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Frontpoint vs. Protect America

Which DIY provider is better, Frontpoint or Protect America? We take a closer look at some of the similarities and differences to help you make a more informed choice for your home.

Compare Frontpoint vs. Protect America

Compare Frontpoint vs. Protect America

Frontpoint and Protect America both offer intrusion detection equipment, home environmental monitoring sensors, and smart home devices. Another factor Frontpoint and Protect America have in common is DIY installation for their security systems. One major difference between these companies lies in their pricing structure for equipment.


Winner: Protect America

Protect America has an interesting business model. If you sign a contract with this company, you can use equipment worth approximately $1,400 for free. Just pay the monthly fee, which ranges from $19.99/mo. – $54.99/mo., depending on your package and monitoring type. Although Frontpoint’s monthly fees are competitively priced with Protect America, you won’t have to pay anything upfront for equipment with Protect America, and that’s what makes them the winner of this category. 


Winner: Frontpoint

One major difference between Frontpoint and Protect America involves contracts. Frontpoint no longer requires a contract, meaning you’ll only be responsible for your monthly monitoring fee. For Protect America, you will have to sign a 3-year contract. Since Frontpoint doesn’t require customers to commit to a long-term relationship for service, we’ll call them the winner for this round.


Winner: Protect America

Protect America and Frontpoint have two distinct ways of offering equipment to their customers. Protect America’s equipment is free with a contract, while Frontpoint requires you to purchase equipment separately. In terms of the range of equipment offered, both home security companies have environmental alerts, motion detectors, panic buttons, door and window sensors, and cameras. Due to the upfront cost savings associated with their equipment, Protect America wins this category.

Mobile App

Tie: Frontpoint and Protect America

You can use a mobile app to manage your security system and smart devices with both providers. Frontpoint gives you the ability to manage your security system and smart devices, plus get notifications from their mobile app, and you’ll be able to do the same with Protect America’s mobile app as well. While there’s some variance in ratings for both apps in the Apple App Store, both apps are closely rated in the Google Play Store.


Tie: Frontpoint and Protect America

Offering easy peel-and-stick backing on some equipment, both Frontpoint and Protect America are excellent choices for people looking for DIY installation. Technical set-up is minimal, but you’re still welcome to call either company’s support hotline for assistance if needed. Due to these similar conveniences, this category is a tie.

Home Automation

Tie: Frontpoint and Protect America

Both Frontpoint and Protect America give you the ability to purchase smart home equipment and have smart home capabilities. You can also use Alexa for voice control with both providers. Having these same qualities, this category is too close to call.

Final Call: Frontpoint vs Protect America

Final Call: Frontpoint vs Protect America

It’s difficult to declare a clear winner when comparing Frontpoint and Protect America, because the choice largely comes down to your personal preference regarding upfront costs vs. long-term costs. Over the course of 3-years, you may pay less with Protect America since there are no upfront equipment costs, but with Frontpoint, you won’t be subject to any termination fees since you’re on a month-to-month plan.
Monthly monitoring starting price $44.99/mo. $19.99/mo.
Contract length N/A 36-month contract
Extended no-risk return policy 30 days 15 day return policy for a full refund
Installation DIY DIY
Guarantees None Price Match Guarantee
Warranty 3-year equipment warranty Free Lifetime Warranty on equipment
BBB rating A+ A+
Safety Score 7.2 8.4
Frequently Asked Questions about Frontpoint and Protect America

Frequently Asked Questions about Frontpoint and Protect America

What kind of equipment packages do Frontpoint and Protect America offer?

Protect America has Copper, Silver, and Platinum plans, the most basic of which includes a standard control panel, a motion detector, three window/door sensors, and signage. Frontpoint’s Safe Home Starter Package includes a control panel, keypad, a motion detector, two window/door sensors, and signage.

What kind of monitoring plans do Frontpoint and Protect America offer?

Frontpoint offers an Interactive plan and an Ultimate plan, both of which include 24/7 professional monitoring. However, if you wish to view live-streams on the app, you’ll need the Ultimate plan. Professional 24/7 monitoring is included in all three of Protect America’s monitoring plans.

Do either Frontpoint or Protect America offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Neither provider will allow you to monitor your security system. You’ll have to choose a professional monitoring plan.

Are either Frontpoint or Protect America a good choice for renters?

We’d recommend Frontpoint over Protect America for renters since there’s no contract involved. However, both providers’ systems are wireless, and there’s no charge for moving a Protect America or Frontpoint system.

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