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Frontpoint vs. Abode

Compare Frontpoint and Abode to decide which of these home security providers is right for you.

Compare Frontpoint vs. Abode

Compare Frontpoint vs. Abode

Both Frontpoint and Abode are newer companies in the ever-growing field of home security providers. These companies offer fresh thinking, innovative products, and plenty of flexibility. The major difference between them is cost – Abode’s equipment is more innovative and unique, whereas Frontpoint’s equipment is sourced from a third-party. Learn more about each of these providers to help you choose the better one for your home.



Winner: Abode

Abobe’s monthly charge for monitoring is $20, which is less than half the cost of monitoring with Frontpoint. Professional monitoring for Frontpoint starts at $44.99 per month. In addition, Abode’s cheapest security package starts at $229, beating Frontpoint’s $319.95 starter package. If price is your only concern, Abode wins hands down.

Home Automation

Winner: Abode

Both services work with Alexa and Google Assistant, plus Z-Wave. Abode adds Zigbee and can talk to over 160 devices like Philips HUE smart bulbs, Google Nest products, and more. Meanwhile, Frontpoint only offers home automation with certain plans.

Security Cameras

Winner: Frontpoint

Frontpoint offers a variety of robust security cameras, and while Abode offers its own line of cameras, Frontpoint wins with more options, including, wireless encryption, weatherproof outdoor cameras, and a doorbell camera, which Abode doesn’t offer.


Winner: Abode

Both Abode and Frontpoint are easy to install yourself, but Abode also includes an option to have a professional do it for you for a $99 fee. This could be a must if you’re not technically inclined or just don’t have the time to invest in installing your own systems.


Winner: Abode

Abode wins this round for offering the option to self-monitor. Frontpoint is strictly a professional monitoring service. If you’re all about lifetime cost or you just want more control, self-monitoring may be a priority.


Winner: Frontpoint

Frontpoint provides a three-year limited warranty for its customers, while Abode only provides a one-year limited warranty. Frontpoint gives you more time to get the support you need for repairing or replacing equipment.

Winner: Abode Security

While Frontpoint has a better security camera selection and warranty terms, Abode comes out ahead for its inexpensive equipment and monitoring, as well as home automation and installation options. Both Abode and Frontpoint are great for renters and frequent movers since their systems can be self-installed, but Abode stands out with its self-monitoring option, allowing you to save a little more in your pockets each month.

Abode Security

Learn more about
Monthly monitoring starting price $44.99/mo. $20/mo.
Contract length N/A N/A
Extended no-risk return policy 30 days 30 days
Installation DIY DIY with professional option
Guarantees None None
Warranty 3-year limited warranty 1-year limited warranty
BBB rating A+ C
Safety Score 7.6 9
Frequently Asked Questions about Frontpoint and Abode

Frequently Asked Questions about Frontpoint and Abode

What kind of equipment packages do Frontpoint and Abode offer?

Frontpoint offers a variety of packages starting at $319.95 for an alarm panel hub and keypad, three activity sensors and signs for your property.

Abode’s Smart Security Kit includes a motion sensor, mini door/window sensor and a key fob. Abode’s Iota All-In-One security system comes with an HD camera featuring two-way voice, one mini door/window sensor, and one key fob.

What kind of monitoring plans do Frontpoint and Abode offer?

Abode offers professional monitoring for $20 per month. Frontpoint’s professional monitoring starts at $44.99/mo.

Do either Frontpoint or Abode offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Abode’s offers self-monitoring capability, but Frontpoint does not.

Are either Frontpoint or Abode a good choice for renters?

Both Frontpoint and Abode cater to renters by offering month-to-month arrangements and a variety of non-intrusive wireless equipment that can easily be moved from place to place.

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