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Cove vs. Abode

Review the benefits of Cove Security and Abode to find the right security technology for you.

Cove and Abode security products adopt quite different approaches to home security. With extremely competitive upfront and recurring costs, Cove Security aims to deliver a more managed security solution, with 24/7 access to live alarm monitoring and Cove Live Assist — a feature designed to give customers the peace of mind of instant contact with emergency services. Abode delivers an extensive and modular range of sensors and cameras that empower customers to manage their own home security, thus reducing recurring costs. Both DIY security providers allow customers to combine a range of products to develop a total home security solution.

Compare Cove vs. Abode

Compare Cove vs. Abode

Professional Monitoring

Winner: Cove

Abode offers optional professional monitoring that is reasonably priced and available on a flexible, month-to-month basis, but the service is not as fully featured as Cove’s. Cove professional monitoring incorporates LiveAssist, allowing you to communicate directly with Cove via your control panel. Both companies incorporate smartphone notification alerts, but Cove’s InstaText service is designed for speed and interactiveness, giving it a meaningful edge over Abode for professional monitoring.


Winner: Abode

Both companies offer complementary security technologies, including door and window sensors, motion detection devices, water and smoke detectors, and cameras. Additionally, Cove offers a medical button, making the product line a stronger choice when built into an eldercare solution. Abode, however, offers both a regular indoor camera with two-way audio and a wide-angle motion-detecting camera. Abode has a larger product selection than Cove, pushing the company ahead when it comes to equipment.

Trial Period

Winner: Cove

Abode has a 30-day return policy, whereas Cove offers a generous 60-day money-back guarantee. While 30 day trial periods are common among providers, Cove’s 60-day return period offers a generous amount of time to install, try out your new system, and decide if it’s the right fit for your home.

Installation Options

Winner: Abode

Cove equipment requires customer installation. Clear documentation and pre-configured equipment help ensure that setup is straightforward, with equipment typically operational in under thirty minutes. Professional installation is available for Abode products, making this company a better option if you’re seeking the convenience of having your devices installed and configured for you.

Warranty and Guarantees

Winner: Cove

Abode provides a one-year limited warranty for its equipment, while Cove provides a lifetime equipment warranty with its Plus Monitoring Plan. The Cove Basic monitoring plan provides a 1-year equipment warranty. Since Cove provides a longer warranty term with its Plus Monitoring Plan, making it easier for customers to have their equipment replaced, it takes the win for this category.


Tie: Cove and Abode

Abode offers an excellent entry-level equipment package for $229, and its optional professional monitoring service starts at $20 per month. You can also opt to self-monitor with Abode products, eliminating recurring costs altogether. With Cove, upfront equipment costs can start around $240 with professional monitoring starting at $14.99 per month. Because the upfront equipment and monitoring costs are in close range, we’d say it’s a tie for Cove and Abode.

Winner: Cove

Winner: Cove

While Abode remains an attractive pick if you’re seeking a self-monitored security solution, Cove comes out slightly on top. Both companies offer excellent value for your money with contract-free professional monitoring, and their devices are easy to configure. But Cove’s customer-friendly warranty terms and extended trial period are hard to pass up, particularly if you feel you’ll require a little longer to fully road test your home security solution.

Cove Security

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Abode Security

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Monitoring starts at $20/mo.
Minimum contract length None
Trial period 30 days
Installation DIY or Professional
Guarantees None
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
BBB rating C
Safety Score 9
*Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge.
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Shop our Recommended Provider

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cove and Abode

Frequently Asked Questions About Cove and Abode

What kind of equipment packages do Abode and Cove offer?

Abode has two equipment package options: the Smart Security Kit ($229) and the iota All-In-One-Security Kit ($299). You can also customize an equipment package with Abode.

Cove offers a completely customizable range of equipment combinations.

What kind of monitoring plans do Abode and Cove offer?

Abode offers a self-monitoring plan that starts at $6 per month (or $60 annually) and a professional monitoring plan that starts at $20 per month (or $100 per year for the first year). After the first year for the Pro monitoring plan, the cost will be $200 per year.


Cove offers only a professionally monitored plan starting at $14.99 per month. Both companies provide alert notifications.

Do either Abode or Cove offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Abode offers the ability to self-monitor your own security system. For Cove, professional monitoring will be required.

Are either Abode or Cove a good choice for renters?

Both companies are great for renters, as their components are easily removed and able to be self-installed, and neither company requires a long-term contract.


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