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Blue by ADT vs. Nest

Compare the top features of these two providers to decide which home security system best fits your needs.

Blue by ADT vs. Nest

Blue by ADT vs. Nest

The Blue by ADT and Nest brands are both fairly fresh on the home security scene, offering smart solutions for residents who want to keep an eye on their properties. Both companies have advanced tech, including facial recognition, 1080p HD camera video and home automation integrations. To help you decide which is best for you, we’ve detailed their differences below. 

Compare Blue by ADT vs. Nest

Compare Blue by ADT vs. Nest



Tie: Blue by ADT and Nest

This is a close call, because both brands offer similar prices for their basic offerings. Blue by ADT charges $199.99 for each of its security cameras. Nest’s standard cameras start at a similar price, but its more advanced models can cost as much as $399 each. You can get Blue’s professional monitoring plan for only $19.99/mo. without a contract, but to pay $19/mo. for professional monitoring, you’ll need to sign a three-year commitment.

Professional Monitoring

Winner: Blue by ADT

Both Blue by ADT and Nest offers professional and self-monitoring. Blue by ADT gives the option of 24/7 professional monitoring for $19.99/mo. This service includes emergency alerts and dispatching, as well as 24-hour video storage. No long-term contract is necessary. Nest also offers comparable professional monitoring through Brinks, at $19/mo.—but with a three-year contract. You can, however, get their month-to-month monitoring plan for $29.99/mo.

Trial Period

Winner: Blue by ADT

Both Blue by ADT and Nest gives you a 30-day free trial if you sign up for their professional monitoring services. It’s in their equipment trials that the difference lies. Blue by ADT provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on their equipment, and you are responsible for return shipping costs. Nest doesn’t give you as much time to try out its products. You’ll have just 15 days to return an item for a full refund, minus a restocking fee of $35.

Warranties & Guarantees

Winner: Nest

Blue by ADT only provides a one-year warranty for its cameras. If you need to make a claim, you will have to pay for the return shipping. Nest easily beats this by doubling your coverage with a two-year warranty for most of its equipment. Additionally, Nest will cover any shipping costs associated with product returns and replacements.


Winner: Nest

Blue by ADT’s cameras are designed for easy installation, so DIY is the only option given. Nest products are also simple to install, but there is the option for professional installation if it’s needed. The service costs $99 for the first device. Each additional device is $64.99. Blue’s only installation support is offered through online instructions, setup videos and a phone line.

Home Automation

Winner: Nest

Blue by ADT’s cameras can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. But unlike Nest, Blue doesn’t have any other home automation products to offer. Nest not only has cameras and an alarm system. It also has smart doorbells, thermostats, routers, sensors, lighting, streaming devices and voice assistants. Everything is created to work together as one harmonious system.

Summary: Blue by ADT vs. Nest

The Winner: Nest

Blue by ADT has a lot to offer people who are seeking high-powered home security tech. However, the still-growing brand can’t out-compete the breadth of features achieved by Nest. The fact that Nest offers an entire ecosystem of products makes it a safer and simpler choice for many, especially since the brand benefits from Google’s intensive research and development. In time, Blue by ADT may be a stronger competitor, but for now, Nest is the clear winner.
Monitoring starts at $19.99/mo.
Contract length No contract
Trial period/ refunds 30 days
Installation DIY
Guarantees None
Warranty 1 year
BBB Score A+
Safety Score 8
Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge. Details accurate as of April 24, 2020.
Frequently Asked Questions about Blue by ADT and Nest

Frequently Asked Questions about Blue by ADT and Nest

What kind of equipment packages does Blue by ADT and Nest offer?

Blue by ADT offers cameras for $199.99 each and an outdoor camera bundle for $449.97. Nest cameras start at $199, and the Nest Secure alarm system costs $399.  

What monitoring plans are available through Blue by ADT and Nest?

Blue by ADT’s service costs $19.99/mo. with no contract. Nest’s costs $19/mo. with a three-year contract with Brinks, or $29.99 for a month to month plan. 

Do either Blue by ADT or Nest offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

You can self-monitor with both Blue by ADT and Nest. Professional monitoring is not required. 

Are either Blue by ADT or Nest a good choice for renters?

Yes. Neither Blue by ADT or Nest’s products require much handy work to install. Nest even has the option for noninvasive magnet mounting.

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