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Brinks vs. Protect America

Compare Brinks and Protect America to find the home security provider that is right for you.
Updated Apr 16, 2020
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Brinks and Protect America are home security providers that offer clients with 24/7 professional monitoring services, a mobile app, and competitive prices. While similar, there are some differences between them that can help you decide. Compare these home security providers to see which one is the best for you.

Compare Brinks vs. Protect America

Brinks and Protect America both offer their clients a comprehensive range of home security and automation equipment and 24/7 professional monitoring. Brinks does not require a contract and provides a two-year warranty on all devices. Protect America offers clients a DIY installation option, and equipment is available with no upfront fee. Like Brinks, it also provides a mobile app that allows clients to control their security and home automation systems, while also viewing live security camera footage. See what these providers can offer you to make sure your home is safe.

  • Price

    Winner: Protect America

    With competitive professional monitoring rates and no upfront equipment cost, Protect America wins this category. Professional installation starts at $19.99/mo. and could vary based on your package. On the other hand, Brinks requires no contract for its Nest plan, and its professional monitoring starts at $29.99/mo.. Professional monitoring starts at $19.99/mo., and a 36-month contract is required. Most Brinks equipment starts at $399 and could call for a $199 upfront.

  • Professional Monitoring

    Winner: Brinks

    Brinks' basic Nest security system is available without a contract. However, if you choose any other plan outside of the Nest option, you will need to sign a 36-month contract. Protect America, on the other hand, requires a 36-month service agreement for all packages. Brinks' flexibility gives it the edge in this category.

  • Mobile App

    Tie: Brinks & Protect America

    Both mobile apps offer similar features, such as instant alerts if your security system has been triggered. You can also connect and control smart home devices, lock and unlock your smart lock, control home automation devices, and view live security camera footage. Either company is a great choice for mobile app functionality.

  • Equipment

    Winner: Protect America

    With its basic package, Brinks offers cellular backup, smartphone control, motion detection and door/window sensors. Home automation and video recording are available at an additional charge. Protect America provides a standard control panel, one motion sensor, and three window/door sensors with its basic package. Extra security and home equipment can be added to the package at an additional charge. Brinks requires $199 upfront for equipment, but Protect America does not require an upfront payment, making it the winner of this category. 

  • Warranty & Guarantees

    Winner: Protect America

    Brinks offers its clients a two-year warranty on all devices. Protect America provides better warranties and guarantees with a free lifetime warranty on equipment and a Price Match Guarantee.

  • Installation

    Winner: Brinks

    Brinks wins out in this category due to its flexibility. Brinks offers both DIY and professional installation while Protect America requires that customers install the system themselves.

Summary: Brinks vs. Protect America

Brinks offers its clients a wide range of security equipment and professional installation, all with no contract once you choose the Nest option. Both Brinks and Protect America offer a mobile app that allows clients to view security camera footage and control home automation devices. Protect America also provides its clients a free lifetime warranty on all devices and a price-match guarantee, making Protect America the winner of this contest.

Brinks Home Security

Protect America

Monthly monitoring starting price
Minimum contract length
36 months36 months
Extended No-Risk Return
30 days15-day return policy for a full refund
DIY & Professional DIY
NonePrice Match Guarantee
2-Year WarrantyFree Lifetime Equipment Warranty
BBB Rating
Safety Score
*Price shown is monthly price for landline monitoring service.

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