Blue by ADT vs. SimpliSafe |

Blue by ADT vs. SimpliSafe

Blue by ADT vs. SimpliSafe

Blue by ADT vs. SimpliSafe

Blue by ADT and SimpliSafe are both popular home security brands. Blue is known for its smart cameras that offer useful features such as facial recognition and two-way talk. SimpliSafe, on the other hand, has built its reputation on simple yet effective home security systems. Each brand has its own strengths that may appeal to different buyers. 

Compare Blue by ADT vs. SimpliSafe

Compare Blue by ADT vs. SimpliSafe


Professional Monitoring

Tie: Blue by ADT and SimpliSafe

Blue by ADT’s 24/7 professional monitoring service is $19.99/mo., offering features such as emergency alerts, authority dispatches, and one-day video storage. While SimpliSafe’s most basic plan is only $14.99/mo., it’s the company’s $24.99/mo. plan that offers many robust features, such as unlimited recording and evidence capture. Neither company requires a contract. It comes down to your preferred balance of price vs. coverage.

Trial Period

Winner: SimpliSafe

Blue by ADT’s professional monitoring is offered under a 30-day free trial, and its equipment is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. SimpliSafe provides one month free for its professional monitoring, and it gives you 60 days to return your equipment with a full refund, and it covers the shipping costs. SimpliSafe’s longer trial period and free shipping makes them the winner in this round.


Winner: SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe makes it much more affordable to get started, since its SimpliCams cost only $99.99, and its Foundation security kit only costs $183. SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring starts at $14.99/mo.. Blue by ADT’s security cameras are $199.99 each, doubling the price of SimpliSafe’s camera. Its professional monitoring plan is also more expensive, at $19.99/mo.

Warranties & Guarantees

Winner: SimpliSafe

Blue by ADT’s cameras are covered under a one-year warranty. The return shipping cost is your responsibility. This is underwhelming compared to Simplisafe’s three-year warranty period, and the fact that that it will cover all the expenses associated with shipping your product back for a replacement.


Winner: SimpliSafe

DIY installation is the only option for Blue by ADT’s cameras, but the company does offer installation guidance through a support line. SimpliSafe’s equipment is also made for DIY installation, but there is the option for professional installation if needed. This service costs $79. Doorbell installation comes with an additional fee.

Home Automation

Winner: SimpliSafe

Blue by ADT’s cameras are compatible with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. However, the company still hasn’t put out any of its own home automation products. SimpliSafe’s equipment works with Amazon Alexa, Apple Watch, August Locks, Google Nest, and Google Assistant. The brand also offers other smart home products, including a video doorbell and smart lock. SimpliSafe’s wide variety makes them the winner of this round.

Summary: Blue by ADT vs. Nest

The Winner: SimpliSafe

Overall, SimpliSafe outdoes Blue by ADT on the significant value it offers. Not only does the brand supply whole-home security kits, sensors, smart cameras and smart locks, it also offers high-level professional monitoring. All of this is available for very competitive prices. Blue’s catalog is currently limited, and its cameras are more expensive than SimpliSafe’s. Not even Blue’s affordable professional monitoring can achieve a solid win over SimpliSafe’s since the latter provides a still-inexpensive plan that has stronger features.

SimpliSafe Security

Learn more about
Monitoring starts at $19.99/mo.
Contract length No contract
Trial period/ refunds 30 days
Installation DIY
Guarantees or Refunds None
Warranty 1 year
BBB Score A+
Safety Score 8
Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge. Details accurate as of April 27, 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Blue by ADT and SimpliSafe

Frequently Asked Questions about Blue by ADT and SimpliSafe

What kind of equipment packages do Blue by ADT and SimpliSafe offer?

Blue by ADT’s various cameras cost $199.99 each. There is an outdoor camera bundle for $449.97. SimpliSafe has equipment bundles starting at $229, as well as custom options.

What monitoring plans are available through Blue by ADT and SimpliSafe?

Blue by ADT’s plan is $19.99/mo. SimpliSafe has a basic plan for $14.99/mo., and an upgraded plan for $24.99/mo. 

Do either Blue by ADT or SimpliSafe offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

Blue by ADT permits self-monitoring. Without a monitoring plan, SimpliSafe’s system only has a local alarm. 

Are either Blue by ADT or SimpliSafe a good choice for renters?

Yes. Blue by ADT and SimpliSafe’s product installations are fairly minimal. Much of SimpliSafe’s equipment requires no handy work at all. Since they’re both contract-free they’re perfect for renters. 

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