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Frontpoint vs. Nest

Frontpoint and Nest are both popular home security options. Both offer several different packages and add-ons, allowing them to provide anything from a basic set up to comprehensive home security. Frontpoint and Nest have 24/7 monitoring and indoor/outdoor cameras (optional). Frontpoint gives you locked-in monitoring rates, plus a limited lifetime warranty (with a contract). Nest offers the seamless technology of Google Home, which gives you almost limitless smart home customization. Let’s compare these two home security providers to find out which one is right for your home.

Compare Frontpoint vs. Nest

Compare Frontpoint vs. Nest

No Contract

Winner: Frontpoint

We like Frontpoint because they don’t require a service contract for any of their plans. With Nest, you can choose between two monitoring plans: one that is less expensive but requires a 3-year contract and one that is more expensive but does not require a contract. With Frontpoint, although the starting monitoring price would be higher, you’re avoiding a long-term commitment.


Winner: Nest

With Nest, the cost of your equipment and monitoring together will be less expensive over time compared to Frontpoint. The Nest Secure system, without any add-ons, costs $399. And, if you add on Brinks monitoring for $19/mo. (contract required) you’d spend around $1,083 over 3 years. For Frontpoint, the Starter package retails for $319.95 with a starting monitoring price of $44.99/mo. Over the course of 3 years, you’d pay around $1,939.59 (if you stay with Frontpoint).


Winner: Frontpoint

Another benefit that Frontpoint boasts is a locked monitoring rate during your service time, which means no increases as long as you’re a Frontpoint customer. Nest doesn’t offer this same benefit with its monitoring through Brinks. Brinks doesn’t specify that your monitoring rate will stay the same. If, however, you’d like your first month of monitoring free, then it would be better to go with Nest.


Winner: Nest

We crown Nest as the winner for this category as they have unique home security equipment that you won’t find across other security providers. The basic Nest package comes with the Nest Guard Hub, two Nest tags and two motion sensors – each of which are unique pieces of equipment. Frontpoint sources its equipment through, a company that other providers also use.

Home Automation

Tie: Frontpoint and Nest

Both Frontpoint and Nest security systems have home automation features. You can purchase standalone smart home devices with Frontpoint like a smart bulb, light controller, garage door controller and more. You’ll also have hands-free home security control with voice assistants. Nest comes with the power of Google Home. You can connect compatible smart home equipment in your home, including your lights, thermostat, and your security system through Google Home hub. You can also use Amazon Alexa with the Nest Secure system.


Tie: Frontpoint and Nest

We like that both providers also offer DIY installation, giving you more control over placement of equipment in your home and cutting installation costs. Frontpoint claims to have the “industry’s easiest set-up” with customers being able to install their security systems in less than thirty minutes. Nest claims you can install their system in under an hour, and if you need assistance they offer professional installation as an option.

Summary: Frontpoint vs. Nest

Summary: Frontpoint vs. Nest

Frontpoint Nest
Professional monitoring starts at $44.99/mo. $19/mo.
Installation DIY DIY or Professional
Trial Period 30 days 15 days
BBB rating A+ B-
Frequently Asked Questions About Frontpoint & Nest

Frequently Asked Questions About Frontpoint & Nest

Can Frontpoint and Nest work with other products?

Both Frontpoint and Nest can work with other products. Both have systems that can function with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. Frontpoint devices can also work with Z-wave enabled devices.

Do Frontpoint and Nest offer professional installation?

Frontpoint does not offer professional installation as an option. Nest, however, does offer professional installation, if you contact a Nest professional in your area.

Do I have to sign a contract?

With Frontpoint, you do not have to sign a contract for service. Nest does not require a contract if you choose the month-to-month monitoring plan for $29/mo.. That plan is more expensive, but if you want to pay $19/mo., you’ll have to sign a three-year contract.


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