Package, Video Security Package and the Smart Complete Package. Each of Vivint’s packages come with the SkyControl Starter Kit which includes the hub, 2 smart sensors and a motion sensor.

What professional monitoring options do Frontpoint and Vivint have?

Professional monitoring prices vary for each provider. Frontpoint’s professional monitoring costs between $34.99/mo. and $49.99/mo., while Vivint’s monitoring services costs between $29.99/mo. and $39.99/mo.