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Compare Brinks and Frontpoint to find out which home security solution is best for you.
Updated Mar 19, 2020
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If you’re shopping for home security and it’s come down to one of these two providers, here are some facts you should consider before you make your purchase. Brinks and Frontpoint offer similar services like 24/7 monitoring, but with a different commitment and different installation options. Below, we’ll break down these differences so you can make your choice.

Compare Brinks vs. Frontpoint

  • Contract

    Winner: Frontpoint

    Frontpoint wins this round by a nose. Its month-to-month plan is ideal for renters or people who aren’t ready for a long commitment. Most of Brinks’ plans lock customers into a three-year contract, which is fine for some more established customers, but not so great if you’re not sure about the service. That said, Brinks does have a partnership with Nest, and with Nest, you’re not required to enter into a contract. offer a month-to-month agreement.

  • Price

    Winner: Brinks

    Starting at $29.99/mo., Brinks' price for professional monitoring beats Frontpoint’s $44.99/mo. by a large margin. In addition, Brinks offers a better deal on its least expensive equipment package, asking $199 vs. $319.95 for the Frontpoint Safe Home Starter Package.

  • Monitoring

    Winner: Brinks

    Both Frontpoint and Brinks offer strong professional monitoring options, but with Nest, Brinks also offers the option of self-monitoring, which Frontpoint doesn't do. Brinks wins in this category for that reason.

  • Installation

    Winner: Brinks

    Both of these providers offer DIY installation, which many customers will appreciate. However Brinks also offers professional installation, so if you’re not tech-savvy or you just don’t have the time, they’ll do it for you.

  • Warranty

    Winner: Frontpoint

    Frontpoint is the winner here by a narrow margin, offering a three-year equipment warranty, whereas Brinks only offers a two-year warranty.

  • Equipment

    Winner: Frontpoint

    It's a close call here. Both Brinks and Smith Thompson have mobile apps that allow you to arm/disarm your security system, control smart home devices, view cameras, and more. To access mobile app control, you will have to choose a higher tier monitoring plan with Smith Thompson, but you’re free to use Brinks’ mobile app with any monitoring plan or Brinks package that you choose.

Summary: Brinks vs. Frontpoint

Both of these providers have strong reputations and provide a range of options and equipment. If you’re shopping purely on cost, Brinks has the better starting cost, and given its long history, the starting monthly price is a bargain. Both providers offer the freedom a month-to-month arrangement, but Brinks also has contracted plans.

Frontpoint also offers the innovation that comes from a fresh industry perspective, but will cost more both to get started and over time. In the end, either provider is a great choice, but they cater to different people.

Brinks Home Security

Frontpoint Security

Monthly monitoring starting price
Minimum contract length
36 monthsNo contract
Extended No-Risk Return
30 days30 days
DIY & Professional DIY
2-year equipment warranty3-year equipment warranty
BBB Rating

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