Blue by ADT vs. Cove

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Updated May 4, 2020
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Blue by ADT vs. Cove

Part of the reason these two brands differ so much lies in their origins. Formerly LifeShield, Blue by ADT was rebranded by home security giant ADT, giving it the advantage of 140+ years of experience and an existing infrastructure of security tech and monitoring. Cove has humbler roots, starting in 2018 with a small team. The startup’s goal has been to provide people with effective and economical security coverage.  

Compare Blue by ADT vs. Cove

  • Price

    Winner: Cove

    It's difficult to beat Cove's affordability. It offers price flexibility via numerous package options. Equipment-only packages start at $229 and Cove's Economy Plan costs zero upfront, only $24.99–$34.99/mo. for a 36-month monitoring contract. Some of its bundles come with monitoring plans as low as $14.99/mo. with no contract. Blue by ADT's equipment is much more expensive, with its smart cameras costing $199.99 each. However, Blue's professional monitoring plan is usually cheaper than a few of Cove's offerings though, at just $19.99/mo, with no contract.

  • Professional Monitoring

    Tie: Blue by ADT vs. Cove

    Blue by ADT has 24/7 professional monitoring for $19.99/mo. You get one day of video storage, plus emergency notifications, authority dispatches and three layers of backup coverage (Wi-Fi, cellular signal and cellular text). It is quite comparable to Cove's monitoring features. Despite the company's small size, Cove offers a robust 24/7 professional monitoring service for $14.99-$34.99/mo. This coverage includes InstaText and Live Assist features. Cove also claims that its emergency response time is 10 times faster than its competitors.

  • Trial Period

    Winner: Cove

    Cove offers a generous trial period of 60 days. If you need to return your equipment within this period, you will not be charged for the shipping cost. Blue by ADT's trial period is more restrictive. You get 30 days risk-free, but you will be responsible for return shipping expenses. Blue also offers a 30-day free trial for its professional monitoring service.

  • Warranties & Guarantees

    Winner: Cove

    Cove equipment is covered by a one-year warranty, and if you need to make a claim, the company will pay for all associated shipping. Plus monitoring plan subscribers get upgraded to a lifetime warranty. While Blue by ADT also offers a one-year warranty, its policy isn't as customer-friendly. Although the company covers return shipping, you will be charged for shipping replacements.

  • Installation

    Winner: Cove

    Even though both Blue by ADT's and Cove's products permit simple installation, Cove wins out because its products come with the option for noninvasive sticker-mounting. Blue by ADT's cameras requires screw-in brackets. Neither brand offers the option for professional installation, so you will have to do it yourself. If you need help, both companies do have instructions and tutorials on their websites.

  • Security Cameras

    Winner: Blue by ADT

    Blue by ADT definitely offers higher-quality security cameras. Their various models all come with 1080p HD, 130-degree field of view, and advanced features such as facial recognition. There are both indoor and outdoor cameras available. Cove's catalog is currently limited to one camera, indoor only. Like Blue's cameras, Cove's has 1080p HD, motion detection, and night vision. However, it doesn't have any image analytics. The one perk is that you can get add-on cameras for only $29.95 each.

The Winner: Cove

Overall, Cove comes out the winner in most of our comparison categories. With its customer-friendly terms and major affordability, most people will find it hard to beat the value that Cove offers. However, if you're looking for more advanced technology and outdoor camera coverage, all in an inexpensive, DIY package, Blue by ADT is a great option.

Cove Security

Monitoring starts at
$19.99/mo. $14.99/mo.
Contract length
No contractNone
Extended no-risk return period
30 days60 days
1 year1 year (lifetime with Plus monitoring)
BBB Score
Safety Score
Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge. Details accurate as of May 4, 2020.

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