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Compare CPI and Frontpoint to see what home security solutions best suit you.
Updated Mar 1, 2021
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CPI and Frontpoint are highly reputable but very different home security companies. CPI has a longer history of providing top-tier professional monitoring, while Frontpoint specializes in sleek, simple equipment that’s easy to install yourself. CPI is only available in a few cities in the southeastern U.S., though, so that will make this decision easy for some. If you’re in that region, though, see how the two providers stack up across six key categories.

Compare CPI vs. Frontpoint

  • Price

    Winner: CPI

    CPI has a lower monthly rate on professional monitoring, starting at $29.99/mo. versus the starting rate of $44.99/mo. for Frontpoint's monitoring service. When it comes to equipment, Frontpoint's packages that include security cameras start at $599.98. Similarly, CPI's equipment packages start at $499. Both offer financing options to help cover the costs of equipment. But since CPI is slightly cheaper, they win this round.

  • Video Surveillance

    Winner: CPI

    Both CPI and Frontpoint have cameras with cutting-edge intrusion detection features, including night vision, motion detection and HD resolution. They also offer weatherproof outdoor security cameras and smart video doorbells. CPI's Intelligent Video Activity Notifications (IVAN) AI-enabled technology is what raises it a notch above Frontpoint. It identifies people, vehicles and animals to send you smarter notifications and ensure zero false alarms. On the other hand, Frontpoint offers indoor and outdoor security cameras with standard motion detection and recording features. Since CPI offers more in their video surveillance offering they win this round.

  • Professional Monitoring

    Winner: CPI

    CPI has a false alarm guarantee to ensure monitoring mistakes don't cause problems, but its monitoring service coverage is limited to the Southeast region. Frontpoint is nationwide and there's no contract required to get month-to-month service. Although Frontpoint's monitoring service is a little more expensive, all service plans include access to the Frontpoint mobile app so you can access and monitor your system remotely. Frontpoint’s professional monitoring starts at $44.99/mo, while CPI starts at $29.99/mo. In this round, CPI wins for their low cost and false alarm guarantee so you can always count on your system and their monitoring professionals.

  • Equipment

    Winner: CPI

    Frontpoint has great camera equipment, but its’ home automation devices are limited. CPI offers a full range of smart home devices and makes cameras with the same top-quality intrusion detection features as Frontpoint. Both offer a touch screen control panel for arming and disarming your system. CPI's touch panel lets you stream camera feeds and answer your door. Frontpoint's touchscreen has the option to display your photos as a screen saver. Since CPI offers a wide variety including a garage door opener and video doorbell, they win this round.

  • Trial Period

    Winner: Frontpoint

    While CPI gives you a 3-day trial period, Frontpoint gives you 30 days. Three days isn't enough for most people to adjust to a new security system, making it far less helpful than the month trial from Frontpoint. Knowing you can return all the equipment for a full refund if it's not a good fit, getting started with Frontpoint is less risky.

  • DIY Installation

    Tie: CPI & Frontpoint

    The good news is, neither Frontpoint nor CPI will require you to pay installation fees. There's no professional installation option for Frontpoint, but their equipment is designed to be easy for you to install and set up out of the box. With CPI, a trained technician comes to your home for free to ensure you get set up properly.

Overall Winner: CPI

Compared to Frontpoint, CPI is more affordable and will even give you more cutting-edge features for less money. Unfortunately, it's limited to the Southeast region. While Frontpoint is great for renters or monitoring smaller spaces — and comes with a longer no-risk trial period — CPI gives homeowners in the Southeast the full suite of video surveillance and home automation tools they need.

CPI Security

Frontpoint Security

Monitoring starts at
$29.99/mo. $44.99/mo.
Contract length
39-month contract. No contact if the equipment is purchased upfront.Month-to-month
Trial period/ refunds
3 days30 days
Professional DIY
Guarantees or Refunds
No False Alarm GuaranteeNone
Optional add-ons3-Year Equipment
BBB Score
Safety Score
Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge. Details accurate as of March 27, 2020.

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