Arlo vs. Lorex

Trying to decide between Arlo and Lorex? We help you out by taking a closer look at a number of key features like price, camera options, features, and more to help you make the best decision.

Best for Camera Selection

Best features

  • HD security cameras
  • Deterrence and artificial intelligence (A.I.) features
  • Compatible with smart assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant

Best for Variety of Camera Systems

Best features

  • Security cameras come with all wireless systems for the home
  • Variety of power solutions
  • DVR and NVR storage options

Arlo vs. Lorex

Arlo & Lorex Overview

Arlo & Lorex Overview

Both Arlo and Lorex are companies that provide DIY home security solutions for customers. Whether you’re looking for a simple security camera, one with deterrence features, or a full system, both providers can help. As a few differentiating aspects to be aware of, Arlo is more family-centric with products geared towards securing homes, while Lorex straddles the fence with options for homes and businesses with a technical slant. Check out our head-to-head comparison below as we go through some of their key features.

Compare Arlo vs. Lorex

Compare Arlo vs. Lorex


Winner: Arlo

Arlo camera systems are less expensive than Lorex’s camera systems. You get an Arlo camera system for around $120 whereas an inexpensive Lorex camera system may cost you around $170. If you’re on a budget, we’d recommend Arlo as you’ll still be able to get video clips and mobile alerts.

Camera Options

Winner: Lorex

Lorex takes the crown for camera options. There are almost endless camera system options ranging from 1080p systems up to 4K camera systems. If you don’t want a full system with a DVR or NVR, you can just purchase a standalone camera. Arlo has a much more limited selection of cameras, currently with 10 options on its website.

Durability & Security

Winner: Lorex

Installing a Lorex camera system may take longer than an Arlo camera system, but the hassle is worth it. Several of Arlo’s cameras, including the Arlo Pro, Pro 2, and Pro 3, can be magnetically mounted, making them easier to steal, while most Lorex cameras are securely mounted. You can purchase bolt and chain mounts for Arlo cameras, but we recommend avoiding the extra purchase and choosing Lorex for their durability and security.

Business Options

Winner: Lorex

Have a business you need to secure? Go with Lorex as you can choose between DVR and NVR systems if you prefer. If you have a large, multi-floor facility, you can find Lorex systems with as many as 32 cameras and optical zoom. Arlo’s camera systems are more suitable for homeowners and renters, but if you need multiple cameras, Arlo still has you covered.


Tie: Arlo and Lorex

With both Arlo and Lorex, you’ll find cameras with HD video. If you want clearer, sharper video, you can even access 2K and 4K video recording. Arlo will require you to pay a monthly fee for 2K or 4K video recording, while Lorex makes camera systems that already have either resolution capability built-in.

Advanced Technology

Tie: Arlo and Lorex

If you’re looking for features like intelligent motion alerts and deterrence features, both Arlo and Lorex pack in advanced technology with their products. You can set up custom motion zones and get notifications for specific activity, like if a person or vehicle is detected. Additionally, you can let lurkers know they’ve been spotted by sounding a siren. These features may vary by product and require a camera subscription for access.

Winner: Lorex

Winner: Lorex

While Arlo camera systems are more affordable, we recommend Lorex for their equipment design and advanced camera options. Lorex cameras tend to be more expensive and may take longer to install, but having a camera that can be secured in place is more reassuring and less risky than having one that could easily be stolen. That is one equipment design flaw we can’t ignore with Arlo. For this comparison, we think Lorex camera systems are the better buy.

Arlo Security Cameras

Learn more about
Pro. monitoring starts at N/A
Equipment starting price $439.99**
Minimum contract length None
Installation DIY
Guarantees 15-Day Price Match Guarantee
Warranty 1 year, can vary
Trial period 60 days
*Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge.
**You may find a product for a lower price than what we’ve quoted above.
FAQs About Lorex and Arlo

Frequently Asked Questions about Arlo and Lorex

What kind of equipment packages do Arlo and Lorex offer?

Arlo has a range of camera systems you can purchase through their website and Amazon. You can purchase a system with one camera or four cameras. The Arlo base station with these systems are designed to connect certain Arlo cameras to your Wi-Fi. With Arlo, you can also purchase standalone cameras.


Lorex has an extensive range of camera systems varying by design and functionality. You’ll find DVR, NVR, and wire-free systems. You can also purchase standalone cameras.

What kinds of monitoring plans do Arlo and Lorex offer?

Neither Arlo nor Lorex have professional monitoring options. You’ll be responsible for monitoring your cameras.


You can, however, purchase a camera subscription with Arlo for 2K or 4K recording,30-day video history, package detection, and additional features.

Are either Arlo or Lorex a good choice for renters?

We would recommend Arlo for renters. Arlo is more affordable, and their systems are simple to set up and move if needed.


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