Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera vs. Nest Cam Outdoor

Compare the Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera and the Nest Cam Outdoor to find the best security camera for your family.
Updated Oct 8, 2020
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Compare Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera vs. Nest Cam Outdoor

Blue by ADT is new to the DIY home security space and offering three smart security cameras for your home. Nest is steadily offering new smart home and security equipment to expand your home’s system with next-level security. Both offer must-have features for easy monitoring and whole-home smart security. Let’s see which outdoor security camera is right for you.

Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera vs. Nest Cam Outdoor Features

Both cameras come with two-way talk to hear and speak to guests outside of your home. The Nest Cam Outdoor and Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera have a weatherproof design, 1080p HD video quality and night vision. But there are some differences between the two. Here’s what to note:

Blue Outdoor Camera

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Nest Cam Outdoor

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30 days2-3 years
DIYDIY & Professional
Home Automation
Video Recording and Storage
Field of View
Person Alerts
Custom Motion Zones
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Alerts with Live Preview
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Compare Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera vs. Nest Cam Outdoor

  • Special Features

    Winner: Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera

    The Nest Cam Outdoor and the Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera are filled with special features including mobile alerts, two-way talk and a weatherproof design. The Blue Outdoor Camera includes Facial Recognition to spot and alert you of familiar faces at your home. It also has custom motion zones to alert you when someone’s in the garage, driveway, or wherever you choose to monitor activity. You’ll also get live video previews with your mobile alerts.

    On the other hand, the Nest Cam Outdoor sends motion-triggered mobile alerts and you can see activity photos over the last three hours. With Nest Aware, you’ll get Person Alerts to detect a person from an object. You’ll also get custom activity zones and the ability to create and share clips from your Nest Cam Outdoor. Since Blue by ADT has more features included in the camera cost without additional fees, they win this round.

  • Installation

    Winner: Nest Cam Outdoor

    Both cameras are easy to install outdoors without requiring professional installation. The Nest Cam Outdoor adapter and cable plug into cable a standard outdoor outlet. Both cameras include a mounting template and screws to secure the camera. Blue by ADT and Nest both have installation videos and customer support to assist. However, Nest has the upper hand by offering professional installation if you prefer a hassle-free setup and in-person tutorial. The cost of Nest Pro installation varies, but since Nest offers both, they win this category. 

  • Warranty & Guarantee

    Winner: Nest Cam Outdoor

    Nest offers a 2-year warranty on cameras, and 3-year warranty if it’s sold and installed by a Nest Pro. During this time, if your Nest Cam Outdoor has a defect, Nest will repair, replace or refund your money if you choose to return it. On the other hand, Blue by ADT offers a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee for a full refund if there are any camera defects. Since Nest offers more warranty options over a longer period of time, they win this category. 

  • Video Storage

    Winner: Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera

    You can get a Nest Aware video storage subscription to go with your Nest Cam Outdoor. You choose between Nest's 5, 10, or 30-Day subscription plans, or you can choose one of the new subscription plans: Nest Aware ($6/mo.) or Nest Aware Plus ($12/mo.). All Nest Aware plans provide cloud storage. On the other hand, Blue by ADT offers 24-hours of local storage on your outdoor camera for free. They also offer 30-days of cloud video storage with other services for $19.99/mo. You’ll also get the first month of storage free. Since Blue by ADT offers more storage and services at a lower cost they win this round.

  • Home Automation

    Tie: Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera & Nest Cam Outdoor

    With Nest, you can see your camera activity using your Google Home. All Nest home security and equipment can be connected and controlled using the Nest mobile app. Connect your Nest outdoor camera, thermostats, smoke detectors, and other equipment for connected home security. On the other hand, the Blue Outdoor Camera works with IFTTT for scheduled routines and Amazon Alexa for hands-free voice commands. The Blue by ADT camera connects to LifeShield security systems, other Blue by ADT equipment and can be controlled using the mobile app  Since both have similar smart home features this category is a tie. 

  • Price

    Tie: Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera & Nest Cam Outdoor

    Both outdoor cameras cost $199 upfront. Both providers offer self-monitoring, but the cost of additional services varies for Nest. You’ll have a choice between 5, 10, 30, and 60 days of video history storage, continuous video recording (CVR), clips and activity zones. Nest Aware subscriptions range from $5 - $30/mo. On the other hand, Blue by ADT’s additional services cost $19.99/mo. for 24/7 professional monitoring, 30 days of video storage and emergency alerts. Since the camera costs are the same and service costs vary, this category is a tie. 

Final Call: Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera vs. Nest Cam Outdoor

It’s a tough call between the Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera and Nest Cam Outdoor. Both cameras cost $199 and have similar features including two-way talk, cloud storage and month-to-month service plans. Despite similar features and specifications, we recommend the Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera because popular features are included in the camera’s cost or cost less than Nest. Professional monitoring, video recording, Facial Recognition and other features give Blue by ADT a slight edge. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera and the Nest Cam Outdoor

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